Bill to Privatize College Drafted Following SJW Takeover

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Washington State House Representative Matt Manweller introduced a bill to privatize Evergreen State College following an incident with social justice warrior protesters. From Representative Manweller’s press release:

“These so-called campus activists want to set us back 50 years to the days of segregation. Threats have been made and it is deeply concerning, especially when the college president said he is ‘grateful’ for the ‘passion and courage’ demonstrated by students responsible for what is happening. We should not be spending taxpayer dollars on a public institution that condones and encourages this type of behavior. The state has plenty of other higher education institutions we can focus our resources on where students are interested in learning and the faculty is committed to actual academics.”

Washington State House Bill HB 2221 would require the college to draft a plan by 2018 to transition into a Private University over a five year period.

A video compilation of the incident recently went viral, showing the students trapping faculty in a room, not allowing them to leave or use the restroom. The protesters made demands like abolishing homework for minority students and potlucks paid for personally by the faculty.

Watch the video below:

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  • Dennis Victor

    The Lunatics took over the asylum. Not surprising with the fascist tactics of today’s typical liberal activist.