BREAKING NEWS: LibertyViral is Alternative Facts

Written by Jimmy Mahaney


In an earlier article posted by LibertyViral’s very own Crystal Byrd claimed that Liberty Viral is fake news. See: “Breaking: Liberty Viral is Fake News.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Liberty Viral is only alternative facts.

In that article, it was claimed that it was not McDonald’s that took a swipe and President Trump on Twitter but only McDonald’s Twitter account.

So what are the real facts?

Well, Twitter accounts don’t just become self-aware, let’s be real people. After some digging, the Tweet that went after Trump was actually written by McDonald’s very own Grimace.

So it is safe to say that McDonald’s did, in fact, take a swing at Donald Trump. Grimace was recently spotted having a meeting with President Trump at Trump Tower. Not very much is known about the meeting. What we do know however is that in an attempt to gain support from people of color Trump made some distasteful remarks about purple chicken nuggets.

Grimace then decided to take it out against the president on Twitter. Because of his actions, the Tweet was not only deleted but also caused McDonald’s to fire Grimace from his job.