*BREAKING* CNN Airs “Officer’s Side Of The Story” In Ferguson Shooting

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CNN aired an interview on local radio in Ferguson, Missouri from a person who claims to know the shooting police officer Darren Wilson’s account of what happened.

CNN reported that there is an eyewitness account which corroborates Wilson’s side of the story and the audio below details why the officer may have been telling the truth about the shooting being an act of self-defense, as well as the fact that Mike Brown may have been tracked as a suspect in a robbery which occurred earlier in the day.

The account claims that Officer Wilson stopped Brown due to possibly seeing the teen carrying cigars. Officer Wilson told them to get out of the street. He pulled over and when he tried to get out of the car, twice, he was pushed back into his cruiser twice. Michael then punched him in the face and Darren reached for his gun, whereupon Michael grabbed the gun and a struggle ensued. Michael ran and Officer Wilson allegedly pursued, yelling at him to freeze. Michael then turned around, taunted the officer and saying that he wouldn’t shoot him. Brown then reportedly bum rushed the officer, whereupon Officer Wilson was forced to shoot.

The Radio Interview:

Shares 579
  • Ragman69

    How about the rest of the interview? I didn’t get to hear what the lawyer on the left of the screen had to say. Doesn’t fit your narrative CNN?

  • Travis Badjib

    So…..for over a week now….there have been riots, lootings, and violence running rampant in this town….over a gang banger thug getting shot because he assaulted a police officer, attempted to flee, and when that didn’t work turned and got ready to assault an officer again……what a great reason for civil unrest! How about next time a MS-13 member kills a Blood or whatever the community rises up, and riots for a week!


      Dats asphalt apes fo ya !

  • JustAnotherJoe10

    Wasn’t CNN one of the media outlets who published the address of the police officer? Only now you want the officer’s story? And you wonder, CNN, why your ratings are in the toilet…

  • hromano1030

    Anybody believe this horseshit?

    • Chap Widdershins

      Yeah the guy is a thug who attacked a cop not long after he attacked a convenience story owner over a box of swisher sweets. Michael Brown was a piece of crap who would have been killed one way or another. The only thing that’s good about this for the black community is that this gives them an excuse to upgrade their electronics. This was done in ’92 when that crack head Rodney King got his ass beat for trying to take on 5 police officers while on PCP. It’s not like these guys don’t have good judgement or anything…

      ‘Cause they don’t. They are idiots.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    killer cop Darren Wilson has been coached and prepped for a full week. nothing he says will be credible

    no decent American will believe him

    • reason

      Ha. And we’re supposed to believe Mike Brown’s accomplice in the robbery and possibly the assault is telling a more accurate version of the story?

      • Alexander Vucelic

        since the advent of widespread video taping of cops y Amerucans – It is established that cops lie always.

        barely 1/3 of Americans trust cops, decent Americans will trust their fellow Amerucan instead of a self serving liar cop

        • Travis Badjib

          So….you’re saying that we should be sad a gang banger got shot? must suck in your world, cause those get shot everyday, and 99% of the time its by other gang bangers

          • Alexander Vucelic

            Travis ,

            do you hate America values ? maybe you should move to North Korea; you’d be much happier there.

          • Travis Badjib

            No, I don’t, but I am also not going to cry over a thug getting shot, did he deserve it? who knows, you sure as hell don’t, but you are accusing and officer of lying about making the ultimate decision, a decision that will haunt him the rest of his life, so do i find you to be a particularly smart or pleasant individual? absolutely not.

          • Alexander Vucelic

            the killer cop should be treated like any American – thrown in jail until trial

          • Travis Badjib

            Actually, you are only thrown in jail once they are fairly sure they have a case against you, you can’t be held without first being charged, and as of yet he hasn’t been charged with anything, and considering his injuries, I will go with justified for sure, if someone assaulted me to the point of my having cracked eye sockets you can bet your ass that if I have a gun and they come back at me that they are getting shot, that coupled with the fact that he got hit by so many shots, that were shot fairly erratically(if this was a calm, shoot because I want to shoot the grouping would have been significantly better).

          • Alexander Vucelic

            the difficulty with this argument is it is contradicted by videos and witnesses.

            1) kids walking in middle of quiet street summer afternoon

            2) guy drives up angry yelling ‘get out of the f’g street’

            3) kids ignore angry guy

            4) angry guy opens car door and tries to hit kids with car door

            5) angry guy grabs one kid and tries to pull him through door window (?)

            6) angry guy whips out revolver accidentally pulls trigger firing into his car

            7) kids try to walk away from angry crazy guy

            8) angry guy fires wildly at kids, hitting one in the arm

            9) kid turns around hands up goes on knees begging for his life ‘don’t shoot’

            10) angry guy fires a few more rounds in wild panic since rounds only hits kids upraised arms

            11) kid falls down

            12) angry guy steps over to kid, stands over kid and shoots execution execution style into kids head.

            13) angry guys buddies confiscate cell phones of Americans who were filming and intimidate witnesses

            yup – it really is a complicated situation full of nuance and subtlety that only experts could possibly unravel

          • Travis Badjib

            So you believe the discredited witnesses? Yes very smart trust CRIMINALs to tell the truth over the Police. I mean the retard oozes from the blatant lies his friends told.

            1) Why in the hell would a Police officer attempt to pull someone through the window of his patrol car? If you believe this you are not only stupid, you’re flat out retarded.

            2). Where did the injuries the officer got come from? Did he ram himself face first into a brick wall repeatedly to simulate an assault? Doubt it

            3) such internal investigations are handled by Internal Affairs detectives, NOT street police and/or regular detectives

            4). Seizing recording devices is a perfectly logical attempt to gather evidence

            5). Asking people not to talk about it in an attempt to prevent current events, another logical attempt at keeping things calm till the investigation is complete(technically all the people who have spread these rumors should be arrested for inciting a riot)

            So stop being stupid and learn protocol you frotwit

          • Alexander Vucelic


            illuminating that ‘protocol’ for a cop is Completly different than for an American.

            why do you believe badges grant extra rights ?

            why do you believe jaywalking is a capital crime ?

            why do you believe cops over Americans ?

            why are cops hiding evidence ?

          • Travis Badjib

            Ha, some libertarian site, deleted me disproving everything you claim, and making you look stupid, oh well, i guess they didn’t want your feelings to be hurt.

            Protocol is not any different, Innocent until proven Guilty is the law of the land, since they haven’t leveled charges he must be innocent, and even if they do level charges he is still innocent till a jury of his piers find him guilty

            I don’t, but then I’ve already said that several times so clearly you don’t read

            Jaywalking – crossing the street recklessly/illegally, ergo they weren’t jaywalking based on Michael’s accomplice’s own testimony, where he claimed they were “walking down the middle of the road”, have you ever heard of sidewalks?

            I will choose Hard facts over Cops every time, unfortunetly in this case we have criminals claiming that the cops did wrong, I wonder how many times that happens on a daily basis

            Do you even understand the investigative process? Like at all? No seriously do you? You don’t start up an investigation, not have any charges leveled and then hand the public “all” the evidence, a 5th grader could tell you that. They are still investigating, so seriously, stop being stupid

            Side note you do realize that this investigation was turned over to the State Police/FBI right? And that said SP’s and FBI agents have no affiliation with this PD or PO, or was that not obvious to you?

            Glad i could clear up your ignorance

          • Alexander Vucelic


            I know if a American emptyied his pistol into a unarmed teenager, he’d be held without bail into trial.

            here is a good link to witness reports from first day.

          • Travis Badjib

            Except he was assaulted, I don’t know about your a** backwards state, but here in mine if someone is assaulting you and you fear for your life you have every right to defend yourself just as the Constitution says.

          • Alexander Vucelic


            cop logic again – you guys are so delusional and paranoid.

            the only assault that took place was Wilson assaulting Brown. there is no dispute that Wilsin hit Brown with his car door. There is no dispute that Wilson then violently grabbed Brown.

            you should read Will Griggs ProLibertate blog – it might clear up some misconceptions

          • Travis Badjib

            1stly, not a cop, frotwit.

            2ndly, The Constitution grants one the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness, and in South Dakota it is perfectly legal to defend those rights with lethal force if you feel your life is threatened

            3rdly, what information are you going off of? Last I checked even the whack jobs at CNN have abandoned these wild theories you seem to be referring too

            4thly, Ah I see you are reading someone’s blog and not listening to people who actually get their facts straight before they speak, bet this person doesn’t even know where Ferguson is

            5thly, so Wilson assaulted Brown and broke his own orbital, brilliant deduction there, and then all the people who know Wilson, and say there is no way he would just shoot someone must not know him at all eh?

            6thly, the grouping of the bullets makes no sense for a “random” shooting by a trained professional, you don’t shoot someone in the arm to kill them

          • Alexander Vucelic


            ‘trained professional’ ?

            too funny,

            cops are just about the most undisciplined shooters on earth. They are notorious for firing on a crazed panic ‘spray and pray’ is most cops motto.

            last year 20% of cops who died from gunfire were killed by other cops.

            Darren Wilson simply needs to be treated like any other person who emptied his pistol execution style in a unarmed American. held without bail until he gets a trial.

            al his employment records should be public, his club affiliations public: just like any other criminal

            badges do not grant extra rights

          • Travis Badjib

            I have now accepted that you are an idiot, I will not respond further because unfortunetly for you there is no cure for idiocy as of yet, hopefully one day they will find a cure for it, because on that day Democrats and Republicans will become extinct.

            Invasion of Privacy is illegal,

            Execution style would be point blank, gun to your head,

            and last I checked Darren is in Protective Custody, which is essentially jail, but no he doesn’t need to be in physical jail because THE OTHER INMATES WOULD KILL HIM stupid.

            And again you reiterate arguments that I not only invalidated 2 days ago, but were invalidated from the get go, and you post statistics with absolutely no reference to where you found the number, so here’s one for you 100% of all idiots don’t realize they are idiots, so sorry I burst your denial bubble above, but you’re an idiot.

          • Travis Badjib

            And before you read the post below, you say he “shot him execution style”, How many executions have you seen where the executioner says “I know, lets shoot him in the arm first, then the shoulder, then the face, and then lastly in the top of the head….yeah that’s the best way to do it”. I mean do you even know how guns or gun training work? Do you even begin to realize how people who use guns in self defense think?! Probably not as you are incapable of thinking.

          • Alexander Vucelic

            standing over a prone victim
            lieing in the street with 5 rounds already in him and firing directly into victims skull is execution style

            as for the wild pattern of rounds – easy, it was a cop shooting. cowards firing in blind panic.

          • Travis Badjib


            Except there is no shot that makes sense for that, the shot to the top of the head doesnt, and the shot to the eye doesn’t given how the victim would have had to fall in order to get shot in the top of the head, not to mention the “if he was already shot in the head, he was probably already dead, so why do it?” which is the most obvious logic flaw to your stupidity.


          • Travis Badjib

            And you know what while I am undoing the stupidity of the admins on this site, lets go over those theories shall we?

            1st, the Cop has easily visible injuries, is there video of him doing it to himself? I haven’t seen any

            2nd the bullet pattern doesn’t fit with a “I’m going to kill for the sake of killing

            3rd No Cop(or anyone for that matter) would ever attempt to pull someone through their car window in an attempt to detain them lawfully or otherwise(if you don’t believe me invite a friend over and give it a try, you’ll see that not only from a seated position do you not have any leverage at all, but that the human body is incapable of fitting through that hole UNLESS the person is leaning through the window)

            4th The cop attempted to hit the suspect with his car door, now that is just stupid, watch any episode of Cops/Alaska State Troopers/Border Wars where they pull their car up to someone who is fleeing on foot, they always pull as close as they can so they don’t have to run as far, saving energy just in case they need to wrestle with the suspect to get them in handcuffs.

            5th not only is 4th stupid for the reason listed above but it is also stupid for the fact that he could have just rammed him with the push bar, which would have been less risky for himself, 2ndly you don’t assault someone with a car door.

    • ForTehNguyen

      yea because he gave himself a fractured orbital

      • Alexander Vucelic


        there are a couple of videos circulating in public domain that show the unharmed killer cop Darren Wilson calmly walking around his innocent victim.

        Darren Wilson obviously had some serious mental issues. he tried to hit the 2 kids with his car door. He seriously thought that jaywalking is a capital crime.

        • Travis Badjib

          Links to said videos or they don’t exists, I bet they are low quality, garbage taken from a security camera that was installed 27 years ago

  • Flybynight

    Wonder if they’ve checked for a bullet hole in the cop car where the gun went off the first time according to her report.

  • William Kananen

    Never expected CNN to attempt being fair and balanced.