Colbert Report Tries To Make Libertarians Look Like Morons

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They’re Annoying For Liberty!

By Leif Bieberson

The Colbert Report attempted to make some New Hampshire libertarians look like a**holes for freedom on Comedy Central yesterday.

In a segment called “Difference Makers,” Colbert lampooned three activists from the “Free Keene Squad,” in a hilarious eight minute bit focusing on three of the liberty movement’s activist members: James Cleveland AKA The Mastermind,” Garret Ean AKA “The Afrochist,” and Christopher Cantwell AKA “The Enforcer.”

Colbert’s segment focused on the Free Keene activists’ campaigns to “Robin Hood” the parking enforcement in their city. These liberty activists have become famous locally for feeding expired parking meters as a measure to decrease revenue to the local government. Cleveland and Ean are well known in the liberty community for successfully fighting off a harassment suit, along with Pete Eyre, Ian Freeman and Kate Ager. Their work feeding meters, while seemingly silly, was a very positive tongue in cheek method of sticking it to the man, one which our sister site The Libertarian Republic has duly praised. [RELATED: New Hampshire heroes hit with lawsuit for feeding parking meters]

Still, some of the video which Colbert airs doesn’t make them look good, and that’s certainly the case in one Christopher Cantwell. Cantwell’s role as the “The Enforcer” shows him clumsily sticking a revolver into the belt over his corpulent belly and aggressively harassing crossing guards and meter maids, one of whom is profiled as a veteran who quit his job due to the street harassment. Cantwell reportedly told him that he condoned the murdering of brown babies because he was a veteran.

Cleveland is obviously well intentioned, though not media friendly. Ean comes off the best, it’s hard to be down on a guy who’s got such a sweet fro. Colbert showed Cantwell shooting up an American flag, which is his absolute right as a free American. Still, he looks like an a**hole, which he proudly bills himself as on his own website, so what do you expect? Judge Andrew Napolitano once told me that every revolution needs its assholes to make the establishment uneasy, comparing Adam Kokesh to Sam Adams (and myself to Thomas Paine). So, if these are the worst of the liberty movement, well… we could honestly do a lot worse. Our activists are nowhere near as retarded as those of Occupy Wall Street, where North Korea is a worker’s paradise.

Oh well Mr Colbert, nice try. I’d still rather live in their world than in one where thinly veiled authoritarianism is ushered in on the sweet wings of satire.

F**k the state. (This message has been censored in accordance with the free market’s demand not to use profanity so we don’t offend our corporate sponsors and lose advertising dollars.)


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  • Chris Noneofyourconcern

    These guys are idiots.

  • nunya

    Chris Cantwell and his crowd are the Morton Downey junior segment of the Libertarian / anarchist movement .

  • Anthony Quatroni

    It’s very easy to make libertarians look like morons. They’re already 99.9% of the way there. . .

    • renalfail

      I’d like to hear you qualiify that statement in any intelligent manner, Bwaahhhhhaaaa!

  • renalfail

    It’s very hard to make the brainwashed mostly government school educated population see how they serve the state in the smallest details of their lives,such as feeding a parking meter. The humiliation of these three who are at least fighting against that servitude in the smallest way disgusts me. Shame on you Colbert, and you people commenting here who can’t think beyond your next sporting event, shame on you too, get a mind!

    • Yeah, you’re a genius huh?

    • Herb

      Wow, care to throw a few more juvenile lolbertarian talking points in there? I attended private schools and don’t go to college sporting events let alone professional ones. Talk about brainwashed, have you had an original thought today?

    • Karen

      So, why take it out on the servants? Would you go to Walmart and harass an employee for supporting the corporation that pays them minimum wage? They are too cowardly to do anything substantial so they abuse their rights of free speech to make absolutely…no…difference.

    • brian coburn

      Sounds like an obvious philosophical agreement with the activists are blinding you from why most see these three as fair game for satire.

      The men are consistenly harrassing individuals for merely doing a job they need to feed themselves and pay bills. Human consensus deems this method of message-spreading to be abhorrent. The group’s basic viewpoints were represented pretty thoroughly for a segment of such short length; the viewer is free to disassociate the regugnant behavior with a value system that they might share in some form.

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  • omegis

    To be fair, Cantwell is an asshole.

    • He’s more than that. He’s dangerous. His prolific plan for bringing about anarchism is by urging people to kill cops en masse.

  • They make themselves look like idiots. All Colbert did was put them on TV.

  • Mike C.

    Not “look like” … they are, in fact, morons.

  • noodlekaboodle

    Most anarchists(and these gentlemen are no exception) would be slaughtered in days if there was true anarchy. They don’t really want anarchy, they just don’t want to follow the rules, within the confines of an organized system.

  • BJS

    Attempted? Mission accomplished,…Losers..