Alex Jones Triggered by Wikileaks’ Lack Of “October Surprise”

Written by Kody Fairfield

Co-Host Of Liberty Coast 2 Coast, Follow On Twitter @K0D_4

Early Tuesday morning, many people found themselves glued to their computer screens as they awaited Wikileaks supposed celebration of their 10 year anniversary, and the “October Surprise” that was to befall Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton.

Nobody was more excited for this announcement than founder of the conspiracy theory website Infowars.comAlex Jones.

It would make sense then that Jones, a Donald Trump supporter, was triggered when he realized that Assange was not going to release any damning new information on Clinton during his video presser, and instead said that Wikileaks would be publishing new documents every week for the next 10 weeks, including all of the documents relating to the United States elections.

Jones took his frustrations to Twitter:

Jones was apparently so infuriated that he called Assange a “Hillary Butt Plug.”

It seems that Jones will have to change his tune from one of praise for Wikileaks to maniacal name calling and potentially having to find a way to link them to turning frogs gay. Stay sane, Alex!