Adam Kokesh Offers Bernie Sanders $250,000 For Two Hour Debate

By: Alex Furman
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Roger Ver aka ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ and Adam Kokesh are teaming up in an effort to get Senator Bernie Sanders to accept a formal, two hour debate with Kokesh himself. The topic is Socialism vs. Libertarianism, and Mr. Ver is offering $250,000 of his own money to charity in order to persuade the Senator.

Adam Kokesh

Monday morning in Philadelphia where the Democratic National Convention was just getting under way, Adam could be found passing out flyers and spreading awareness for the proposed event. Carrying around a gigantic check for a quarter of a million dollars paying to the order of “[The] Charity of Bernie Sanders’ choice,” Adam had a seemingly warm reception from the pro Sanders protesters- a few of whom recognized him immediately.

Reportedly, several Bernie supporters are excited about the idea, and according to Kokesh, an unnamed Sanders Campaign staffer is aware of the offer and has expressed and active interest in making the event happen.

No word yet on whether or not this is actually going to happen, but a quarter million to a charity of your choice is a tough offer to pass up- especially if you’re a professional politician like Sanders.

However if Sanders does end up passing on the offer, Ver and Kokesh have a glorious plan B: use the $250,000 to print and distribute copies of Adam’s book “Freedom” to every single mailbox in the Senator’s home state of Vermont. Kokesh admitted he didn’t know which idea excited him more, but for now, getting Sanders to accept the debate is priority numero uno.

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