Covfefe: The Internet Reacts to President Trump’s Midnight Twitter Gibberish

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The world scratched their heads as Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday morning just after midnight eastern time.

President Trump tweeted out an incomplete sentence, with an unusual soon to be word, Covfefe. Almost two hours later the tweet has yet to be taken down and no further tweets have been sent.

This had many people wondering… What is Covfefe?


While the definition of Covfefe will have to wait until the President defines it (and Merriam Webster will surely publish it as the new word for 2017), we can at least speculate on the pronunciation. Fusion replied with a poll.

But President Trump had better hurry up and define it though, before it takes on a life of its own on Urban Dictionary.

Rosie O’Donnell as well replied to Trump’s tweet, calling for Ivanka Trump to do a welfare check.

Inside Hoops also got in on the game. Who you got?

Many were left wondering how this Tweet hasn’t been removed yet (which is why I’m using screenshots instead of embedding tweets, and posting the links as captions).

#Covfefe became the top non-advertised trend on Twitter in less than an hour.

People began  flocking to Trump’s page to fire tweet.

As well as tweet any relevant GIFs.

It will be interesting to see if the tweet lasts beyond the morning.

  • Gary Stefancik

    Cov fe’fe means I will stand up in Arabic. The tweet perfect sense.