BREAKING: Live Stream From Ferguson, Missouri Showing Grand Jury Decision [WATCH]

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Fox 2 in St. Louis livestreaming the events in Ferguson, Missouri as people are reacting to the events surrounding the release of a grand jury’s decision. The decision involves one officer Darren Wilson, who shot Mike Brown and ignited protests across St. Louis centered around the tragedy.

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  • Josie Moreno Reece

    Is anyone Not surprised that officer Darren Wilson was not indited for the death of Mike brown or should I say murder to shoot someone 5 times when they r on the floor is murder how many bullets did he fire into him racist cop got away with it again

    • StopPoliticsAsUsual

      Your comment is purely emotional and lacking any concept at a logical evaluation. Because he’s white and shot a black hoodlum makes him racist? Really, since when?

      “Shoot him on the floor”….first, learn grammar. I can appreciate mispellings, as typing on a phone can easily allow that to occur, but proper grammar remains. Learn to use a comma for starters.

      Lastly; get the FACTS, he was shot a total of 6 times, the first two while Wilson was struggling with the cop, the last four while was charging the cop. At the bare minimum, his hands were not up and he was only shot once at an angle that says he was face down, but even that is in dispute and could have happened a second after the kill shot over hit right eye as he was going down.

      Once you have some facts or have read the transcripts, which you won’t because you have an agenda and can’t have that agenda challenged if it might impact your narrative, then come on back and give it another shot.

      To your question, no, I’m not surprised that he wasn’t indicted, because, oh, wait for it…………………he acted within protocol.

      I believe the police are out of control, but I also believe this isn’t one of those instances.

  • Jim Eisn

    Yea well at least thats all the bullets he put into him,,come to where I
    live in Polk Co. FL cause our cops will put 68 bullets into your ass