CNN’s Don Lemon Proves Why Liberals Are So Ignorant About Guns On Live TV

The Stupid! It Burns! 

CNN’s premier news anchor Don Lemon thinks that an automatic weapon is “something you can shoot off a number of rounds very quickly” proving that most liberals are pretty ignorant when it comes to guns.

In a conversation about gun control, Lemon stated that after the shooting in Colorado, he was able to buy an automatic weapon. Unfortunately he said all this on live television, showing that he doesn’t have a clue what the difference is between a semi-automatic weapon and an automatic weapon.

  • AJ_Olding

    Don Lemon is a moron.

    • edbotsko

      He’s not the brightest bulb on the tree (that’s why he’s at CNN), but he certainly isn’t a moron…

      • DrunkenGodMode .

        GAWD you and your symantics.

        • Stephen Kepple


  • Nathanael Ginn

    So the technical meaning of a word doesn’t matter?…. So I guess he thinks “dye” would be okay used in the sentence “It is time for you to die.” instead of the proper word “die.” Grammar and semantics are the building blocks of written communication and education…. Don Lemon, you are an idiot and I have lost brain cells just listening to you.

    • edbotsko

      Not the same thing and you know it… Lots of people who don’t handle guns don’t know the difference between auto and semi-auto. In most instances they look the same… Mine does.
      However, if you are so uneducated about your native language, then you deserve to be pitied.

      • MC Escher

        exactly the same thing. it doesn’t matter if lemon doesn’t personally handle weapons. as a reporter, his job is to report the facts. not what he thinks the facts may be due to his lack of knowledge. it’s really not that hard of a concept. if he didn’t know how many rounds it fired, or whether or not it was automatic or semi-auto, he should have said so. he didn’t. he made it sound like he knew EXACTLY what he was talking about. he didn’t.

        however, if you’re too moronic to understand that concept, no amount of common sense is going to help you remove your head from your ass. smfh.

    • brewster101

      It’s nitpicking and hair-splitting, because it doesn’t matter for the point he was making. He did NOT make the mistake of saying it continues to fire as long as the trigger is held. He didn’t say the gun can fire multiple bullets, one trigger pull. He said the gun(s) he purchased can shoot a lot of rounds in a short period of time. And relatively speaking, any semi-automatic firearm certainly can do so up to it’s capacity, compared to wheel guns, single shot pistols and rifles, bolt action rifles, break-open and pump shotguns. The firearm industry itself has been guilty of it as well. Here is short list of calibers almost exclusively designed for semi-automatic firearms that use “auto” or “automatic” in the formal or informal names or monikers, sans the “semi” prefix:

      .25 ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol or .25 Auto
      .32 ACP
      .35 S&W Auto
      .357 Auto Mag
      .380 ACP
      .38 ACP
      .38 Super (Automatic)
      .38-45 Auto
      .40 S&W Auto
      .45 ACP
      .45 Auto Rim (Automatic Rimmed)
      9.8mm Auto Colt (a.k.a. 9.65mm Browning Automatic)
      10mm Auto

      Several others from foreign countries or are no longer produced. Additionally, in the past century, numerous semi-auto firearms have been marketed (by the manufacturer) using “auto” or “automatic” in the description or model name SANS the “semi” prefix, or came to informally or colloquially be described/named as such by gun owners and enthusiasts.

      • tedthornton

        “Guilty” of it? OH LORD HERE WE GO.

        “Automatic” as applied to a pistol means only “self loading.” It’s a misnomer. It’s part of what a journalist needs to know if he’s going to open his mouth on this issue. A “machine pistol” is actually the correct term for your Beretta 93R.

        They get politicians’ names right, don’t they? They don’t say “he looks like that guy” or “there are so many!” In journalism you make a point to GET IT RIGHT.

        Don’t go blaming the industry when some talking head imbecile on the “news” decides that all of this stuff is just too difficult to comprehend.

        • brewster101

          Again, it doesn’t matter here. It usually does not matter in most cases that the gun zealots get all riled up over, but occasionally someone does expressly or explicitly confuse the FUNCTIONAL or mechanical difference between semi-auto and fully auto. That did NOT happen here. There was no confusion. Any semi-auto certainly can “shoot off a number of rounds very quickly”, up to their capacity, as I (or anyone else) could easily demonstrate @ around 3 to 4 rounds per second.

    • Stephen Kepple

      I agree about the language matter (and the rest). Our American-English language is on life support. Conservatives need to stand up for it, not go along with the trashing of it. The trashing begins in our inept public schools and is further contributed to by the vast influx of immigrants, illegal and otherwise. Without recognizable English, we are no longer America.

  • Skip

    How do these people even have jobs. They are so ignorant to the facts. I guess we should ban gay marriage, because its almost like being married.

  • Paul

    I’ve always heard that it’s best to keep your mouth shut,and appear stupid,rather then open your mouth,and remove all doubt! Right,Don Lemon???

    • edbotsko

      I don’t care for Don Lemon and CNN but I think he didn’t realize you boneheads cut such a fine definition…

      • Barry Zaremba

        A fine definition? Hmm. Legal, illegal? I suppose it doesn’t mean much to a liberal – considering their stance on immigration.

    • Paul

      I guess an idiot,like you edbotsko, learn something new everyday,even from a bonehead! 🙂

  • Ash

    ……………so I’m guessing an automatic weapon actually DOESN’T continue firing rounds as long as the trigger is depressed? someone should go and fix wikipedia, then.

    • Richard Burnett

      automatic weapon does… but you cant own one. Semi-auto which most every handgun and rifle does not. One trigger pull.. one round fired.

    • edbotsko

      A semi auto means each time you pull the trigger, a bullet is fired…That’s what these boneheads are arguing about. With an auto, you can pull the trigger once and you get a burst until you release it. Autos are illegal .

      • Troy Adams

        Actually autos are legal depending on what type of Federal Firearms License a person may have.

  • tlwiz

    In a discussion over gun control with somebody who knows nothing about guns. A lack of knowledge doesn’t slow down the media…

  • Anthony Taylor

    “Liberals don’t know anything about guns” So every liberal I met in the Armed Forces must have been conservatives in disguise. How about “Don Lemon doesn’t know anything about guns”. And really who cares? Gun control advocates don’t know anything about the guns they are trying to limit, and gun rights advocates don’t know anything about the laws they think will “take away their guns”. They’re all idiots…..the end.

  • Jim Hase

    “proving that most liberals are pretty ignorant when it comes to guns.”

    So this one person’s ignorance about guns provides proof that most liberals are ignorant?

    • Kurt Boyer

      All these media outlets are the same. Just waiting for someone from “the other team” to say something foolish so they can say, see, here’s evidence of just how stupid THEY are.

      I wonder if partisan hacks ever realize how much they have in common with their counterparts. Both insult our intelligence endlessly trying to get votes for their favored Republicrats.

    • Ned Baughman


  • 1FedUpWithWalMart

    No, most “liberals” are not ignorant when it comes to guns. Many Liberals own and use guns, and support the right to own a gun. Making a blanket statement about any group of people based on what one person has said or done, is completely ignorant. I guess that means the most reporters are ignorant….just using the ‘logic’ of the author of this posting.

  • Jackie Kirkpatrick

    You know what, I am proud to be ignorant about guns. I detest them, don’t need one and know nothing about them. Fine with me.

    • Robert Johnson

      Pride in prejudicial hatred +1.
      Actually no one minds this, when it’s your own business. (e.g. a wife who chooses to rely fully on her husband’s protection.)
      “Liberals,” however, puts it in the context of politics: the effort to make one’s whims everyone’s business…by force…with guns.

  • Nivasi

    *Here’s your sign*

  • Tim Mcqueary Sr.

    wow so many people are getting shot and killed every day in this country and the coverage is what escalates ! people are wanting to be on tv. this is disrespectful to this young man and his family! to tear up a town by looting and possibly costing innocent folks their lively hood or means in witch to feed there family, put a roof over there innocent children. my prayers go out to the family may you find comfort in these hard times GOD bless.