THROWBACK VIDEO: White Supremacist Richard Spencer Kicked Out of Event by Black Man

By Grant M. Deltz One of the simply greatest events that I have gotten to witness; white nationalist Richard Spencer was escorted out of CPAC 2017 by an African American gentleman working the venue. See the video courtesy of The Washington Post below:

Your Principles Matter, Your Party Does Not

[The opinions expressed below are of the author only and do not represent the views of Liberty Viral] By Grant M. Deltz I write this because it seems as if the “Party of Principle,” being the Libertarian Party, has now turned to favoring party politics over principled voting. Allow me to explain. When Austin Petersen, a 2016

Why Socialism Actually Works

It doesn’t.

My Conversation With Two Ignorant DEA Agents

By Grant M. Deltz Last fall a pair of DEA agents came to my high school. They gave a thorough presentation on the dangers of drugs, and partook in the typical scare tactics you always see. Following the presentation, I approached them and had a disheartening conversation with them. First, they told me they believed

Boston Pastor Arrested After Drugs Were Found At His Church

Written by Grant M. Deltz 58 year old pastor Willie Wilkerson of Boston was arrested Tuesday morning on charges of drug trafficking and drug possession with intent to distribute after police say drugs were found at his church. He is being accused of possession 34 grams of cocaine, 11 grams of fentanyl, 50 Percocet pills,

Venezuela’s President Dances On TV While People Riot On Streets [VIDEO]

Written by Grant M. Deltz Venezuela’s people have been suffering from the side effects of a socialist government for years now. From the images of food lines to the riots in the streets, the nation is surely a saddening sight to see. However, recently there was a more condemnable turn in this saga. President Maduro was seen

Judge Won’t Hear Gay Adoptions Out of ‘Best Interest’ For Child

Written by Grant M. Deltz  A Kentucky family court judge, W. Mitchell Nance, announced that he will no longer hear gay adoptions and will recuse himself from all future cases. On Thursday he issued a statement saying he believes that “under no circumstance” would “the best interest of the child be promoted by the adoption by

Angela Merkel Rejects To Wearing Headscarf During Saudi Arabia Visit

Written by Grant M. Deltz Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, arrived in Saudi Arabia to meet with King Salman with a headscarf notably absent from her wardrobe. Merkel is following in the footsteps of United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen who both recently denied headscarfs as well. The

21,000 Worker Strike of AT&T Expected For Today

Written by Grant M. Deltz Members of the Communications Workers of America had given a 72 hour notice to AT&T of a mass walkout strike due to deadlocked worker contract negotiations. Those 72 hours are up on Monday, May 1, which has 21,000 workers expected to go on strike. “AT&T thinks they can play by their

Parents Abusing Kids For Views On Youtube Channel Goes Viral

By Grant M. Deltz The parent-ran Youtube channel DaddyOFive went viral after it’s videos were exposed as exploiting their children’s pain for views. There are videos including the father pushing his son into a shelf, punching him, and joining his wife in cursing at the child all for a “prank.” Below are videos made by Youtube personality Phillip