Bernie Sanders Calls for Free-Market Capitalism [VIDEO]

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Written by Jeff Caldwell, II

Yesterday United States Senator, Bernie Sanders, uploaded a video calling for free-market capitalism.

The headline of the video reads,

“We can import lettuce and tomatoes from farms all over the world, but somehow we cannot re-import from Canada brand name prescription drugs. That is why Americans are paying the highest prices in the world for their medications.”

Former presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and owner of the online magazine “The Libertarian Republic,” Austin Petersen hit the nail on the head during his podcast yesterday. Petersen stated,

“These big corporatists will make millions off of a system, and then what they want to do is once they climb the ladder to wealth and prosperity, they want to lift up the ladder so the rest of us won’t have the ability to compete with them.”

The big pharmaceutical companies fear free markets because their biggest fear is competition. They fund political campaigns and lobbyists in order to implement laws that create restrictions within the market place in order to keep the small person down.

View Petersen’s episode about how Globalism benefits the poor here:

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