BREAKING: Liberty Viral is Fake News

In an unusual and wildly unexpected event, the popular Libertarian culture and news site Liberty Viral has broken the story that Liberty Viral is in fact, fake news.

Meme and satire lovers across the internet expressed their disappointment and outrage when Liberty Viral recently reported that McDonald’s took a swipe at President Trump. Rightfully, readers pointed out that it was actually McDonald’s Twitter account that took the swipe and not Ronald McDonald himself.

This distinction is so important when it comes to journalistic integrity because Ronald McDonald could very well have a decent slander case. It is vital that as a news source Liberty Viral go above and beyond to verify the veracity of their stories. Nobody likes a liar, liar, pants on fire and the internet made sure that editor in chief Jennifer Giorgi knew it.

Ms. Giorgi has been relentlessly harassed by Ronald McDonald’s defenders claiming she should have specified that it was the McDonald’s twitter account, and not the clown himself who insulted the president. Ms. Giorgi was unavailable for interview, but assured us that she wasn’t giving up. She would told us by email that she would “persevere, I refuse to let these people get to me. Liberty Viral will continue to serve our readers with our quirky and unique blend of legitimacy and clickbait.”

We can only hope from here on out that Liberty Viral will take it’s role as a provider of memes, satire, and news more seriously. Perhaps they can look to larger, more successful media outlets like MSNBC or perhaps InfoWars for pointers.

It’s unclear where Ronald McDonald will go from here either. It’s unclear whether he even runs the McDonald’s twitter account at all. Deception and mystery surround the entire story, but once he recovers from the emotional trauma of being accused of attacking Trump online, perhaps he will rise like a phoenix from his own ashes.

Perhaps this incident will be the birth of a stronger, more relevant, more diverse Ronald McDonald…….I mean…..dude is white as hell. Just Sayin.


By Crystal Byrd

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*All views expressed in this article are my own and do not reflect the opinions or views of Liberty Viral or it’s contributors or editors….or really anyone. Also, this is satire. Please don’t leave me ridiculous comments about fake news. Thanks.

  • Hey, you know what they say about clowns with big feet! 😉