5 Reasons Why The Republican Party Is Anti-Freedom

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By: Liberty Laura

The Grand Old Party is the one of the two major parties is, most times, associated with being the freedom-loving bunch. However, this isn’t always true… especially more recently with the fascist sects of the party taking hold through the 2016 presidential candidate. Here’s 10 reasons why the GOP is actually less liberty than they claim:

1) They want to ban lots of things


Whether it’s getting government out of marriage, medical marijuana, porn, or over-the-counter birth control, Republicans are the biggest proponents of freedom. In the lead-up to the Republican National Convention, the Committee decided to amend its party platform to classify porn use as a “public health crisis” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he has plans to make america safe again by cracking down on internet porn if elected president. Not to mention Republicans’ fear of medical marijuana for cancer patients and children suffering from epileptic symptoms and over-the-counter contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies, which are arguably more related to actual health crisis than porn.

2) They embrace a police state


It is worth noting that Republicans Rand Paul, his father, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich are some of the few elected officials on the right to come out against police brutality. However, it seems the masses of Republicans and conservatives are part of the “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” crowds, and refuse to admit to the violence a police state has created on both sides of the gun. A police state is necessary, anyway, to enforce all the things that they want to ban (see point above).

3) They like war, even when its not for freedom


As pictured above, Republicans have, for many decades, been in favor of foreign intervention under the guise of “freedom” -er “uncovering weapons of mass destruction.” Many democrats are also, and more recently, pro-war as well. But either way, war, especially proxy war, is no way to ensure freedom– especially for a nation’s taxpayer. The only candidate left running this election to criticize regime change in foreign nations is libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

4) Some are anti-free trade


Republicans like to boast being against free trade, telling people that it means they are “keeping jobs in America.” But in reality, the measures that are required to make this happen prove to be anti-free market and detrimental to an economy. For example, during the Great Depression, the Smoot-Hawley tariff was a catalyst to the decade-and-a-half long turmoil the nation faced. The tariff was sponsored by Republicans Reed Smoot and Willis Hawley. It caused sales of commodities to drop and prices for farmers and the consumers to spike, resulting in starved, jobless Americans. Quite the opposite of free.

5) They support corporate welfare

In 2008, more republicans voted in favor of the Wall Street bailout than democrats. Now, of course both major parties participate in this activity, but Republicans are not better, and arguably worse at acting like welfare queens than the left when it comes to corporations. During the Republican primary debates, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich all came out in support, of some manner, for corporate welfare or exemption. Welfare does not equal freedom, friends.

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