20 Of The Hottest Libertarian Women Alive

So this lame conservative website made a list of the 20 hottest conservative women in new media. In it they listed a bunch of women that we KNOW are not conservatives and BOY were we pissed!

Listen conservatives, we know you like to think that libertarians are your dorky little retarded cousins or something, but we’re not. We are our own distinct and beautiful political philosophy that stands apart from conservatism. It’s not that we have anything against you per se, well maybe your morally superior attitude and stuff but let’s not quibble, but still, leave our women off your list. There are plenty of attractive conservative women without you having to gank our ladies under your Burkean umbrella. So, BACK OFF!

In honor of these women who we KNOW are libertarians (even though they may be personally socially conservative), we decided to make our own list. And here they are in no particular order.

#20. Julie Borowski.

This was an easy one. If you haven’t met Julie Borowski in person, you’re missing out. She’s way cuter in person. Sometimes she may come off as kinda awkward in her videos, but honestly that’s part of her charm. She’s got a lot going on in the looks department that she totally undersells. It’s like she doesn’t even know how cute she is, which sort of makes her way cuter. Isn’t that always how it is? Plus did you see her when she was on John Stossel’s show? Oh my laws she looked good.

Token Libertarian Girl - Julie Borowski
Token Libertarian Girl – Julie Borowski

#19. Libertarian Girl – Real name???

It’s not just the gentlemen who want to be Libertarian Girl’s Khal Drogo, plenty of ladies have approached me trying to find out who this Daenarys lookalike is and how they can be her Missandei. You don’t watch Game of Thrones? Oh, well… you better otherwise you’ll have no chance. Word on the street is she maybe sort of possibly has a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend? We don’t know. But unless you have nerd cred, you have no shot. So get back in line!

libertarian girl


#18. Tiffany Madison

She’s a project manager for the new Jeffrey Tucker project at Liberty.Me. She also wrote for Washington Times, Policy Mic, The Libertarian Republic, and The Ron Paul Channel. Plus, she’s a smokin’ hot military wife so you know she’s tough as nails. Don’t mess with Madison.


#17. Nena Whitfeld

Too bad dudes, she just got married last week. But with her beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous yellow hair, Nena Whitfeld is a shoe-in for this list. She used to work for Senator Rand Paul but these days she’s running a non-profit called the Ladies of Liberty Alliance, or LOLA for short. She’s pretty awesome. Too bad ya ain’t never gonna get it.


#16. Michelle Fields

Man I get so sick of seeing Michelle Fields on Fox News all the time… SAID NO ONE EVER! Seriously is this the most beautiful woman alive? Pretty much. She’s also wicked smart, but unfortunately you don’t get to see her hardcore libertarian side that much because Fox kind of keeps her talking about the issues that conservatives agree with. Lately she’s been shaking it up though, and doing some videos over at PJTV where she’s letting her libertarian freak flag fly a little bit. It’s nice to see. And so is she, of course.


#15. Katie Kieffer

Katie made the list of conservative women but we know she belongs here because she is very anti-war and pro personal liberty. Hands off conservatives. The power of Hayek compels you!


#14. Jaclyn Boudreau

You don’t know her. Well now you do. And you will know her. We heard she works over at IHS, which is where the Koch brothers make little baby libertarians. This woman is 6′ tall gentlemen, so screw your courage to the sticking place if you ever think you’ll have a chance.



#13. Ashley Edwards

You don’t know her either because she’s always been sort of behind the scenes in the liberty movement. Ashley is the woman that political insiders call when they need to get sh*t done. She did some work for Laura Ingraham and the Leadership Institute. Now she’s freelancing and gearing up to help out in some congressional races across the country.


#12. Cathy Reisenwitz

Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that Ms. Reisenwitz is one hell of a beautiful woman. Maybe it’s that IDGAF attitude? You gotta respect someone who speaks their mind even if you disagree. She’s very, very pretty. No h8 plz. Cathy writes at her blog Sex and the State here and also at Young Voices Advocates.


#11. Kristin Tate

Yeah, we’re pretty sure she’s a libertarian too. She works at Breitbart but she’s never expressed any hardcore neocon or Santorumish socially conservative viewpoints that we’ve seen. So suck it conservatives! She’s ours! And oh LAWDY LAWD is she gorgeous. Like… a perfect 10. Or maybe a 9.5. Nobody’s perfect after all.


#10. Liberty Girl

OK so she sort of came out of nowhere and was first spotted as a Ron Paul delegate from Texas. Her name is Rachel Bolch Thach and she makes us feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.

Now she’s got her own social media following and she’s out there repping liberty at every turn. She’s also got a pretty cool website. But DOWN BOYS she’s married and has beautiful children, so again, you have no chance. Just admire and move along.


#9. Patricia Simpson

Before you open that big stupid mouth of yours about her weight or something you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Patricia Simpson is a BEAUTIFUL woman. If you ever met you would fall in love. She’s got gorgeous eyes and a killer smile. Her lipstick is always so pretty and let me tell you her personality will make your heart race. Peppermint Patty deserves to be on this list. She would rock your world.


#8. Lenore Hawkins

You don’t know Lenore? Jeez she was like a STAPLE on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s FreedomWatch on the Fox Business Network. Oh you didn’t get Fox Business? Neither did I. Well anyway, she’s a super hot lady who is a contributor to TheStreet.com and a founding partner at Meritas Advisors. She also loves liberty and the free market. The smart girls are always so much hotter.


#7. Maureen Fallon

Who is this woman? Where did she come from? Why is she just now all into Ron Paul when the rest of us were on it like in 2008? No one knows who this mysterious chick is, but all of us are talking about her. Some say she’s a myth, that she doesn’t exist. Some people think she’s a CIA honeypot, meant to ensnare libertarian men into falling in love and turning over their intimate secrets to stop us from taking over the government one day. One thing’s for sure though, if she does exist, she’s smokin’ hot and someone to keep an eye on.

maureen maureen2

#6. Lindsey Bolton

She’s a lawyer from Louisiana and if you mess with her she will kick… your… ASS! Seriously, she’s tough as nails and she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. But if you do happen to get on her good side, which is not easy, you are in for a treat. This Southern Belle will break your heart with her sly charm and cunning linguistics. She’s also a tax lawyer so she could help you kick the federal government’s big fat butt in court.


#5. Whitney Davis

She’s frequently posting radical stuff on Facebook and she’s always out there doing battle with minarchists, reppin’ hardcore anarchocapitalism every chance she gets. Whitney Davis does a lot of outreach for Young Americans for Liberty and right now she lives in Los Angeles and studies electrical engineering. Shocked? Don’t be. She’s wicked smart and hella beautiful.


#4. Corey Hubbard

Corey is the wicked temptress of the liberty movement. She’s everywhere and nowhere at once. Now you see her, now you don’t. One minute she’s in Paris, the next minute she’s at an End the Fed rally. Today she’s at a wedding in the UK, but tomorrow she’ll be riding entourage in Senator Rand Paul’s limo. If you don’t know Corey Hubbard, you’re probably not that active in the liberty movement, because Corey knows everyone and everyone who’s anyone knows her.


#3. Whitney Neal

This badass single mama works at FreedomWorks and she’s responsible for all the Tea Party grassroots coordination that goes on there. This titan from Texas is sweeter than sugar and she’s got a super positive attitude that you’re sure to take a shine to if you ever meet her in real life.

whitneyneal2 whitneyneal

#2. Emily O’Neil

Oh woman of our dreams. Ms Emily O’Neil. She wandered into our hearts a few years ago to campaign for Ron Paul in New Hampshire. She serves in the National Guard and is currently out doing consulting work. Word on the street is that she will return when her country needs her most in 2016 if Rand Paul runs for president.


#1. Jillian Lane

Oh LAWDY LAWD! Jillian. Oh Jillian. You with the perfect smile… and perfect everything else. You work for Senator Rand Paul. You also dance in our dreams.

Ms. Lane, one day… you will be mine. Whoever I am, because no one will ever know who wrote this article. Right?

Star Trek

We hope you enjoyed our list! Anyone we left off? Aren’t these ladies so much more beautiful than the conservative ones? Radicals just get your blood up more than the prudish conservatives right?

Leave your thoughts below.


  • fs10inator

    Libertarian Girl’s real name is Marianne Copenhaver.

    • Olen Thomas Giles

      yes we all know…BUT…the real question is…whats julie borowskis real name X-D

      • She is married now, and has a new last name, and her husband, as well as Ms. Reisenwitz’s boy friend, could probably make it onto the top 20 list of cute libertarian guys (though I think one of them is nonpolitical)

        • Anders Hass

          I thought Cathy Reisenwitz was lesbian and had a girlfriend.

          Julie is married? :O

    • MovieBuff

      I was about to say that fs10inator

  • Brian Violette

    Patricia Simpson is not a libertarian, she was trying to prevent Ron Paul signs from being on TV at the republican national convention in 2012, she even ripped Ron Paul signs out of peoples hands, you can even see the video on youtube. She seems like more of a neocon to me.

    • Dave

      Conspiracy theory: Patricia Simpson wrote the article.

    • Missc25

      I second that. She is not a liberty supporter AT ALL and definitely shouldn’t be on this list. All the ‘black hats’ at the RNC made our life absolute hell.

    • I don’t know about that but I do know in general a lot of young conservatives in the northern Virginia area, including a lot of women and Christians, have become more libertarian, not always LP libertarian but still libertarian, after exposure to Ron Paul. Borowski in her autobiographical remarks says this of herself. So someone who was not libertarian in 2008 may be now.

    • Tom Darnley

      You’re flat wrong. Whether or not that story is true, you’re absolutely wrong about her.

  • Jacob Champion

    I’ll vouch for Patti.

  • Jacob Champion

    Kristin and Julie made both lists.

  • How is Aimee Allen not mentioned?

  • Seriously. Aimee Allen!

  • Daniel Lee

    #12 isn’t libertarian. Replace with Julia Tourianski.

    • I thought she was just a conspiracy theorist. Is she a libertarian too?

      • Matthew Holey

        Conspiracy Theorist? Whuh?
        Definitely have her on the list, she’s an anarchist, and she’s gorgeous. Also very notable Josie “the outlaw” Wales and MK Lords.

        • Lloyd Ritchey

          Dude, Petersen is a professional troll.

    • John Ash

      Julie Tourette Syndrome is #20. Is that the same thing?

  • Frito

    Borowski and “Libertarian Girl” are both Rand Paul supporters. Rand has said he’s not a libertarian. He also came out in favor of a bombing campaign in Iraq, intervention in Ukraine, and sanctions against Iran. Not to mention he’s all for throwing you in jail for possessing marijuana, albeit for a lesser sentence, which isn’t really an improvement. Any libertarian who tries to tell you to vote for Rand is either sorely misled or grossly misleading.

    • Daniel Tripolar Montgomery

      You idiot, you got every single thing wrong. 0% score… must be watching MSNBC eh?

      • Lloyd Ritchey

        That’s not an argument, Daniel. That’s 100% ad hominem. Do you even logic, bro?

    • Dave

      What? You mean you have to align perfectly with a candidate to support them? Maybe that’s the mentality that has so many people not bothering to vote. lol

      • Michael Johnston

        Any mentality which which causes people not to vote, i.e. prop up a violent enterprise with moral and monetary support, is a good one.

        • Davy Goossens


      • Davy Goossens

        since when did voting become a good thing?

    • Summer7183

      I agree

  • Violet J. Tolia Willis

    These are mostly Rand supporters . . . and not Libertarians . . .misleading to say the least.

    • TacoTact

      I’m a Rand supporter, a Libertarian, and a libertarian.

    • Brian Lewis

      Ahhh yes, the old “You’re not a libertarian because I don’t agree with you.” Misleading to say the least? I’m sorry, my friend, but this is the cancer that is killing the liberty movement.

      • Violet J. Tolia Willis

        The cancer that killed the Liberty movement was the actions of Rand himself. He has shown his true Establishment colors.

      • David Harmon

        You say Liberty Movement like a collectivist trying to coerce.

      • Davy Goossens

        Brian lewis

        >accuse others of purism
        >tells others they are the cancer of the movement.

      • Matthew Reece

        No, it is “You’re not a libertarian because your views demonstrate a non-belief in NAP.”

        • maybe

          Nap is a joke. Cower and allow tyrants to take over while I hide in my turtle shell

          • Matthew Reece

            This means that you do not understand NAP. Non-aggressionists are not pacifists. It says that initiatory force is never moral and defensive force is always moral.

          • Doug Johnson

            NAP merely means you don’t start fights. Doesn’t mean you can’t finish them.

          • Jason Shults

            You don’t understand the NAP. The only joke here is you, ignoramus.

      • Martin Macdonald

        Bang on! Let’s drop this Holier than thou stuff. Rand is maintaining his libertarianism as well as a politician can and still be electable.

    • Andrew M.

      There will never be another Ron Paul again. No one can be that perfect

    • Double


  • Hugo Newman

    What a profoundly stupid and demeaning article. “There aren’t enough women in the liberty movement.. hmm.. what to do. I KNOW! Let’s completely f**king objectify some of the few who are!” Idiotic.

    • U mad bro?

      • Lloyd Ritchey

        Professional troll.

      • Summer7183

        hehe, you’re too funny

    • Don Kenner

      I’m sorry, is our “objectification” sending you into a “rage spiral?” Pardon our “micro-aggressions.” They are obviously “trigger warnings” for you. And please look up the word, “Mangina.”

      • John Ash

        Mangina? Sounds like a pretty sexist and toolish thing to say.

    • Daniel

      Sounds like Hugo is hiding in the closet. 😉

    • Well, they can’t post the pay per view cyber gang bangs of Ayn Rand’s grave that leftover websites do every month to drive traffic. This was not as malicious.

    • Andrew M.

      Have you looked at the male version of this list? It’s even worse

  • Observer

    Just another we hate conservatives article. Same as 90% of the other news outlets put out.

  • John Ash

    Most of these girls, starting at the very top, make me want to punch a baby and kick a puppy simultaneously. The article makes me want to put a cat in grinder.

    • Don Kenner

      So you either hate women or you are a closet homosexual. I hope it’s the latter. Try to keep your misogyny under control.

      • John Ash

        More like the ones I’ve seen are just fake celebritarians. But you’d make a great feminist fake libertarian for jumping to ridiculous conclusions like that.

    • The 20 top libertarian mental health professionals is being published tomorrow.

      • John Ash

        That would be great, thanks. Seeing Julie “makes smart things sound idiotic” Borowski and Cathy “tries to make idiotic things sound smart” Reisenwitz on the same page is enough to put any sane man in the asylum.

  • Opi Restman

    Aimee Allen?

  • Chris Riley

    Kristen Tate should be #1. She is absolutely the most georgous and sexiest woman on this planet. I would do almost anything to be with her.

    • I’m sure she will read this and it will all work out.

    • Yeah. She, Whitney Davis, and Maureen Fallon are the best hotties on this list.

  • Chris Riley

    Kristin Tate is so fine. Needs to be #1. Kristin has the perfect body.

    • Perhaps they should rank them by BMI. By the way, I am going to sue you for anti-gay discrimination if you don’t immediately post a list of the 20 hottest libertarian beefcakes.

  • Overby4Congress

    Lisa Opie?

  • Stormy Davis

    Probably the saddest thing about libertarians, besides being wanna-be intellectuals, is the exact same trait as liberals, you think that Conservatives and republicans are the same thing, epic fail.

    I have yet to meet a libertarian who does not think they are the smartest person in any conversation, no matter who is in it, what is being discussed or what has been discussed. They flow with unearned arrogance like the Mississippi in a stormy spring.

    Michelle Fields is Beautiful, Sexy, Smart and Humble, I admire her more than any woman in the political field, and have never seen a trace of libertarian in her at all. She inquires and wants to learn beyond the scope of what she has already learned, unlike a libertarian.

    I’m an American first and a Conservative second, I’m very proud that I don’t belong to a political “party” they are ALL a pitiful joke, including the libertarian party.

    • Don Kenner

      Piss off, tool! Next to Conservatives and Liberals anyone is going to look like the smartest person in the room. Not that it matters, since you’re such a nitwit, but libertarians ONLY point out those areas where liberals and conservatives ARE the same, to the detriment of us all (ever heard of the TARP bailout? War on Drugs? A blind eye to police brutality?). Hey! Rick Santorum is calling you. He wants to eliminate the “greatest evil facing the U.S. today: birth control.” One more thing: your snarky, fact-free comment sounds just like a liberal.

    • puremercury

      Michelle Fields who was head of Pepperdine Libertarians? You’ve never seen a trace of libertarian in her?

      • That should be the name of a drink.

        • puremercury


          • Pepperdine Libertarian

          • puremercury

            You know what? I’ll talk to Michelle and see if we can come up with a recipe.

    • Lloyd Ritchey

      “you think that Conservatives and republicans are the same thing, epic fail.”
      Oh look at the pretty strawman argument I’ve built here. This will make me look wise and insightful when I tear it down.

    • Snailman

      “I have yet to meet a libertarian who does not think they are the smartest person in any conversation”

      “The Triple Nine Society, an organization whose membership is reserved
      for people with IQ’s in the top one tenth of one percent, even more
      discriminating than Mensa, did a survey on the politics of its members. The results
      don’t surprise us. Members overwhelmingly supported legalizing all
      drugs, prostitution, and gambling. They supported gun rights, and free
      markets. They opposed government involvement in medicine, and income

      Government is for idiots

      • dcutri

        two thumbs up. having no government at all would be bad, but man you got that right. i know, cuz i’m smart.

      • Fiona C

        The survey was of 57 people. Not saying it’s not significant, but with a sample size that small, just keep it in mind.

    • Thanks for the lecture on arrogance.

  • Dave

    Why is Patti not wearing her Romney hat?

  • Don Kenner

    I would have included Alexandra Swann (from the UKIP). Is she not libertarian enough? She’s certainly hot enough.

  • Rick

    Too bad Amanda Billyrock isn’t libertarian. She would have made the list.

    • Lloyd Ritchey

      She is libertarian, but only in the broader sense of the term.

    • ArmandTamzarian

      Amanda Billyrock is libertarian, more so than anyone on the list.

      • Rick

        Well, she is an anarchist. So if you mean she is a libertarian because she is an anarchist, then yes.

    • Jim

      O RLY? How is she not libertarian?

      • Rick

        She doesn’t believe in the political system. She’s an anarchist, she believes in voluntary, non – coerced interaction among private parties. Libertarians believe in the political system.

        • Jim

          Your comment mentioned small-L libertarian, which is what this list is about too. The maker of this list is not talking about women who belong to the capital-L Libertarian Party.

  • Ron Johns Jr.

    In b4 Creepetarians haha

  • Ferrell Gummitt

    C’mon Guys. #2) Julie Borowski, #1) Michelle Fields…

  • Doc Holiday

    What Utterly complete Garbage! Beauty contest? who ever heard of these people save Julie Boroski. What about Naomi Wolf & Sibel Edmonds? These are women that are “Hot”. By Hot I mean ON FIRE for the truth! Although these women are no doubt attractive, these women lay it on the line an have courage and ethics. Who stand up for principles. I have agree with Hugo Newman “Profoundly stupid and demeaning”

    • Truth_Quest30

      If you’ve never heard of Michelle Fields you don’t watch Fox News, she’s more well known than Boroski.
      But a Naomi Wolf fan is usually not watching Fox except to find something to criticize, like Media Matters.
      But Libertarianism is a fringe movement, mainstream conservatives like Katie Pavlich, Andrea Tantaros, S.E. Cupp are well known and hot.

    • And no Ayn Rand. blaspheme!

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  • Chris

    Tracy Oppenheimer

  • Lloyd Ritchey

    Holy crap. This reads like it was written by a High School sophomore.

    Seriously, you need to stop writing. You’ve just lowered the bar to the point where avid Democrat feelz sound intellectually stimulating.

    • Summer7183

      Haha, well said

  • Dorit Goikhman

    I totally nominate myself for next year’s list. Curly girls are totally underrepresented here!

    • Summer7183

      curly hair rocks!

  • Some non-Americans and Asian or African American women? I’ve seen them at SFL conventions. I think this must have been written by someone whose libertarian contacts are limited to the mid Atlantic or mid west

    • So check your privilege you thin libertarians!

      • Simeon Heath-Moss

        Why do you have privilege if you’re thin? It’s a choice

  • Sara Remini

    Nicole Revels should be on here!

    • There are a lot of striking libertarian women over 35 who could be on here – Angela Keaton, Virginia Postrel – as well as many under 35 – Stephanie Rugolo, Tanuja Paruchi. This author only knows twenty something libertarians, and clearly likes white women and blonds. There is nothing wrong with that, but it could just be called “cute 20 something mainly blond east coast libertarian activists I have fancied from afar.”

      • tiffanymadison

        I’m a Texan, am Irish and Italian and naturally blonde. Please don’t call me a Yank. Thanks. 😉

  • John Ash

    So far, the only things I’ve learned from any of them is that libertarians and BitCoiners are mostly evil white sexist, racist, bigoted, homophobic men of privilege, that Godillza would have been a great movie except for all of the sexism and racism and how to roll my eyes in my head like I have optical tourette’s syndrome. Also why looks really don’t mean much in the end.

  • William Fuzi

    Rand Paul is turning. He is talking about amnesty.

  • Guest

    How can you really be for yoni yf you work for Koch???!!! These pygesses are TRAYTORS to WOMYN everywhere!!!!!!!! #Ugh

  • You definitely forgot Objectivist Girl 😉

  • Bob

    I guess I was the only one who didn’t care? LOL Man I get so sick of seeing Michelle Fields on Fox News all the time… SAID NO ONE EVER!

  • Agaynst Roads

    I am shocked that 54 years after Hitchcock’s groundbreaking “Psycho,” and the heroic activism of Dr. Hannibal Lecture you would be so parochial as to only showcase the 20 hottest LIVING libertarian women, even as so many necrophiliac Americans continue to fight for their right to marry those they love. I am waiting for the beautiful photos of Ayn Rand, Voltarine de Cleyre, Emma Goldman, Isabel Patterson, Rose Wilder Lane and the other strong beautiful deceased American women in the libertarian movement. Shame!

  • Chris Andrew

    I think being on this list (or the list of men) is as much a matter of social signalling as anything else. In other words, this list doesn’t measure heat primarily based on looks.

    The women on this list have made a brand name for themselves – they decided on a style, theme, and philosophical approach and stuck with it. Some of them consciously recruit followers and good for them. Some of them are really open about sexuality (a good thing) and that’s really refreshing.

    There’s something distressing about the brand name and marketing, however. As an academic, I’d prefer someone who treads more carefully, saying that these are the pro’s and con’s of different positions without settling on one side before the evidence is complete, and weighing the quality of arguments over the style in which they are presented.

  • givenswayne

    Whatever , violet , all I can say is WOW !!!

  • Roger Womack

    Michele Fields gets my vote !

  • Chriswich

    This is a stupid article! That said… if you’re going to be stupid, at least put Amanda BillyRock, Carey Wedler, and Bonnie Kristian on the list. They’re at least as good looking as any of these women and definitely more libertarian than most.

  • Ed Smith

    Come on, Hilary is soo hot.

    • Michael James Allison

      Put the crack pipe down and step away. NOW!

    • Daniel

      She used to be.

  • Matt Roach

    I can’t believe Feinstein didn’t make this list. An outrage!

  • rpflix

    Surely this list is reversed, and how come Austin Petersen didn’t make the list??

  • Ronnie Patterson

    Naomi Brockwell

  • Laura

    Part of me totally gets this…a hot libertarian top list is no big deal. I agree but then why do I still “Feel” sad when I see this. Women are known for being irrationally emotional and men are known to be rationally rational. I’m actually so afraid of being inferior to a male because I let emotion get in the way of being rational that I always force myself to look through a rational “male” lense first. But that nagging woman like sad emotion pushes through in my mind no matter what, and the rational part of me needed to ask “why laura, why do you still feel like it’s unfair and it hurts to see something read this, YOU ARE BEING IRRATIONAL” And that’s when the light bulb went off, my emotions are what drives me to rationality. It I want to correct things that make me sad or upset, then I need to rationally understand why it makes me feel that way and then I can begin to understand the more complexities of issues and come to the true conclusion that force is never okay to solve ANY problem EVER. So Feminism, Racism, Terrorism, and Drug Addiction will never be solved with the violence needed to enforce the 1,000s of laws and regulations we have on all that. Childen, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, and friends die in wars on both sides and it terrifies me to think about enduring that pain. The pain of American soldiers and their families but also the soldiers we fight and their families. Can’t we have compassion for both? Do we have to declare enemies? Enemies of the state? Enemies of the Oligarchy? Enemies of any opposers? Or are we the people of acceptance? Of true tolerance? Enlightenment? Love? Peace? Negotiation over force? Communication over violence? Learning over arrogance? Love over hate? Truth over lies? Aren’t we anarchist? And aren’t I a woman? And I do have emotions, but they challenge me and make me think more. They lead me beliefs I would have never reached without any emotions. When you come from a broken home and lived a life of girl who never felt good enough, felt stupid and ugly. It challenges her to look for something more. All the tears lead to searching. And I found truth, you cannot use violence against other human beings when they have used none against you. This requires tolerating people who disgust you. People who say things that make you ccry or angry or jealous; you don’t have a right to use violence because someone does something you don’t “like” I’m rambling now but want I wanted to say is my name is Laura and I’m an anchor-capitalist and I’m proud to be emotional, broken, and not as intelligent as half the men I encounter because every “rational” belief I have, I have with so much passion and conviction. And I may not be hot, and Im probably not as intelligent as these women and I know I’m not as accomplished, so who am I good for. Well, it turns out I’m good for a lot, because I’m kind, I’m smile at the rough times while knowing how to fight through the bad times to a better tomorrow. I dunno if I’ll ever be rich, or hot, or super smart, but I will always be kind, humble, and I will always for search for truth…for reason.

    • dcutri

      i kept waiting for a punchline

  • Robin Spielberger

    Hmmph….I think you may have missed a smart cute blonde libertarian from Tennessee 😉

  • Tony Gramps

    I kind of get tired of people who tell other people who they are ideologically. there is no pure sect of any political party period. based on most issues I would be a libertarian based upon most definitions I have heard. But not all, so my thought of myself is as a independent conservative.

  • dcutri

    holy crap. i scrolled to the comments because i thought you were discussing who’s hot and who’s not. i didn’t know it was a bitch fest about who’s a libertarian and who’s not. you people are seriously missing the point. maybe that’s why libertarians get such a bad rap. they don’t know how to have fun. anyway, rand for prez

  • Randy Peterson

    You’re delusional.

  • can we also have the top 10 hottest revolutionaries, the Nuts magazine most cutest free thinkers and last but not least the Penthouse list of sexiest freedom fighters that most men would like to sleep with!

  • Dawn Elle

    so how about a HOT MEN list????? a HOT TEA LIST!! yea!

    • username144

      Ron Paul would be #1

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  • Parke Pro Tennis

    I think free-spirited females are attractive for that very reason, which means this list leaves out a lot of names! The first that comes to my mind is the musical and awe-inspiring Sam Skadeland.

  • I also scrolled down here to see if people were arguing who’s hot and not…funny to find arguments about who is libertarian and who is not. Sheesh.

    Most of these people I’ve never even heard of. In any case, this article would have been better if they listed their Twitter handles so we can see more about these people.

  • Sorry to say but whoever made this list prefers boring, generic white girls who are pseudo libertarian. Michelle fields is the only minority and probably the prettiest one and she got beat out by a bunch of generic blondes with forgettable faces. Not to sound conceited but I’m prettier than most of these girls but I’m not white so I didn’t make the cut. I’m also an actual libertarian so maybe that’s why I’m not on here.

    • tiffanymadison


      • Summer7183

        Tiffany, there’s a reason why so many Americans are obsessed with tanning and working out at the gym. Let’s just say they’re not trying to look like you sweetheart

        Not trying to be mean, just honest

        • tiffanymadison

          Well, darling, that’s a 4-year old wintertime picture, but I must say your affection for superficiality, conceit and judgemental comments are rather amusing. Ha! Have a good day, lovely

    • MichaelPeters64

      I couldn’t agree more. And looks like some of the generic girls with forgettable faces like Tiffany whatever are getting riled up because they are jealous. You’re way prettier than any of these boring blondes! Whatever 13 year old wrote this knows these girls personally or maybe they paid him.

    • And your modesty cannot be surpassed.

      • go fuck yourself.

        • Modest and ladylike. I bet you smell like daisies and taste like raspberries.

          • Summer7183

            Sounds like her comment made you feel insecure about yourself in someone way. Could it be that you’re a boring, average looking white guy yourself? Not tall, DARK, and handsome ay? hehehe

            Truth be told, the rest of the world does not agree with what America considers to be the standard of beauty. In the Miss Universe pageant, women from Latin American countries bet out the American white girls that we send to compete against them 9 out of 10 times. The American white girls don’t even stand a chance against those women. And I’m sure this will offend you in some way Bruce and you’ll have some nasty response, but that’s the honest truth

          • Exactly “summer” if you read my comments throughout this article you will see that I am an albino, and a proud albino, proudly defending white womanhood against the orcs, trogs, and other inferior creatures who might seek to sully them! By the way, can I get the name of your connection?

          • Summer7183

            hehehe, no Bruce I didn’t read your comments because I have a life. But you just shot yourself in the foot, destroyed any credibility you had and confirmed my aforementioned comment. Well done

          • Hehehe

          • Summer7183

            Classical case of ad hominem. You probably don’t know what that is so I’ll elaborate. It’s fallacy used in debating when a person can’t debate the facts presented to them(such as the fact that white girls never win the Miss Universe pageant) and uses personal attacks against the debater instead. I’m not even going to continue to read or respond to anything else you have to say. Someone who calls people “orcs” and “trogs” has no credibility is not worth responding to. But I’m sure you’ll continue to respond to me with nasty comments because I have hurt your feelings and made you feel insecure. You did take the time to look at my profile, so I think that says it all.

          • Some foreign speaking dame who uses made up Spanglish terms like “ad hominem” could never hurt my feelings. But until you can spell better you might kill someone by writing on their medical chart. Or are you planning on sticking with psychiatry?

          • ‘ad hominem is aLatin phrase referring to what you just did, stupidly, make fun of someone as the the basis for an argument. Google it. Spanglish LOL.

          • I see I’ve finally found the thick libertarians.

          • Andrew M.

            Ah man please stop. You make libertarians and white people look really bad. You’re making me ashamed to be white.

          • You are probably right. It is unfair to take advantage of the extreme dimness of the white people here.

          • Andrew M.

            Are referring to yourself? Because she just
            made you look like an idiot.

          • Thank you.

          • Drake Detremont

            BruceMajors4DC is attacking everyone on here because he’s an angry middle age fag. He doesn’t represent libertarians or white people. He represents middle age fags.

          • So you believe middle aged fags are second class citizens? That racist. Now suck my dick boy!

          • Diontra

            no point in arguing with idiots hun

          • Daniel

            Don’t kid yourself, Summer. Really. Blonde haired, blue eyed white girls from the USA are the finest on the planet and that’s all there is to it…(with the possible exception of blonde haired, blue eyed Ukrainians).

      • Drake Gallager

        Men really want to keep women insecure and afraid to think highly of themselves. I try to be the opposite because, when a girl knows she’s beautiful and carries herself with confidence, that goes against what society and white men like yourself want for her. She’s just speaking her truth. She clearly commented on Michelle Fields so she isn’t just out for herself. And most insecure girls tear Michelle down. So your comment is unwarranted and frankly it’s sexist. it offends nice (and i admit also white) guys like me to see racist pricks like yourself attack minority girls who have the confidence our country has tried to strip away from them.

        • Daniel

          You should be able to tell that Angelica’s comment was the most racist thing on this thread. Attacking pretty girls for being white strictly out of juvenile jealously…and then you come to her aid? Nice try.

        • TheResistance

          I take it you are upset because the only women you can find to f- cucks like you in the a$$ are non-white

    • NewHampshire

      The Mother of the RP Revolution is Latina…

    • Daniel

      Almost all of those women are extremely pretty. You have lost your mind.

    • MovieBuff

      I’m pretty sure the list is to show the hottest libertarian girls. Not make people obsessed with forced diversity (also known as “not libertarians”) feel good about a virtue signal.
      I mean, i don’t agree with the sorting of the list, and even more so because many of these are not even libertarians, but your “muh minorities” thing is just laughable!

    • Simeon Heath-Moss

      What’s wrong with white people?

  • Guest

    Was this written by a 13 year old?

  • username144

    Bunch of butterfaces!

    • Simeon Heath-Moss


  • jackleg21

    The ineptitude of the writing contained in this list gave my eyes AIDS.

  • Matthew Reece

    Where is Amanda Billyrock? Josie Outlaw? Carey Wedler? BraveTheWorld?

    • Simeon Heath-Moss

      yeah josie the outlaw belongs at number one here

  • Teno Groppi

    Kristen Meghan belongs on this list. Knock off Reisenwitz, Simpson for being anti-Ron, and Boudreau for her Koch NEOCON connections.

  • Andrew M.

    Everyone thinks they’re hotter than they actually are. And facebook has perpetuated the myth.

  • Morgan Brooke Hancock

    Obviously this list is incomplete! I’m not on it!!! SHM!!

  • Drake Detremont

    I don’t see Dana Loesch on here. Who ever wrote this doesn’t get out very much.

  • ScrewyPuppy

    Where the F*** is Kennedy?

  • Bob Howe

    No Lee Ann McAdoo!?

  • shane neal

    Whitney Neal is not a single mom because I have been married to her for eight years. So you may want to cheak your facts.

  • Phillip G Thompson

    Never heard of a single one of them,

  • NewHampshire

    They forgot the woman who started the whole RP revolution… in 2007. Oh well. Ageism?

  • maybe

    Maureen fallon wear 8 lbs of make up

  • Anders Hass

    No black people, what are you, racist?

  • Peter Antonocci

    lee ann mcadoo from infowars….GORGEOUS!

  • rene

    too white

    • Simeon Heath-Moss


  • Ezra Pound

    Where’s that sexy little minx, Lauren Cooley?

  • My top five! 5. Julie Borowski 4. Michelle Fields 3. Marianne Copenhaver 2. Whitney Davis 1. Kristin Tate

  • Marty

    Hey, where is Dr. Mary Ruwart on this list?

  • jon moorehead

    Any superficial attractiveness any of these women have, is more than balanced out by their profound idiocy & disconnect from objective reality. Libertarianism is bullshit and anyone who doesn’t recognize that, is seriously cognitively impaired.

  • No Jaclyn Glenn? OMG!!! What are you thinking!?! RECOUNT!

  • Lucas Pinheiro

    Hey and where’s Sasha Grey?

  • so I am guessing Austin is single?

  • Michael James Young

    I know this is all about Journalists and not media entertainers; wait a minute who can tell the difference anymore, between the entertainment industry and media and journalism these days. As there are so many hot libertarian chicks like what Alex Jones has got going on with Leanne Macadoo. Or for a super hot entertainment libertarian babe, how about Aimee Allen the Ron Paul song girl.

  • Rodrigo

    You’re missing GLORIA ALVAREZ

  • Multiplexo

    Lauren Southern would’ve been in this list, if it was posted later.

  • jscott2700

    You completely forgot the wonderful Shelly Roche. She was Judge Napolitano’s sidekick on the Internet-streamed version of Freedom Watch before it hit the airwaves.

  • mvbcdo

    How is Laura Meyers not on this list?

  • onwardSoldier1

    Libertarianism has no history. Total Nihilism.

    • Simeon Heath-Moss

      no it has a system of moral philosophy based on first principals by definition not nihilism, and it’s older than ayn rand so…

  • Jon Davis

    You crazy folks didn’t include Laura Myers aka Liberty Laura. Wassamatta wittchu??

  • Deckardb26354br

    No Jedidiah Bila ? Really?

  • Michael Ross


  • MovieBuff

    Reisenwitz was never a real libertarian.