Capital City Pride Excludes Original LGBTQ Rights Activists. Again.

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Another year, and no closer to inclusiveness. Capital City Pride is once again excluding The Libertarian Party from participating in the Pride Festival in Olympia, WA. It has become clear that Capital City Pride is not about LGBTQ inclusiveness, but rather about all politics outside of LGBTQ issues.

The following is an email received from Gina Thompson, a Capital City Pride organizer:

A county Libertarian Party Chair in Washington State had requested a booth at pride. The context of this email suggests that there had been some confusion between The Libertarian Party and an LGBTQ gun rights group called The Pink Pistols. The email suggests that the Chairman had gone to lengths to explain that the Libertarian Party is not exclusively a gun rights group. A concept Thompson somehow doesn’t understand after supposed careful consideration.

Capital City Pride is certainly within their rights to exclude the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party believes strongly in Freedom of Association. That doesn’t guarantee, however, that the Libertarian Party must agree with a decision, nor prevent us from speaking out about it.

The Libertarian Party was the first party to make marriage equality a part of its platform. The Libertarian Party endorsed LGBTQ Rights as part of their first platform in 1972. This was during the same time the Democratic Party Vice Presidential Nominee was using the word “queers” to refer to LGBTQ members.

The Libertarian Party has been a longtime defender of the rights of equality. However beginning in 2015, The Libertarian Party has been barred from Capital City Pride. The Libertarian Party lost their invitation once Marriage Equality became the law of the land. It certainly leads one to believe that now after the Supreme Court ruling, Capital City Pride is pushing Identity Politics on the LGBTQ members outside of equality issues.

Gun rights are a part of the Libertarian Party platform. But that doesn’t mean guns are always involved in everything the Libertarian Party does. It appears in the above email that it was clearly stated guns were not going to be a factor. Even if they were though, Vice reports that the LGBTQ community has taken a keen interest in arming themselves since the inauguration of Donald Trump. So either way, it appears that Capital City Pride is running counter-intuitive to the trends in the community. They are either grossly arrogant or grossly out of touch. Neither of these options are good ones, and there is no in between.

Is it arrogance, or being out of touch? Please reach out to Capital City Pride organizer Gina Thompson at [email protected] and let her know which one.

  • Douglas Dmitri Mosier

    The one “hook” the LP had in the LBGTQWERTY community was our stance on marriage equality Now that The Community has that, we are no longer of any use to them. Typical.

  • Sasho Windfeather

    Also keep in mind that Hospers was openly gay.

    • A. Alexander Minsky

      Yes, it is politically inconvenient for many on the left that both the first openly gay and first woman to receive a vote in the electoral college were Libertarian Party candidates.

  • Caytlin

    Haha, heads up, that’s my art you’re using up there. Mind dropping a credit to @pixel_prism on twitter?

  • Are republicans allowed at the event?