Clinton in FBI Interview Says She Didn’t Know ‘C’ Meant Classified

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By: Grant M. Deltz

Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz

In recently released transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI, she claims to have believed that the purpose of the classification markings on certain paragraphs of her emails, a ‘c’ marking, was possibly for organizing emails in alphabetical order. If there is a ‘C’ marking at the top of the email, Clinton admits, that the email is classified. However, when the marking is in the body of the paragraph, the former Secretary of State disregarded it and just assumed it could have an unimportant meaning. Some of the notes from the FBI report state,

“When asked what the parenthetical ‘C’ meant before a paragraph within the captioned email, [Clinton] stated she did not know and could only speculate it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order…”

This person has been regarded by President Obama to be the most qualified person ever to seek the presidency.

Either Clinton is living up to her reputation by lying and making an excuse, or she was telling the FBI the truth. The truth would then remain that she is honestly incapable of holding the responsibility of national security, let alone the presidency. Before you know it, she’ll take away your gun rights and make up for it by saying that she thought the Second Amendment was just a suggestion.

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