A Gay Response to the Straight, White Male: You’re Full of It

Written by Mark Gage

I woke up on a  Wednesday morning to scroll down on my feed on what a self identified “straight, white male” had to say about waking up on a previous Wednesday morning to find out that Donald Trump became President-elect.

The frustrated, self identified “straight, white male” known as Zachary Volosky took to his computer to write down his apology to women, Hispanics, LGBT, and other minorities under the sun who “might be affected” by a Trump Presidency, titled, “A Letter From A Straight, White Male: I’m Sorry,” because “As a straight, white, male, this doesn’t affect me like it affects you. And that’s shitty.”

As a person who just happens to be an American of Hispanic descent and gay (who can only speak for himself), let me let you in on my thoughts on your so-called “apology.”.
To the people I know and love who belong to the LGBTQ community, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the man who held a rainbow flag with his name poorly written on it in Sharpie is masquerading as your ‘champion.’ Especially when his Number Two believes that you can be ‘converted.’ I’m sorry that the argument over what fucking bathroom you have to use is only going to get worse. I’m sorry.
No matter what hostility Trump’s VP possesses against the LGBT community, VP’s lack any power. Especially in a Trump administration. There’s nothing to worry about. If one wants to talk about politicians masquerading as champions of LGBT rights, look no further to Trump’s old “rival” who also championed LGBT rights yet didn’t mind letting anti-gay Gulf regimes donate to a certain Foundation championing rights.
To any Latina or Latino who may believe that this is no longer their America, I’m sorry. You make America great. Inclusion is what makes America great. My family came here as immigrants, albeit a long time ago. You don’t belong here any less just because the decade is different. I’m sorry if the man in the ill-fitting suit makes you believe differently. He’s wrong.
The Business Magnate did not sway me to believe differently, nor did he lead me to think that I no longer feel welcome in this country. Contrary to your apology, I feel embraced.

Yes, I will not be blinded by nationalism and say my country has done no wrong in its entire existence on the world stage, or say that all is sunshine and rainbows here. No country is perfect. However, I am far better off living in this country, free to openly be who I want to be with my lipstick bright and my head held high, in comparison to my counterparts abroad in various Middle Eastern and African countries that initiate laws criminalizing consensual same-sex relationships between adults, punishable by imprisonment or in worst cases, left to potentially be faced with the death penalty.
Rather than succumb to rhetoric from the Far Left, I am personally more concerned about the President elect’s other policies, such as his praise for eminent domain being a “necessity” for the country, his enthusiasm to deal with Edward Snowden “harshly” if Putin handed him over once Trump is POTUS, calling the NSA whistle-blower who revealed classified NSA documents detailing the scope of the numerous surveillance programs a “traitor”, his support for reauthorizing the Patriot Act, his approval of raising the minimum wage, his support to force employers to provide mandatory paid maternity leave rather than letting employers voluntarily giving those benefits to its employees (a move that differs from others in the GOP), his stance on imposing tariffs, and his foreign policy stances keeps bouncing all over the place but forcibly taking control of oil from other nations seems a weeeee bit “off.” Etc.
I will continue to take a stand on what I believe in. We’ve made a lot of progress over the last eight years. It was progress that we fought hard for. We’re just going to have to keep fighting.
Ah, by “last eight years of progress,” do you mean the progress of bombing more countries, or the loss of civil liberties in the last eight years? Because frankly honey, that ain’t somethin’ to boast about.

I refuse to give in to baseless rhetoric, and I cannot accept a baseless apology, since the alleged offender has not committed any offense. Being a white, Caucasian male does not give you a special platform or a special “privilege”, nor does your identity that you had no control over leave me “oppressed” or “marginalized” as some of my other counterparts might proclaim. What classifies as “oppression” nowadays in Western societies is nothing in comparison to the real oppression minorities undergo abroad in African or Middle Eastern countries. To compare trivial Western woes to actual persecution in foreign lands is laughable.
Save your apology for a REAL cause, not fear mongering. Until then… using baseless rhetoric to cook up an apology to appease the easily offended who demand you confess your imaginary Caucasian, cisgendered sins, or to appease the self proclaimed “victims”, now that is shitty.

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