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Liberty Viral is a website for people who love individual liberty and free markets. Our goal is to share the most interesting news, stories and pictures that reflect our belief that every individual person deserves to be free to pursue happiness as they see fit.

We believe that no individual should lose life, liberty or property without due process of law. We believe in truth, justice and voluntary cooperation between free people.

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Meet The Liberty Viral Superstars! 

Austin Petersen
Founder and owner of, Austin Petersen is a libertarian media powerhouse. Formerly a presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, Petersen is spreading the ideas of freedom around the world.
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Aaron Mathis
Hailing now from rural Northeast Nebraska, Aaron was born and raised in the Liberal bastion of New England. He is a business owner and entrepreneur who converted to freedom when his first business got its first tax bill. When he is not working on his family's homestead farm, Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, flying airplanes, wood working, scotch, and playing drums.His spirit animal is Ron "Freaking" Swanson.
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Alex Furman
Colloquially known as @TaxationIsTheftGuy in the states and "The Hanoi Cowboy" everywhere else (don't ask him why), Mr. Furman is a young and up-and-coming personality in the modern Liberty movement. Alex is a pilot by day and a Liberty Viral contributor by night and approaches both with an AnarchoCapitalist perspective that is equal parts sharp, witty, and smeared with bottom-shelf hair product.
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Crystal Byrd
Crystal is a full time artist and mom fighting the good fight for liberty by filling the Liberty Viral Instagram account with the dankest of dank memes and making sandwiches with no crust and cutting thousands of grapes in half. She has a Bachelor's of Science in environmental science and worked in marine biology and climate research before becoming a toddler wrangler. She also spent five years working in special education classrooms. She was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has spent most of her life in Texas (though there was that weird stint in Baltimore for art school.) You can check out her art at if you're into that sort of thing. She's married to the non-smoking version of the Marlboro Man and they have so far successfully created one tiny female human named Halberra.Likes include: gardening, scuba diving, knitting, baking, tattoos, all that is Viking, GUNS, pumpkin spice spaghetti, reading, and seasonal decorating.Dislikes Include: Creepertarians, Trumpophants, socialism, government, SJW's, roaches, watermelon, summertime in Texas, women's clothing sizes, whoever invented makeup contouring, heights, and romantic comedies.
Eli Bowman
Eli is the main radio talk show host of Libertarian Radio and a freedom lover. He and his wife homeschool their twins and triplets. You can follow Eli on Twitter at @EliBowman and on Facebook at
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Grant Deltz
Intern- Associate Editor
Grant is an emerging young leader in the Libertarian Party. As a volunteer campaign coordinator for the Libertarian Party of Texas he is dedicated to building the Liberty movement by helping local candidates throughout the state. He is also interning as Associate Editor at
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Jennifer Giorgi
Jennifer Giorgi is our resident snarky Iraq veteran. With her wit and wild life experiences, she brings a fresh, funny take to her writing. Jennifer is a libertarian activist, working with the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island as their Outreach Director and many grassroots movements. She recently held the position of Southern New England Campaign Director for the Austin Petersen Campaign. Follow her for commentary on politics, foreign affairs, and much more.
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Laura Meyers
Laura is an angsty libertarian living in the midwest and attending Kansas State University studying journalism. She's also known as "Liberty Laura" online. Her hobbies include petting dogs, pretending to be a chef, drinking beer, shooting big guns, and weeping for the republic.
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Lauren McKinnon
Lauren Mckinnon is a contributor and a veteran investigative journalist who has worked for a number of local newspapers, edited novels for a number of published authors, and is a full time mom. Also known as Literati Lauren, she has a passion for Liberty and a large following in Libertarian circles. Her keen eye for news and sharp editing skills make her a valuable part of our team.
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Mackenzie Vieth
Hailing from the suburbs of St. Louis Missouri, Mackenzie was raised by two hard-working parents who always had one priority for Mackenzie and her brother- a great education. It wasn't until college that she became involved with the liberty movement through Young Americans for Liberty, and learned something is afoot on our college campuses - and it isn't education. She is currently an undergrad at Lindenwood University majoring in religion, with a personal passion for anthropology. The plan was to become a professor of world religions, but instead she realized she could channel that love for other cultures towards effectively spreading this philosophy of liberty to all kinds of people. In her free time when she isn't hosting activism events as president of her Young Americans for Liberty chapter or visiting other campuses as a Missouri State Chair for YAL - Mackenzie is an avid bookworm, blogger, and cosplayer!
Mark Gage
Known to the public as 'Mark Gage' and formerly a Republican intern for Governor Greg Abbott, the twenty-one year old libertarian hailing from the State of Texas is dedicated to help those achieve liberty as best as he can, reaching out to those on social media or in the streets of San Antonio. The Texas Libertarian enjoys volunteer work to help those in need in San Antonio and on his spare time he posts YouTube videos on his channel expressing this thoughts on current events or issues from a libertarian perspective.
Reid Finchem
Reid, a staff writer from Birmingham, Alabama, has written on subjects including sports, music, politics, and pop culture for publications throughout the southeast. A millennial of the Ron Paul Revolution, Reid is an avid hockey fan who proudly cast his first vote for the Libertarian Party.
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    You need to check your facts about Whitney Neal, because she is not a single mom and never been one. She has been married for over 8 years. Please edit your post about the 20 Hottest Libertarian Women.

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