Dear Students, Quit Getting Involved On College Campuses

Written By Mackenzie Vieth

This past August, students involved with the group Young Americans for Liberty at a public university in West Virginia were on their campus promoting liberty and limited government when they were approached by campus police. The complaint about what the students were doing? They were, “too outgoing.”

This incident sends one message to college students: quit trying to get involved on campus.


Young Americans for Liberty is an organization that does several nationwide activism events a year on college campuses to promote the ideas of liberty. This is an effort one might assume public college campuses (where students rights – including the First Amendment – are supposed to be the most protected) would embrace with open arms. However, this is rarely the case. In fact, so few public campuses are willing to protect their students rights under the First Amendment that Young Americans for Liberty launched the campaign, “Fight for Free Speech,” which aims to reform unconstitutional speech codes on campuses across the United States.

College campuses across the United States are sending the message to students that they should not be getting involved on campus, and especially not with student groups who aim to promote liberty and enable students to learn about their rights as citizens of the United States. After all, this sort of outgoing and passionate behavior results in students to be well-rounded, educated, and they may even start to think for themselves!


Mind-blowing, I know. Well, here is my message to students of all ages who want to get involved on college campuses: keep trying to get involved. Colleges often preach that they want to foster a culture where everyone is able to learn from each other. Sadly, this is the opposite of what is happening on many of our college campuses. Get out there. Dear students, be as outgoing and passionate about your ideas as you want to be, and fight for the ideas that you believe are right and true. After all, this is the United States of America. This should be the easiest place in the world to learn from each other, no matter how different our opinions, our beliefs, or our cultures may be.