Transgender YouTube Star Receives Death Threats For Being Libertarian

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By: Daniel Kyle

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Meet Blaire White, the libertarian transgender woman who is blowing up the internet. She’s been a critic of third wave feminism, the epidemic of BLM and the left’s agenda with the LGBT community in defining (ironically) Transgenderism. Blaire found plenty of support when it came to expressing her transgendered feelings, however, when she presented others with her political views, she found many were more than willing to abandon her. Perhaps without surprise, liberal groups supposedly loyal to the LBGT community such as feminists and BLM activists were quick to oppress her, to include doxing.


blaire BLM threats


That’s right. Blaire had to shut down many of her social media sites because of multiple credible doxing threats on her and her family. After doing so, Blaire made a post (below) to inform her followers. Doxing is when someone grabs your information and spreads it with malicious intent to attempt to cause harm to those persons.

Seems like a double standard? You could not be more correct. Feminists fighting for women rights? Well, not if you are a transgendered woman who disagrees with you. BLM fighting for reduced violence in their streets? Well, again, not if you disagree with them. With the (not so) “liberal” Left, they would be standard-less without double standards. Just like Milo Yiannopoulos, Blaire agrees that the liberal movements have abandoned the LGBT community.


Blaire Notice of Leave Due to Doxing


Blaire also appeared on Info Wars and explained the doxing that had happened. Blaire has reiterated that LGBT persons like herself are simply tired of the left telling them how to think and vote. The intolerant regressive left and its league of SJWs seem to only care about the LGBT community when they are expressing the agenda. Blaire and the Host Paul Watson joked that coming out has taking on a whole new meaning. The Left doesn’t understand that one of their sacred protected classes could actually be libertarian or conservative leaning. Where it used to be socially jarring to come out as gay or transgender it is now those who defy the status quo with their free minded views that drive liberals mad enough to gang up in tribal attacks against dissenters.



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  • Chris Claypoole

    Sad situation. Good luck to Blaire!

    • Danny Kyle

      She’s a strong woman! lol thanks Chris!