5 Ways to Make Liberty Dope Again

Written by Liberty Laura 1. Listen to more Kanye At first, you might be thinking, “what does hiphop have to do with a free society?” I’ll tell you; it has everything to do with it. Of course reading Mises and Atlas Shrugged is important for being a cultured freedom fighter, but listening to Yeezus on repeat

Kim Kardashian Might Vote For Donald Trump

Written By Eli Bowman In what could be called a surprising turn of events, Kim Kardashian, who previously voiced her support of Hillary Clinton, says that after a phone call with Caitlyn Jenner, she’s now “on the fence” about whether or not she will vote for Donald Trump. While no one is clear on the

Ted Cruz Endorses Trump. What Was He Promised?

Written by Aaron Mathis In what seems to be a surprise to GOP voters and Cruz supporters alike, Ted Cruz officially endorsed Donald J. Trump this afternoon. The shock comes from the GOP Convention, when Cruz told voters to stand up and “vote your conscience;” a seeming slight to Trump. The feud between Donald Trump, who tends

Federal Immigration Bosses to Swear in New Citizens “Due to Election”

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio An investigation into the latest immigration debacle where over 800 individuals slated for deportation were instead granted citizenship has revealed some interesting communication between the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency leadership and its field offices. “The Field Office due to the election year needs to

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump

Written by Liberty Laura In a weird twist of fate, Senator Ted Cruz has endorsed the Republican candidate Donald Trump, despite his initial refusal to support him largely attributed to Trump’s insults towards Cruz’s wife and father. Here’s his endorsement:

Eli Bosnick: “If You Don’t Eat the Skittles, You Are a Monster”

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Comedian and podcaster Eli Bosnick recently responded to the “refugees are like skittles” analogy recently offered up by Donald Trump Jr, son of the Republican presidential Nominee, Donald Trump. Here is what Bosnick had to say in response to that position in a Facebook post now

Free Speech Meeting Gets Lit with Social Justice Warriors [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura At a Young America’s Foundation meeting at the University of Kansas, a group of social justice warrior students spoke out against the free speech policies the group was presenting on. The presentation turns into a group discussion, then the argument erupts into a debate about safe spaces on campus. UPDATE: One

BREAKING: Charlotte Police Shooting Video Released by Victim’s Wife [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura A cell phone video of the fatal police shooting from Charlotte, North Carolina has been released by the victim, Keith Scott’s wife, witness to the shooting. Viewer discretion is advised. Watch below: RELATED: 4 Ways to Stop Police Shootings

Gary Johnson Sticks Tongue Out at Reporter in Interview [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was featured on this morning’s Morning Joe because during an interview he stuck out his tongue, bit it and attempted to make a joke of literally “biting his tongue.” Watch here:

Armed Robber Runs Scared After Store Owner Pulls Gun [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura TFW the Second Amendment helps the “little man” in society defend himself and win.