CIA Hints at Regime Change in Venezuela Amidst Internal Chaos

As if the Venezuelans didn’t have enough to worry about. Dealing with the effects of the socialist Venezuelan government’s interventionist policies has burdened the populace to its breaking point. The Central Intelligence Agency is now hinting it will add more to their plate by intervening deeper into Venezuelan affairs. The CIA has been clear about U.S.

Pentagon Sends Weapons to Fake Federal Agency

As if there weren’t already too many reasons to distrust the United States’ government’s discretion with weapons of war, a federal agency has found that our bureaucrats can and will give weapons to just about anyone. A government watchdog group called the Government Accountability Office (GAO) produced a report highlighting a Department of Defense program’s

From A Redesigned “Inclusive” Flag to Stopping Parades, How the LGBT Community Tears Itself Apart

As a gay man, I was under the impression that the Pride Flag Covered everyone under the rainbow, but I guess Philadelphia activists who redesigned the Pride Flag to make it more “inclusive” for LGBT POC didn’t get that memo. The black and brown stripes added to the Pride Flag at Philadelphia was aimed at

Fashion and Politics, The Collision of Two Worlds that Birthed a Market in North Korea

Hardly any inside of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea know what truly lies outside their world which guards itself from foreign eyes. With hardly any communication and extremely limited trade and tight sanctions, it’s a wonder how markets still operate. Markets that could bring voluntary interactions between cooperating individuals, form friendships, exchange goods and

Civilians Killed By U.S. Airstrikes Rise While Investigations Into Their Deaths Don’t

In March of 2017, the U.S led coalition stated that it would look into an airstrike that, according to the local civil defense officials, had reportedly killed around 200 civilians in the West Mosul neighbourhood of Aghawat Jadidah. U.S. Army Col. Joe Scrocca, a Baghdad-based spokesman for the coalition, at the time stated that the

Creator of Rainbow Flag Passes Away at 65

The creator of the Rainbow Flag which ultimately became an iconic symbol of the LGBT community, Gilbert Baker, has passed away at the age of 65, according to his long-time friend, Cleve Jones, who confirmed the news of his friend’s sudden death, though information on exactly how the LGBT-civil rights activist had died has not

Florida Homeowner Informed to Remove “Racist” Blue Lives Matter flag.

A St. John County resident received a troubling letter detailing of a complaint over her Blue Lives Matter flag that has been displayed outside her house for years and decided to fight against her homeowner’s association. Jeff Gaddie, detailing the events of his daughter’s letter from the homeowner’s association, stated that the complaint was reported

SC Bill Would Legalize Gambling to Pay For Roads

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Who’s gonna build the roooaads? Well, one SC lawmaker has an idea. Enter Rep. Todd Rutherford, D-Columbia, who introduced a bill to legalize gambling which included a constitutional amendment question for the 2018 ballot asking voters if they desire to bet on horses and allow casinos in order to avoid

Catholics Find New App to Confess Their Sins

By: Mark Gage Need to confess your sins but can’t find a priest? There’s an app for that. According to the Telegraph, “Confesor GO detects a user’s location and shows the location of priests around them who are ready to listen to their sins as well as the shortest route to get to him. It

Dead Man Lay Inside SUV Piled With Parking Tickets

Written by Mark Gage While local police issued parking tickets on an Isuzu Axiom for four days, not too far from the Broward County Courthouse, the body of Jacob Morpeau, 62, of Miami, lay dead inside his vehicle. The Sun Sentinel reports: “Citations were issued to the Isuzu at 7:39 a.m. Saturday, Nov., 12, and again