Pirate Party to Pillage Iceland Politics

Written by Aaron Mathis Follow Him on Twitter @The_Real_Mathis In what seems to be the strangest year in world politics, the pirate party in Iceland is poised to win the Iceland’s national elections. This turn of events is odd because the Pirate Party in Iceland did not exist four years ago. Made up of a

Miley Cyrus Campaigns for Hillary Clinton

Written by Liberty Laura It was reported last week that Miley Cyrus was walking door-to-door at George Mason University encouraging people to register to vote for Hillary Clinton. Apparently, she’s on a tour to do all sorts of campaigning for HRC. #imwithher @hillaryclinton #VA4HC A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Oct 22, 2016 at

Father Leaves Young Girl Outside to Freeze Alone [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura Security footage from Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College in Salt Lake City, Utah, shows a 5-year-old girl being left behind on campus by her father in freezing temperatures during nighttime hours. NBC4I reports: The girl was staying with her father at his parents’ house for the weekend. Police say he left her

Walking Dead Posters in L.A. Protest Hillary Clinton

Written by Liberty Laura An L.A. street artist, Sabo, is known for his politically conservative-themed work. This weekend he posted anti-Hillary Walking Dead-themed posters all over the city that say, “Neagan Wants 50% of Your Shit. Hillary Demands It All.” “In the spirit of The Walking Dead’s newest villain, Negan, I drew up these posters and

Evangelical Leader Wayne Grudem Re-Endorses Trump

Written by Jason Hinrichs The Reformed Collective co-founder, liberty-lover, and sovereign God-truster   What in the world is going on with Wayne Grudem, yet again? In a whirlwind of support and withdrawal of support, well-known Evangelical professor and theological Wayne Grudem is back to backing Trump. His excuse? Policies over candidate. What kind of insane

College Humor: America is a Bad Boyfriend [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura What if we just tried, like, taking a break this election season? We can work on ourselves and come back to electing a president a little later. Check out the video below:

Bush Family Member Voting for “The Johnson” Instead of “The Nuts”

Written by Liberty Laura Cousin to George W. Bush, Jonathan S. Bush, CEO of a Massachusetts-based healthcare tech company, says he is voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and vice presidential candidate Bill Weld next month. “If you can’t stand the nut on the left and you can’t stand the nut on the right, go for

WikiLeaks: “We Have a Surprise for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile”

Written by Liberty Laura Last night, WikiLeaks teased that they have “a surprise in store” for Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine and DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile. Check out the video below:

Hillary Questioned on Leaked DNC Operative Videos, Walks Away from Press

Written by Liberty Laura Hillary Clinton ended a press conference today after someone asked about the recently leaked, undercover videos by Project Veritas Action that expose Democratic operatives and dirty, back-door deals. She says, “I know nothing about this.I’m not, I can’t deal with every one of his conspiracy theories.” Then she dismisses the press, turns around and

Did This Girl Deserve This Bodyslam? [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura A video from Vallejo, California has gone viral, with over 100k views that shows a disturbing fight between two teenagers. In the video, the teens identified as Holly Wrixon and Morgan Johnson are seen exchanging words, then the Wrixon attempts to slap Johnson, a fight ensues and eventually the scuffle ends