Republican U.S. Representative in New York Blatantly Copies the LP

by Contributor Alyce Auman Well, well, well.  Is there an echo in here? It’s always interesting when other parties try to piggy-back off the work of the Libertarian Party when they were not originally doing the hard work of changing minds. Where was Republican Congressmen Chris Collins, the New York 27th District’s Rep when the

Kid Rock’s “Don’t F*&kin’ Tell Me” Politics, Examined [NSFW]

Written by Alyce Auman Who is Kid Rock?  For those of you that sadly do not know, his real name is Robert James Ritchie.  He is an irreverent American singer, rapper, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor. But who is Kid Rock really? Who is the man behind the labels? He might be one of Michigan’s

American Airlines Withholds Children from Father Over Clerical Error

Written by Alyce Auman American Airlines needs to get it together! A father shouldn’t have to fight to pick his kids up from an airport. Kids should not have to be put through this. Families shouldn’t suffer for corporate mistakes. This is what happened to a father, Jeremy Kareken, in New York earlier this week:

From Pro Choice to Pro Life: How Abortion is Failing Women

Written by Alyce Auman Contributor How Come Many Women Seek an Abortion? What happens to them afterwards? It’s not always as smooth as you think.  Supporters of abortion have made this into a Women’s Rights issue. In reality, is this the best way to support our women? You decide. Here are a few personal accounts

Oops! The Libertarian National Committee Leadership Does It Again

by Contributor Alyce Auman I am completely convinced that the leadership of the Libertarian Party does not want to grow or become legitimate ever.  Here we have our Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark telling people that the Libertarian Party growth is difficult because our struggles are comparable to women before suffrage and african americans

Libertarians, want to win? Reach-out to Women and Minorities and here is why

by Contributor Alyce Auman The Libertarian Party needs more people to join the party.  Not just voters, but more activists with a broader spectrum of education, work experience, and backgrounds.  It takes all types of people to represent what is best for everyone. It’s also a lot of work undoing all of the brainwashing and

Arvin, A Man With A Plan of Destruction – Just Stop

  The Libertarian Party Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra just can’t stop. Cannot stop, will not stop.  Starting on May 10th, our Vice Chair has gone on a three day non-stop TIRADE beginning with our military members, onto teachers and students, and then back around to military members. We must recognize the right of people to

Roy Street Coffee and Tea Kicks out Libertarians

  On the night of May 13, 2017, a fellow Libertarian, David Malekar was with a group of 9-10 other Libertarians at Roy Street Coffee and Tea.  These meetings have been being held at this location for over a year with no issues.  Last night, someone had an issue with the Libertarian discussions being held

Veterans Within the LP are Valuable Freedom Fighters

The most recent blunt, attacking, generalizing statement seemingly meant to purposefully degrade a good portion of our Libertarian Party members was directed toward our active and past military personnel.  The LP Vice Chairman, Arvin Vohra has been asking people on Facebook about reasons that they or others have signed up for the military.  It seemed

New York State Libertarian State Convention Recap

Written by Alyce Auman The Libertarian Party of New York had our state convention over the weekend on Saturday, April 29th, 2017.  It was held at the Genesee Grand Hotel in Syracuse, New York.  The hotel was beautiful and the service was fantastic.  There was plenty of room for our event and I would recommend