Bomb Squad Builds Chirping Easter Eggs For Blind Children

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Today I took my children on an Easter Egg hunt. We went down to the local park, and I hid the easter eggs around the woods while they played on the playground. My son was so thrilled with it, that when it was over, he dumped his eggs out of his basket and told me to hide them again.

That’s one of the simple joys of being a parent that I’ve come to learn over these last few years. For some, however, it’s not that simple. For kids that are visually impaired, it’s an experience they don’t have. Rather than a moment of joy for the parents like me, it’s a moment of pain for them.

The Bomb Squad in Albuquerque, NM decided to defuse this situation.

KQRE 13 News in Albuquerque reported that members of Bomb Squad and the Air Force came together and put wires together rather than cut them. They built chirping devices and wired them into plastic Easter Eggs to make eggs that children could hear. The event took place on Saturday morning at Bullhead Memorial Park.

Air Force Tech Sgt John Johnson had heard about a similar event in South Carolina and wondered if there was a need for that in Albuquerque. He told KQRE that he received a lot of positive feedback and excitement for the idea, and put together a 25 person assembly team.

Adam Buckner, the parent of a son with Cri Du Chat Syndrome, teared up as he explained that these kids just want to be normal. He’s grateful that the community is thinking about children like his with special needs.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Bomb Squad and the Air Force, an event was put into place for 200 children who needed to be able to hear the Easter Eggs to find them. The children were overjoyed being able to participate finally. The parents got that simple joy moment. But even that’s not so simple. It must be meaningful in a way I’ll never understand.

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