President Trump’s Top 15 Most Baffling Tweets of All Time

Many times in our nation’s history we’ve had some baffling political moments from politicians. Whether it was Howard Deans strange shouting that doomed his 2004 campaign, or when Rick Perry forgot which government agency he would do away with during his 2012 run for President.

As much as these moments were truly embarrassing, no candidate has ever made us laughing/scratching our heads, more frequently, and as hard as President Donald Trump’s Twitter.

1. When he called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas.

This tweet had the right roaring in laughter, and it had the left seething for it’s “blatant racism,” and it had everyone else baffled. Should we admire that someone finally called her out on her “alleged” heritage or should we be angry that politics has grown so unprofessional?

2. When he was a sore loser

Usually, a campaign has other people make these type of accusations. The presidential candidate has to look more sophisticated. Not Trump.

3. When he compared his wife to Ted Cruz’s

No one had seen this before. Maybe the National Enquirer would make such a comparison, but not a future president.

4. When he sent out a passive aggressive tweet, wishing his enemies a Happy New Year.

No wonder he got the Southern Evangelical vote. Maybe that was his goal?

5. When he attempted to explain his remarks, he made on air about Megyn Kelly

There is just no explaining yourself out of this one, but this was the best he could muster?

6. When he humble-bragged about his “high IQ.”

7. When he lacked total self-awareness.

He’s not wrong, but how conservative do you see yourself, Mr. President?

8. When Trump attempted to appease “Hispanics” while also advertising for the food at his business.

I’m pretty sure that even his die-hard fans scratched their heads a little at this one.

9. When the irony was just too strong!

Coming from the guy who runs the Miss America pageant and has a history of objectifying woman. Most of us wouldn’t be throwing the “sexist” card around in his situation. Best to avoid the topic altogether, even if you’re right. We all know Slick Willy likes the ladies.

10. When he patted himself on the back in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting

Much can be said of someone who proceeds to say ‘I told you so’ before even offering condolences. How hard is it to at least say your thoughts and prayers are with the victims before jumping into the politics of the situation? Baffling.

11. When he back-pedaled on guns, again.

This one didn’t just make us confused; it made us angry! It’s baffling that he feels the need to remind us that the NRA endorsed him, but now he is going to try to sway them to take rights away from Americans without due process? Luckily this hasn’t seemed to have gone anywhere.

12. When he tried to cover up his backpedaling

Yes, President Trump. It was oh so very obvious that that’s what you meant by that. Can’t have people believing that you support concealed carry for everyday citizens.

13. When he bragged about “being the king of debt.”

Who brags about this? If you’ve always conducted business by being the self-proclaimed “King of debt” why should we trust you to be able to run a country differently?

14. The most baffling tweet of them all, in all it’s screen captured glory.

This gem, unfortunately, deleted now, was posted around midnight and stayed up for hours. No explanation, inspiring memes that are sure to make the history books.

15. The tweet that put everyone into a frenzy!

It’s a typo; it’s an inside joke, IT’S A RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY!

Katrina Ronneburg

Katrina is a 25 year old Army wife and CCMA student from Idaho. She was raised into conservative politics, but realized she was actually libertarian during Ron Paul's 2012 run for president. She is currently residing in Colorado with her 3 year old son and husband.