How Would Daenerys Targaryen Destroy Kim Jong-Un?

Written by David Fisher

What would Daenerys do?

We love stories like Game of Thrones, but ignore the symbolism to our own lives. We enjoying watching characters break their chains and claim their freedom, but we assume real humans are powerless to do the same. All humans deserve freedom and must stop deferring their representation to small men like Donald Trump or Kim Jong-Un. We are the victims of temper tantrums from tall towers like those who died for King Joffrey, Stannis Baratheon, or Queen Cersei. We are pawns who mean nothing to rich and powerful men. Instead deferring to tyrants, let’s start thinking like Daenerys Targaryen and those who follow her.

This is the case for capitulation to make peace – disgusting words, if you watch Fox News or CNN.

Yes, I am calling for the world to lay down its arms before Kim Jong-Un. No other strategy against North Korea will end with our goals met and without massive bloodshed. The Mother of Dragons would understand that the humans inside of those borders are humans just like inside of ours. It is their country to take back.

Everyone likes to believe they would kill their masters if they were born in North Korea, but that is because nobody understands the victims of the Kim dynasty’s reign. We must put on their shoes and then decide what it takes to kill the masters.


Who is really brainwashed?

We are America. We always win, right? That’s what we are taught all our lives. Once we grew up, we realized that we don’t always win. We didn’t win in Vietnam; we don’t “win” most of the wars that we start or get involved in. We removed the Taliban from power, but stay in Afghanistan indefinitely, without knowing what it takes to win. This is because nobody wants to face their ego and accept any sort of version of defeat.

North Koreans are also taught, all their lives, that they win. We have all been lied to by small men who plan wars. We are taught that if we do not claim victory over the evil, faceless men on the other side of the world, then we are disgracing everything that makes our country great. Americans laugh about the “stupid, brainwashed” communists in far-east Asia, while missing the irony that we are the other side of this brainwashing. We are both brainwashed into believing this war is the only way forward.


Understanding their case for war

Obviously, nobody in the North Korean regime wants a war they will lose. The masters in that country live a privileged life, like our own. To destroy the grip they have on their populace, we have got to do a better job of understanding what goes on in the common person’s head. It is through long-standing lies that the American public believes North Koreans are inferior to us and so easily tricked. What are we not understanding?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” 
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


We must try to understand the North Koreans warlike mentality and their goals before we cast judgement on what do to about them. We know some basic things:

1. We are at war with each other. North Korea isn’t simply at war with us, while we innocently play defense. They live under constant threat of US and South Korean invasion. We never signed a treaty and have been embroiled in a massive, deadly standoff for over half of a century. Regardless of who is to blame, mortal enemies lined up on your border with guns pointed is never a recipe for peace and Americans have to understand that we are also threatening them.

2. World powers are to blame. No Korean started this mess on the peninsula. Aligned with the Japanese empire, Korea was split by non-Koreans after WW2. The south was given to a brutal tyrannical puppet for the west and the north was given to a brutal tyrannical puppet for the soviets. The conflict has been manufactured from the beginning and the United States is the strongest remaining force from this past meddling.

3. North Korea is backed into a corner. Because their communist allies fell, the country feels alone on an island. While China has always been a friend, the balance of power shifted hard against North Korea. Because they will not accept defeat, being backed into a corner means the North Koreans will fight harder.

As far as goals go, besides survival, North Koreans claim to want to destroy imperialism and those who threaten them in the name of imperialism. One constant in this conflict is that foreign empires have always been knocking at the door, making threats and demands. Outside of that, all humans crave peace and prosperity. The war is the only thing blocking their people from demanding universal reforms. As long as we perpetuate the war, we are giving them something to die for which is not liberty.


Our Goals:


We have already established that we are at war with each other and both parties consider the other an aggressor. Next, we should establish what should be done. If defense is truly the goal, we would take a more peaceful posture. While warhawks are correct in that we will never be safe as long as the madman, Kim Jong-Un, or his successors have a stranglehold on the country, they exacerbate the problem and make us less safe. Poking him in the eye has only emboldened him and his support.

President Trump and his advisers seem to believe he can successfully decapitate the regime. While that might be possible, it will only send us into the abyss. Kim Jong-Un and many around him are figureheads, there is no one-man regime. If we kill the Dear Leader, North Korea will have unity, purpose, and motivation that is focused directly at us and our allies. Someone who believes the country will finally come to their senses and lay down their weapons after their ignorant, fat, spoiled brat is out of the picture is laughable.

But if the goal is defense and Kim is a madman, the regime must fall to ensure his threats are not attacked upon. If we are to get rid of the regime without starting a war or paving the way for hombres who are just as bad, we must change the mindset of the people so that they will make the change. We cannot do that from an aggressive posture. How can normal Koreans believe we are not trying to kill them when we have been publicly practicing their demise their entire lives? How can normal Koreans believe we are coming to save them when we make threats, tell them they cannot have the same weapons we built to destroy them, and actively try to assassinate their leadership?

Human Rights

If human rights improvements were truly our goal, we would make peace and focus on human rights. We know there are innumerable Koreans suffering inside of concentration camps. We know that many are starving, yet we beat the war drums louder every year, giving the regime the crisis they need to continue this behavior without an insurrection. Their very existence is threatened, and many believe the sacrifice is necessary because the threat is so real. If we care about the atrocities in North Korea, we would do everything we can, immediately, to make peace and try to stop them.

Political Change

Do we want a unified Korea, with the Southern regime in control? This is the obvious goal of western powers. It is an honorable goal; of course the death of communism and authoritarianism on the peninsula would benefit all parties. But since we have established that the North will not accept defeat, ever, we have to decide if it is worth what could be combat losses rivaled only by the first two world wars.  Because this conflict was manufactured in the aftermath of our previous world war, politicians who propose that we start another to draw new borders are dumb or dishonest and haven’t learned from history. That sort of deep misunderstanding of historical state blunders should be mocked. Just as regime change must come from North Koreans, so must political ideology.


The Only Peaceful Option

So, with a confusing enemy, obscure goals, and risky options, what should free thinking people ask their representatives to do? Since we do not know our enemy and do not have a clear path to victory, war is not the answer. Because of the decades-long experiment that proves North Korea will sooner starve its own people to prepare for battle than to cave to our sanctions, the only thing left is peace.

State propaganda on both sides tells us that peace is impossible. But we are humans, we know we have a choice. Making peace can only be done with your enemies and this peace can only be a reality if we put our guns down first. This is not surrender because we give away nothing. Sure, the idea of letting a dictator like Kim Jong-Un have his way stings, a lot. However, laying down your guns to make peace does not entail weakness. It takes strength and bravery to take that first step.  A weak man fires the first shot – any meaningful step we take will be seen as the first shot by the North Koreans.

We will never get the Kim dynasty to give up their nuclear program in a peaceful way. You cannot bark orders to someone who is ready to lose everything. If we do not want war, then we must allow them to maintain nukes, as long as their enemies have them. That is a bargaining chip that we can trade for the reclusive country to open its doors and give way to a massive humanitarian mission. How can Kim say no to legitimacy, nuclear power, and trade? Instead of thinking of winning vs losing, think outcomes as in the Art of War.

“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” 
― Sun Tzu

Only when we show their countrymen kindness and truth will their countrymen stop marching towards war and start marching towards liberty. Ignorant politicos always wonder why there is never a rebellion in North Korea. We are the ones standing in the way of Kim being hanged in the streets of Pyongyang and freedom taking his place.

If we end the war by any means necessary, we take away Dear Leader’s boogeyman. Trust in humanity and our inherent passion for freedom. Trust that he will be destroyed from within after the people are awakened and there is no great evil to make the suffering worthwhile. Instead of hating what we don’t understand, let’s practice a little love and let North Koreans kill their own masters.


…I’m just a normal dude, though.

Your representatives are also small men who do what they can to stay in power. With all due respect, demand that your representatives speak out against the current war-mongering. Stop identifying as a “conservative” or a “hawk” or a “liberal” or any other label that has been defined for you to accept. Stop perpetuating the state’s lies. Share this article and this sentiment. As James Keller once said, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” We are humans and we are meant to be free.

Kill the Masters.