7 Signs You’re Totally a Statist!

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Written by Katrina Ronneburg

Statism sucks! We all know it, yet somehow this ideology is spreading like hotcakes. What could be done? There isn’t a vaccine or drug to detain this deadly virus, but you must save yourself! Don’t let the #bern take you! Here are some signs you might be slipping into the depths of servitude.

1. You think raising taxes could be a good idea.


If a person thinks that they could pay for more programs, pay off government debt, or build giant stadiums if only the government took more money from them or the 1% they’re probably a statist. How very unfortunate. Here’s why they’re wrong: higher marginal rates discourage work, output and employment, which leads to lower incomes. While increasing rates may bring a higher proportion of incomes into the federal treasury, it would also cut the overall income base that these rates are able to draw from. Silly statists!

 2. You believe sacrificing your right to privacy for safety.


If someone finds themselves agreeing with this statement they are beyond a doubt a statist. This is devastating! For the love of all that is liberty, help them change their ways! Individual privacy is power, the more someone knows about a person the more control they have. Personal data can affect reputations, be used to make important decisions, or shape behavior. Should it be okay to hand the government that kind of power? I mean, it’s not like governments have a history of becoming tyrannical or anything…

3. You think our military could use a larger budget.


Hey, nobody likes the idea of soldiers being underpaid or sent to war without the proper equipment, but what if we spend more on our military than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and India combined? Maybe the knowledge that we used $43 million of our defense budget to build a gas station overseas, which did nothing to improve national security? No? My, you are a stubborn lot aren’t you? Ever hear of the M-1 Abrams tank? The army has over 9,000 M-1’s and half of those are in storage, yet we continue to manufacture them. Why? Politics.

We know this is a problem when the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Ray Odierno, petitioned congress to shut down M-1 production multiple times. Sadly, those petitions were ignored and year after year Congress sets more money aside and the pentagon buys more M-1’s nobody wants or needs. Yeah, let’s throw more money at this kind of waste…

4. You support a ‘nanny-state’.


Should the government pay for education? Should they pay to feed us? No one wants people to go hungry or to have their potential squandered by high tuition costs, but maybe government is the reason people are struggling to pay for an education or groceries in the first place?

Regulations and taxes in the private sector are proven to drive up costs, and our government has put many in place. Is it really all that radical to ask the government to butt out and let charities, scholarships, and colleges do their own thing? We make it nearly impossible for charities to help people, just look at Hurricane Katrina where FEMA was turning away multiple volunteers and supplies.

5. You promote government interference in the economy.


Speaking of the government butting out of the private sector… Republicans and democrats are both guilty of this transgression. Whether it be tax increases or tax breaks, the government meddling with the economy  is bad news. Just let the market be free! Whether that brings one to support a fair tax, a flat tax, or zero taxes is up to personal discernment into the situation, but at least they will be on their way to boarding the libertarian train. Which is a cool train to jump on. You ever see the Hogwarts express? Well, maybe it’s not that cool, but it’s got brownies!

6. You supports high government spending and tolerate high deficits.


A wise man (Rand Paul) once said, “..the biggest threat to our national security is our debt”. It only makes sense to spend only what we have coming in. It’s asinine to ask for more government expansion through expensive programs when we can’t afford the one’s we have. If businesses ran the way our government does now, well our government would bail them out. Dammit!

7. You believe it should be harder to buy a gun.


Honestly, if someone finds themselves ever thinking this they are no libertarian. They would never even be in a place where they could doubt their dripping statism! Unfortunately, they may even be a lost cause.

It’s been proven time and again that gun crimes are more often than not committed with weapons that were illegally obtained. Even in cases where they weren’t, more gun regulation wouldn’t have prevented the crime. For example: look at the mass shooting in Orlando. Omar Mateen didn’t have a criminal history or a history of mental illness. Sure, people who knew him have stated this massacre was no surprise but that doesn’t change the facts. Mateen had nothing documented that would have prevented him from having a firearm. Sure he was on a terrorist watch list, but so are a lot of innocent people. Government cannot strip rights from people without due process.

A person could be put on the ‘no-fly list’ for something as small as following Snowden on twitter. People were put on it for less, and yet they want to strip constitutional rights from these individuals? What happens when someone in government doesn’t like someone’s opinions and wants to make them less of a threat? Who thinks they wouldn’t just put them on a list that needs zero proof of guilt to disarm them? Why do people trust the government so much? It’s not like they would give this type of power to their neighbor down the street, whom they know. Why give it to a large entity that’s proven it’s corruption multiple times? The answer is that they shouldn’t. Also, an armed society is a polite one.


Katrina Ronneburg

Katrina is a 25 year old Army wife and CCMA student from Idaho. She was raised into conservative politics, but realized she was actually libertarian during Ron Paul's 2012 run for president. She is currently residing in Colorado with her 3 year old son and husband.
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