Best Libertarian Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas

By: Grant M. Deltz

This Fathers Day, give a gift that screams liberty. However, this could be tricky should you be forced to pay sales tax, I mean theft. Let’s take a look!

 5.) “Taxation is Theft” merchandise

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Libertarians are stylish, just ask Vermin Supreme. There is no better fashion statement for a Libertarian than one that exposes taxation for what it really is… cold, hard theft. Another option would include having “Abolish the IRS” written on the back of a shirt.

 4.) Any Ron Paul Book

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The books above are both notable as well as personal recommendations. Dr. Paul being the “Champion of Liberty,” or conveniently the “Father of the Movement,” is a great embodiment of of what freedom should think and act like.

3.) A Gun


Who knows how much longer giving a firearm as a gift (let alone purchasing one as a law-abiding citizen) could be an option? Also, celebrating the 2nd Amendment is a great American pastime. Pops would love it! If it’s for hunting, concealed carry, open carry, forming a militia, taking selfies with, or home defense, let him know that you support his rights bestowed upon him in the Constitution for whatever purpose he should decide.

2.) A Pocket Constitution


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This gives him a hard copy of his rights to display to those who may seek to infringe upon them. When police ask for a warrant, just whip this bad boy out; there’s nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline you get from bragging about your enumerated rights. This gift was originally constructed in 1776, but don’t worry, this is of the highest quality (plus it’s vintage). This is the law of the land and the cornerstone of freedom. ‘Merica.

1.) Take Him to a Revolutionary War Reenactment



What better way to make your patriot feel appreciated and like he’s among friends than to take him to a military reenactment of the Revolutionary War? It’s like Independence Day, but in real life. With muskets. And dead Brits. Can’t get much better than that, right?