Second Presidential Debate Too Dirty For Mike Rowe

Written by Dan Pope

Faced with the distressing reality that he should have ran for President, Blue Collar Champion, Mike Rowe, found himself in unfamiliar territory during Sunday night’s town hall debate.

Known for his work on Dirty Jobs, Rowe has cultivated an ability to defeat scents and situations that would induce vomiting in even the most seasoned of dumpster-divers. Even so, this skill proved inadequate when faced with watching the respective champions of the Republican and Democrat parties.

While Rowe’s Facebook page has historically been used for monologues, diatribes, general information, and the occasional gone-viral email from Mom, Rowe uncharacteristically chose the silent path, when he took to Facebook to update a solemn photo of his near-intolerance from the filth on display at Washington University.

Millions of Americans empathized.