[Watch] Woman Puts Her Racist Feels Above Her Child’s Health – WHITE PEOPLE ONLY

At what point does a guardian lose their mandate over a minor in their protection? Do people have an unspoken and non-legal obligation to have manners? At a walk-in clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, in Canada, a woman was videotaped attempting to secure care for her child under the stipulation that the caregiver be of her

The Solar Wall: Trump’s Public Works Project Just Got… Greener?

Let’s face facts; Trump’s wall is in trouble. From the birth of the hairbrained border control idea to when our soon-to-be president pinned the bill on Mexico, the Trump Wall has been obviously more of a populist talking point than a viable security plan. As reported by Politico, the president himself suggested the idea of

ISIS Takes Over Government Websites

A “hacking” group going by the name “Team System DZ” pulled off, what must be to them, another major victory. On Sunday, the team managed to infect a few easily accessible government information sites to show poorly written Islamic State propaganda instead of their typically unseen and underutilized public information. Let’s be clear here, this

Johnny Depp Seems to Threaten to Assassinate Donald Trump… or at Least Encourages Others To Do So [WATCH]

While at a drive-in showing of his 2004 movie, The Libertine, a movie that ironically would come to represent the direction in life Depp is taking, the movie star made some very politically incorrect remarks. At a movie about a debotcherous eccentric who lived fast and quickly arrived at his early grave, the “Pirates of the

Good News: You Might Be Able to Punch 128 Year Old Hitler!

You read that right. Adolf Hitler, widely regarded as one of the most depraved genocidal racists ever to walk the earth, might still be breathing in Argentina. This is not the History channel’s “Hunting Hitler” or any such conspiracy. This story was originally reported by an Argentinian news source after a 128 year old naturalized

NASA Discovers More Possibly Habitable Planets

Good News! NASA scientists have found over 200 potential planets in their most recent search, of which almost 5% might be habitable. Ten rocky planets have been identified within the habitable zone of their stars in Kepler’s most recent sweep of space. In the dark expanse near the top, or left wing, of the bird-like

SCOTUS Rules 8-0 In Favor of Offensive Speech

Good News! After a grueling eight year legal battle that has consumed the band and attracted the attention of the nation’s highest court, all Asian American synthpop-punk group, The Slants, will be able to rock under their chosen moniker. All eight current members of the court affirmed the right of the band to re-appropriate the term

What to Know About the Alexandria Shooting Congressional Baseball Practice

Multiple are shot today in Alexandria, Virginia, across the river from Washington D.C. Congressman Steve Scalise, the House majority whip is in critical condition. U.S. Capitol Police members and a congressional staffer are also injured. Some witnesses say they heard 50 plus shots fired in two minutes from the gunman before the Alexandria Police arrived. Alexandria

Puerto Rico’s Halfhearted Statehood Bid and What Happens Next

Last weekend, on the 100th anniversary of Puerto Rican citizenship, a referendum for statehood was held in the manner typical of U.S. territorial transition to statehood. Less than a quarter of the population voted, but those that did did so overwhelmingly for citizenship. In 2012 a similar referendum was posed but, of the nearly two

The Strange Case of Reality Winner and The Russia Connection

The 25-year-old defense contractor with top-secret security clearance has been charged with espionage after she leaked a five page NSA report to the news organization, The Intercept this week. Reality Lee Winner was arrested very quickly after the Intercept article went live prompting questions about journalistic ethics. When The Intercept corroborated the document with the NSA, apparently they