BREAKING: Vehicle Runs Over Protesters in Virginia [Video+Photos]

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During violent protests in the state of Virigina, a group on counter demonstrators were run down by a vehicle which was captured live on The Hill’s Livestream. The incident occurs at the 1:05:40 mark in the video below.

WATCH LIVE: White nationalists clash with anti-fascism protesters as Virginia declares a state of emergency ahead of alt-right rally in Charlottesville.

Posted by The Hill on Saturday, August 12, 2017

A loud crash and screams were heard while a group of counter protesters was marching up the street to confront a group carrying a black cross flag. The vehicle slammed into several protesters who were left laying injured in the street.

The following photo is the vehicle that slammed into the crowd.

The following photos are from the moments following, which show a vehicle with rear end damage, which appears to have been struck by the vehicle that ran over the protesters.

Liberty Viral will post any updates.


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  • Charles Martel Infidel-Goy

    Shame on you for not showing the frames where antifas are breaking his windows with bats, or the frame that showed that his windshield was smashed with a heavy rock or brick. At least show the whole video instead. And shame on you for not showing the Twitter posts in which the conference organizer warned that people couldn’t leave in their cars because bricks and soda cans of concrete were being thrown at them, to which leftist replied by gleefully calling for more potentially-deadly brick attacks against the alt-Right. (At least the soyboys can’t throw heavy bricks terribly accurately). At worst, the guy snapped from road rage as his life was in danger. At best, he panicked and did his best to save his life.

    You may think that you can curry favor with The Establishment by criticizing the only people who are a threat to it, but know that they will drop you the minute you cease to be useful to them, just like Poland’s independent Armija Krajowa fought alongside the Communists, only to be purged by the Communists once they took over.