Memeology 101: Trump’s a Racist and You Are Too!!


Written by: Carson Seeger

The lovable losers over at Occupy Democrats have been providing Facebook-users with wonderfully misleading meme’s for the last couple of years.  Each week, I’m going to find one that amuses me, and take a closer look at its claims. 



I’m going to work under the assumption that the creator of this meme was trying to be funny, not serious.  The claim, however, is something the more naive and ignorant folks on the left cling to like a scared child afraid to give up its teddy bear: that millions of Americans are racist because they voted for someone other than Hillary.

Forgetting the litany of scandals surrounding her campaign, there are millions of everyday Americans passively following politics who believe the vast majority of Trump supporters are uneducated rednecks who are scared of black people, Mexicans, and Muslims.  Ignoring the discriminatory tone of that belief, a closer look at who voted for Trump tells a different story.

There were no surprise Democratic pickups on election day.  Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida – all states Democrats thought they could win, ultimately went red.  On the contrary, Donald Trumps victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin showed just how weak the Democratic Party had become under the leadership of Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton should have won that election but her inability to win the votes of traditional democrats cost her the rust belt.  Instead, her campaign focused on identity politics. Voters in Macomb County didn’t want to hear that they were bigots. Some may have misconstrued that as liking that Trump “spoke his mind,” but what it really was, was liking that Trump spoke like them, and not down to them.

When Hillary’s campaign ultimately failed, her supporters – and a whole generation of democrats – only knew how to play the race card. #SAD