‘Hate Facts’ – Yes, People Are Now Using That Term

Written by Michael Liccione It’s commonly said that a fact is what’s expressible by a statement that is “proven” to be true—e.g. statements such as “2+2=4” and “the Pacific is the earth’s largest ocean”—whereas opinions lack proof even when they happen to be true. Yet in an era when more and more reality is weaponized for

These 6 GOP Senators Voted to Repeal Obamacare in 2015—But Voted to Keep it in 2017

Six Senate Republicans who helped sink a ‘clean repeal’ of Obamacare this week had voted for a full repeal of the law in 2015. In 2015, eager to send a political message, the U.S. Senate passed a bill that would have repealed most of Obamacare’s regulations and taxes. The legislation garnered 52 “aye” votes, but

Death Extremely Common Near Clintons; Two More Bite The Dust

Written by  Your Third Choice Follow on Twitter: @YourThirdChoice There have been a litany of accusations leveled at the Clintons since the 90’s that, if believed, make the political careers of Bill and Hillary sound more like House of Cards plots than bureaucratic resumes. If it is true that “where there is smoke there is fire,”

The Repeal Question and National Healthcare Legislation: The Great Entitlement

Written by Keith Hanson Repeal and Replace? Maintain and Enhance? Or Repeal, Pause and Listen? For seven years one of the often-heard phrases in American politics has been, “Repeal and Replace.” This week, the Senate considered yet another procedural step on the circuitous path that the repeal and replace caravan has taken since the 115th

Communist Clubs Are Sprouting Up in U.S. High Schools Again

Students at Edina High School in Minnesota say they received an unusual invitation over the loudspeakers on a cold January morning earlier this year. The announcement was not related to a school play, a pledge drive, or a bake sale. Rather, it was an invitation to join the school’s newly-created student-led group: the Young Marxists

Nearly Half of Republicans Reject Freedom of the Press

Have you ever wondered what America’s pet peeve is? Based on the last year alone, I would wager it is media bias. After all, one can’t swing a dead cat these days without hearing about some form of “fake news” or reading an article with a clear political agenda. The fact that Americans are sick

Higher Wages Don’t Improve Teacher Quality, Left-Leaning Think Tank Finds

To paraphrase Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a teacher is the most important component of a child’s education. As a result of this acknowledgement, conventional wisdom seems to indicate that the way to attract and retain effective, high-quality teachers is through lucrative salaries. But surprisingly, that may not be the case.

Pet-Sitting Kids May Now Get Slapped with Fine

I got my first job offer around age nine. It was for the illustrious position of “cat-sitter” and lasted for a handful of days while my neighbors were on vacation. The venture was successful, and for the next several years I poked my head through their hydrangea bushes and slipped in the back door countless

5-Year-Old Fined $200 … for Selling Lemonade

On summer evenings when I drive home from work, I often see small children selling lemonade in my neighborhood. Most of the time I honk my horn and wave, but occasionally I’ll pull up and purchase a cup, usually for 25 cents. I happen to like lemonade, but that’s usually not my primary motivation for

Star Wars Actor Rips Game of Thrones: ‘No Black People’

In a recent interview with GQ, Star Wars actor John Boyega took a shot at HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, decrying a lack of black actors in the show. “There are no black people on Game of Thrones,” said Boyega, who directed a similar complaint at Lord of the Rings. “I ain’t paying money