Car Insurer Unveils Plans For “Pink Zones,” So Male Drivers Don’t Kill All The Women

A female focused car insurer “Sheilas’ Wheels is proposing to make all female lanes on roads in the United Kingdom.


Female focused car insurer Sheilas’ Wheels has recognised the need to make UK roads safer for women drivers and have identified PinkZones, a concept that would see separate lanes for female drivers on UK roads, as a potential vision of the future.

The proposal came as the result of a number of reports showing how women are vulnerable on UK roads. Figures from Department for Transport (DfT) released in 2012 show men were involved in 114,190 traffic accidents compared to just 70,470 for women, but 53% of women involved in a traffic accident are badly injured, compared to just 38% of men.

DfT statistics also show a total of 1,713 road deaths occurred in Britain in 2013. Motorways, where PinkZones could be rolled out at relatively low cost, show deaths for both sexes rose to 100, up from 88 in 2012, marking the first increase in nearly a decade.

The latest government statistics for 2013 show men are four times more likely to be convicted of a motoring offence on British roads than women.

To counteract these issues, the PinkZones design concept proposes two new types of roads. The first recommends demarcating lanes for women drivers on the existing road network, while the second puts forward the creation of women-only flyovers above some of Britain’s busiest roads. The accompanying images show these in greater detail.

Separate lanes for women on roads would not only increase safety, but also would remove them from a potentially dangerous environment. PinkZones would be designed specifically for female drivers to enhance quality of life.

Speaking on the concept, Andy Sommer, spokesperson for Sheilas’ Wheels said: “As the UK’s leading car insurer for women, Sheilas’ Wheels is serious about creating a safer road network for female drivers and we believe a discussion about how best to achieve this is long overdue.”

This wouldn’t be cheap, of course. The estimated cost would be about $1.47 billion. Spokesman for the project, Andy Sommer, stated that the aim will be to make the roads safer. “As the UK’s leading car insurer for women, Sheilas’ Wheels is serious about creating a safer road network for female drivers and we believe a discussion about how best to achieve this is long overdue,” Sommer said.

  • Bobbbo

    Utter nonsense. Hopefully their stock is crashing as we speak.

  • The epitome of stupidity.


      These will quickly go away when there are more accidents in these zones!

      • Ryan Noh

        Wait, this works then…. it will keep all the other drivers safe from THEM.

        • Tamas

          ONLY if the women are PROHIBITED from driving in ANY OTHER lane….

          • Rohan Zener

            Which would then make them “men-only lanes” and spark outrage from the profeßional victims that are female Feminists.

  • NateWT89

    umm… where i’m from that would actually make the roads safer for men. Just ask my wife, every day she comes home with a new story of the crazy lady who doesn’t know how to drive lol!

    • Aikanaro

      Did it ever came across ur mind that those stories might refer to your wife? 😀

      • NateWT89

        lol, I like your style

  • Jonah Pokipala

    Sounds like segregation to me.

    • Rohan Zener

      And “female-focused” is a euphemism for “gynocentric”.

  • Clint Looper

    Ok, so the tax payers would pay the $1.47 billion dollars to make this project happen so an insurance company that caters only to women can try and increase their profits? All this under the guise of “”our aim is to make the roads safer”. Yeah. Ok.

  • Derek Waggoner

    men get in these accidents swerving to miss the crazy bitch who is: 1) talking on her cell phone 2) reading a book 3) putting on her make-up 4) handling the kids she cant control in the back. all of this is happening at once. yes lets blame the man. i blame the kids lol.

  • Guest101

    Are Asian women going to be driving in these lanes?
    Oops. I’m not supposed to say that. LOL

    • Paul Stevenson

      well apparently hating an entire group of people is fine now – just ask sheilas wheels who only like insuring women.

  • reason

    “The latest government statistics for 2013 show men are four times
    more likely to be convicted of a motoring offence on British roads than

    Convicted is of course the operative word here. Note also that women are more likely to be seriously injured when accidents they are in are officially acknowledged; a woman has to cause grave injury to herself or others before police and insurance companies will hold her liable for her actions.

  • Simon Herrick

    Gonna be hilarious when people notice 90% of crashes happen in the pink lane.

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  • Theevil Oddone

    So that’s not gender discrimination or sexism, apparently. How about I build some Blue Zones where women aren’t allowed to drive? We can’t have terrible female drivers mucking up the highways for men. They’re likely to PMS and cause an accident or cut us off.

    Sexist crap isn’t so nice when turned back on you, is it?

    • Tamas

      These pink zones would also serve as the ONLY roads female drivers can drive… maybe this way it WOULD reduce accidents 🙂

  • OzzieMatt


  • locsphere

    This has to be satire! No one can be that stupid. News story is probably a fake guys and gals!

  • Dan Lever

    This is good news, car accidents will go down once the women are in their own lane, safety first!

  • dozr

    so the UK will be a land of roads, separated by gender and race, each race will get their own roads and then those roads will be split by gender. ultimate safety!!!

  • This is incredibly ridiculous. I would drive in them anyway if they did it here, just to spite the idea. Actually, on second thought, I’d stay clear, because female drivers are statistically GOD AWFUL.

  • Ian Sean

    Once voting got popular, government discovered it could be unstoppable by being the supreme alpha male that puts all the other lowly wannabe-men (but not real men, because they can’t take the whole government, pathetic wimps!) in their place.

  • David

    Is it legal? to be this racist? this cannot be legal…

  • Aikanaro

    I think they meant “So female drivers won’t kill all the Man!” Btw female drivers will kill all the woman on their own pink zone coz in this case pink is a state of the mind…

  • NexisD DesuS

    Ahh excuse me! Check your privileges! Lanes are a social construct!


    Dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

  • KingAdrock

    So what’s to stop a man from driving in the pink lane anyway and just claiming he’s trans* when he gets pulled over?

    • atlas


    • You just have to “identify” as a woman.

  • Only if: 1) 100% funded BY WOMEN; 2) 100% built & maintained BY WOMEN. Whoo hoo! Jobs-4-Women. Yah, right…

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  • Jason Alexander

    Can we have a White-only housing area too? Or is discrimination only bad when directed against politically favored groups?

  • midgesterious


  • Nick Delgado

    It’s a great idea. let all the women kill themselves so the roads are safer for men.

  • orlean

    Supporting stupidity at its finest. I mean why would you except someone to learn and improve, better hand hold and “reward” them for beeing bad…

  • DarkLink_123

    Ahhh femenism at its finest, trying to make women more dominant instead of equal.

  • Rohan Zener

    Oh my fucking god, does their paranoia and androphobia know no bounds!?

  • Nathan

    descrimination against men.. you know, for equality

  • Wolfkrone

    Calling it now, car accidents and insurance rates for females skyrocket in the next 5 years.

  • Katelyn Jecmen

    You have got to be kidding me, you actually think this steaming pile of patronizing sexist bullshit is a feminist idea?!?! You obviously have no clue what feminism is about than cus uhhhh let’s see if the male aggressiveness or showing off is the problem than the obvious solution would be to teach them how to drive responsibly and for the police to get off their lazy asses and enforce the existing traffic laws instead of sitting there eating donuts and harassing potheads. This is of course not to say that there are not irresponsible female drivers out there on the road too because that would be a logical fallacy. I am merely addressing what a sexist company suggested as a solution, but no this is hardly a feminist approved idea.

  • David Wasmer Sr.

    Let’s just ban women from driving. That would make just about as much sense as this idiotic proposal.

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  • Christina Clark

    This is just bullshit.

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  • John Martin

    When the males are driving recklessly chances are they are doing it on behave of females,running err errands for them,booze pickups ect.

  • Alex Sawyer

    Am I reading The Onion by mistake?

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  • Wow


  • Wow

    I wonder how they’d react if we made an “all male” road