10 Best Signs At The #MarchForLife

1. Babies > Hillary Clinton

2. Many regret their decision to have an abortion.

3. For a second I thought it said go f**k yourself.  Nope, it was referring to Planned Parenthood, and it says go fund yourself.  Sounds pretty libertarian to not have taxpayer dollars funneled into abortion services.

4. Women’s rights are not the only rights to protect.

5. No joke.  Is life not precious to you?

6. You caught me off guard with that Pikachu suit there sir.  Classic and creative.

7. That is a deplorable thing to do.  JK.  I like Tofu.  Funny sign, nonetheless.

8. Feminism can mean pro-life too.


9. Santa wants you to be good this year.  


10. Having a baby does not make you a slave.  It makes you the most powerful thing life can give you.  A parent.