Snapchat Miniskirt Video Highlights Dangers of Feminism in Saudi Arabia

Recently, a snapchat user posted a video of a woman walking though the Saudi Arabian city of Ushayqir in ~gasp~ a miniskirt and a crop top. Outrage sparked an investigation, and she’s since been found, arrested and detained for the crime by the mutaween (Islamic Religious Police). The woman, who on snapchat goes by the name “Khulood”,

With ACA Repeal, Democracy Would Provide Politicians the Incentive to Oppose Voters

Politics is only a team sport if the end goal is winning elections rather than changing public policy. Certainly, electoral gains by one party or another can be a means towards an end, but the only people filled with incentives to see it as an end in and of itself are politicians. The fact that

Communists in China are Afraid of Winnie the Pooh

Chinese censors have set their sights on Winnie the Pooh, or “Little Bear Winnie”, as he’s known there. Searches and comments with references to him, have been blocked with the error message “this content is illegal.” Although the Chinese government hasn’t given an official reason, censorship in China is used almost exclusively to protect the

Defunding Planned Parenthood is the Pro-Choice Position

I intentionally avoid the abortion debate. As I’ve said before, it’s the one political argument that you can never win, where the actual facts don’t matter, and it’s likely to produce anger and frustration even among people who are comfortable debating any other political topic. Whether one views the fetus as a baby, a clump

Anarchy, Minarchy, and Pragmatism: Practical Solutions

The Libertarian banner is a broad one. Many who fit the label fit the Libertarian Party platform as well, but we all know an anarchist and or might even see the merits of anarchy ourselves. In the American tradition, the entire reason that governments justly exist is to preserve and protect the rights of the

Machine Narcs on Human, Possibly Saves a Woman’s Life

A machine called the cops on a human the other day. In it’s defense, it was merely responding to the command of a human. Strike that– it was responding to what it perceived the human’s command to be, but it interpreted it in an unintended way. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which

Manning Opines Incoherently and with Emojis on Taxes, Responsibility, and the Wealthy

I respect Chelsea Manning, I really do.  I was defending her back when she was Bradley, for trying to bring transparency to what he viewed as immoral actions by our government.  There’s a lot of article to go into whether or not he went about it exactly the right way, or how much value the

LP Chairman Extols Party Tithes

“I think coercive taxation is theft, and government has a moral duty to keep it to a minimum”  –William Weld In libertarian circles, that quote is near universally agreed upon. The only real detractors to the sentiment would take issue with “minimum” taxation rather than “zero” or “strictly voluntary” taxation. Personally, I’m in full agreement

Chicago’s Bag Tax Fails To Generate Expected Revenue, Because Humans Respond To Incentives

A few months ago, my wife and I drove down to Chicago for a Young Americans for Liberty conference.  As always, we were running a little late, and late enough not to have eaten first.  We ended up sneaking out partway through for a snack at the closest place we could find: a local convenience

A Libertarian Case For a Gas Tax

Stereotypically, taxes are the only things libertarians hate more than muh roads, communism, and prohibition. Hating on taxes is right up there with loving on guns, bacon, bitcoin, and homesteading. Hell, the most recognizable and successful marketing gimmick that we’ve used in years is the phrase “taxation is theft,” overused to the point where “taxes