Apple’s ‘Siri’ Helps Prosecute Man Who Asked Her To Help Him Hide A Body

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Pic_1A Florida man who is accused of killing his roommate reportedly asked Apple’s personal assistant ‘Siri’ for tips on how to hide the body.

Pedro Bravo stands accused of strangling his roommate Christian Aguilar to death after an argument over an ex-girlfriend. Bravo was charged with murder but the body wasn’t found until weeks later when hunters came across the grave in a forest nearby.

Bravo reportedly told his phone to help him hide the body by stating, “I need to hide my roommate,” whereupon Siri recommended some local swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries and dumps. Police used data collected from the phone to pin the crime on Bravo, who also reportedly used the phone’s flashlight between 11:31pm to 12:01am on the day that Aguilar disappeared.

Authorities also were able to use the phone’s location data in order to find out that Bravo lied about where he had been that evening.

Apple has since changed the answers to the question of where to hide your roommate to “I used to know the answer to that question…”


The case against Bravo is still ongoing.

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  • John Carl Toth

    i am disturbed that it recorded when he flashlight was on…Another reason to not chose Apple products