Scorned Ex Invents Worst Protest Strategy: Cop-Assisted Self-Immolation

Out of all the stories I’ve heard about idiots dealing with the police, this one pretty much wins. An Arlington Texas man was going through a divorce and decided to do what most people with daddy issues do- something very irrational. As if still a teenager, this man tried to stop his significant other from

Don’t Let Race be a Factor in Your Life Decisions

Written by Nathaniel Cole There are many people here in the U.S. that have these misconceptions in their mind that they can’t go somewhere or do something because it’s “off limits” because of the color of their skin. As someone who has lived in the American ghetto most of his life, is African American, and has had to frequently go to

Turning Chicago from the Worst City to the Best City in America

Written by Nathaniel Cole A few weeks ago President Donald Trump sent 20 AFT agents in to Chicago so they could help with the illegal firearms coming in to the city. Is this really going to stop anything? To put it simply: no, it will not stop anything. As we all know Chicago, Illinois is