Trump Would Cut Immigrant Numbers Only In Half, Because Some, He Assumes, Are Good People

During the recent attempts at ACA overhaul, Donald Trump was shown just how fragile Republican control in the Senate actually is. Presuming a unified Democrat opposition, Republicans can stand only two defections in order for Mike Pence to break a tie. So what’s the next bill the POTUS wants Congress to consider? He wants to

Political Tendencies are Healthier than Political Dogma

By Gary Doan Far be it from us to decry personal spiritual fervor, but for some, the moral inambiguity implicit in deviation from self-defined religious principles has bled into nearly all worldly belief systems as well. Religious dogma often mandates strict adherence to it’s comprehensive belief structure for adherents, at least as a matter of

Cory Booker Introduces Doomed Pot Legalization Bill

Yesterday, Senator Cory Booker unveiled his proposed bill to completely end federal pot prohibition. Such a policy has support of, according to Gallop, roughly 60% of Americans and growing. It also has about as much chance at passing this session as Gary Johnson had of winning the electoral college. It’s said that politics is a

Putin Cuts 755 Non-essential US Government Jobs

Over the weekend, Vladimir Putin made it official. He announced that he’s planning to expel 755 US diplomatic workers from his country, in response to sanctions that a rare unified Congress passed late last week. The number 755 (out of over 1200) was reached by equalizing our allowable diplomatic limits, after Obama expelled Russian diplomats

Glenn “Kane” Jacobs Talks to Liberty Viral About His Run For Mayor

You may know him from his persona of “Kane” in the WWE, but Glenn Jacobs is running for office. Hopefully, he’ll take a Big Boot, Chokeslam, Flying Clothesline, Sidewalk Slam, Throat Thrust, Tilt-a-Whirl Slam, and Tombstone Piledriver to government. The following is from our interview with Glenn Jacobs… LV: You’re currently running for mayor of

Beware of Bipartisanship, Deception Regarding Russia, North Korea and Iran

There are very few times that Congress has acted in a unified way on much of anything of any importance in my lifetime. Striking back after September 11th, sure. Unfortunately, on a couple of issues like the original passage of the Patriot Act that were also responses to national tragedy. But there’s generally gut-reaction war

Trump’s Transgender Ban Has Nothing To Do With “Tremendous” Costs

When Trump announced this week, via Twitter and without conferring with the Department of Defense about specifics first, his intention to bar transgender individuals from military service, he did offer a rationale. He did not crouch it in moralistic or religious terms from some kind of social conservative worldview. He did not make a sociological

I, Xennial– The New Generation Born Between 1977 and 1983

An Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne, Dan Woodman, has created an entirely new generation by labeling and defining it himself. Depending on who decides which dates bookend generations, I’m either 1. A grey-beard millennial, one of the first of my kind, or 2. One of the youngest members of generation X,

Stubbs the Cat, Mayor of Small Alaskan Town, Tragically Dies at 20

Written by Gary Doan When Oprah Winfrey labeled Rudy Giuliani “America’s Mayor” shortly after the attacks of September 11th, she was, as she is often, wrong. In fact, there was at the time another mayor, even more profoundly American than Rudy, who just happened to be mayor of New York at a pivotal moment in

Congressman Proposes Firearm Duel with Senators to Settle Political Differences, if Only They Were Texan and Male

“Some of the people that are opposed to this, there are female Senators from the Northeast… if it was a guy from South Texas, I might ask him to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr style.” –Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold, speaking to a local radio talk show on Friday. This was a portion of