Moron Beats Himself Up In Prison on Security Camera… Blames Cops… Gets Caught

Aleksandr Tomaszewski is having a bad day. But maybe he’d have an easier way of life, if he wasn’t such a moron. After being incarcerated by police from the Lane County Sheriff’s office, Tomaszewski decided to try and get himself out of trouble by kicking his own ass. What an idiot. He was on camera the

Here’s A Video of Chris Christie Falling Out Of His Chair On His Fat A**

Video – A radio station leaked a video of New Jersey Governor falling out of his chair, supposedly as an act of revenge for supporting the Cowboys football team.

Man Hacks Into Baby Monitor, Starts Whispering To Nanny

A strange man hacked into the baby monitoring camera of a Houston area nanny and made sure she knew that she was being watched. Ashley Stanley was changing the baby’s diaper when suddenly she began hearing a man’s voice talking to her through the monitor. “I heard someone talking on the camera monitor and I

Road Rager Terrorizes Disabled Grandma With Child In Vehicle

From NY Daily News: Aided by tips from the public, North Carolina deputies arrested a 40-year-old woman caught on video attacking a disabled grandmother driving with her granddaughter in the car. Kristin Leigh Phillips, of Randleman, turned herself in late Monday after Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies posted images from the road rage outburst on Facebook,

Cop Who Lied And Arrested Old Man With Golf Club is Pulled From Duty Over Racist Comments

Seattle Police have apologized to a senior citizen named William Wingate who was arrested for walking down the street carrying a golf club. “Put it down! I’m not going to take it from you but it’s a weapon! You just swung that golf club at me” the officer said. Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, who performed the arrest, has

Tax-Sucking, Power-Tripping Person In Blue Costume Pepper Sprays Peaceful Marchers

Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian was pepper sprayed immediately after giving a speech at a Martin Luther King Jr. rally. From the PINAC blog:  A frantic Seattle cop was caught on camera pepper spraying citizens as they strolled by during a anti-police brutality protest on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, including a teacher who had

Which ‘Sons of Liberty’ Character Are You? [QUIZ]

The History Channel’s latest “Sons of Liberty” mini-series has generated a ton of interest about the founding fathers of the United States. Everyone likes to identify with a favorite one, but based on your philosophical viewpoints, which one would you have most aligned with? Answer this very short quiz to find out! [postriddle data_game=”//” data_width=”100%”

Megyn Kelly rips Huckabee about “trashy ” women comment

Watch the latest video at Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly invited Mike Huckabee onto her show to give him a hard time about recent comments he made about “trashy women” at Fox. Huckabee said on a radio show that people in the Midwest wouldn’t use the kind of harsh language that New Yorkers do

Here’s What Happens When You Activate A Tesla’s “Insane Mode”

Visionary pioneer Elon Musk’s new Tesla Model S has an “insane mode” that delivers on its name. The new dual-motor electric car is “roller coaster” stuff according to Business Insider. The car’s performance is comparable to the world’s fastest sports cars such as the Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren F1. The “insane mode” is an actual

This Video Of Al Sharpton’s Teleprompter Flubs Will Definitely Make You Laugh

The Washington Free Beacon produced a hilarious video featuring Al Sharpton’s teleprompter flubs. This short 1:21 second video is definitely worth a share to annoy your weirdo liberal friends!