A Timeline: The Fiery Collapse of the Career of Milo Yiannopoulos


We’re going on a journey- a journey not only of sight and of sound, but of Milo. Look, there’s a sign post up ahead! Next stop, the fiery collapse of Yiannopolos’ career.


The Prelude

While the outrage is recent, the actual material for the outrage was recorded about a year and a half ago. The reason why story is just now breaking may have something to do with the #CPAC2017 fiasco, something that will be mentioned later in this article. The following two videos contain the quotes where Milo talks about his own history as a victim of child sexual abuse, only instead he defends his abuser. These are the quotes in contention.

Sep 30, 2015: The Joe Rogan Podcast

Jan 4, 2016: The Amazing Atheist Podcast

Feb 18, 2017:
[email protected] confirmed by ACU’s twitter

Feb 20,  2017:

-Podcast clips surface [links above]:

-Milo Disinvited to CPAC as per Matt Schlapp’s Twitter:


-Simon & Schuster book deal canceled

Feb 21, 2017: 

Milo officially resigns from Breitbart, Promises to launch independent Project:



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