Death Extremely Common Near Clintons; Two More Bite The Dust

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Written by  Your Third Choice
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There have been a litany of accusations leveled at the Clintons since the 90’s that, if believed, make the political careers of Bill and Hillary sound more like House of Cards plots than bureaucratic resumes.

If it is true that “where there is smoke there is fire,” then the Clintons should be charred black and locked away for life. However, to this day, no allegations have be independently verified regarding their presumptive misdeeds. Even months into the administration of a man carried into office by chants of “lock her up,” Hillary Clinton seems untouchable.

There is a danger when dealing with divisive people that the sight of smoke may only be the expected side-effect of intense scrutiny; highly magnified by the anger of the internet. The burns of a detective’s magnifying glass should not be used as evidence of arson. Considering how partisan the 2016 election was, it would not be surprising if some, if not many, of the connections made by internet theorists turned out to be more inference than fact. All smoke, no fire.

So what then, is the media’s investigatory roll? Should Americans expect the gatekeepers of information to filter facts from fiction quickly or definitively? Those are two very opposite options.

These days broadcast media has taken to delineating truth from lie blatantly along party lines. No issue is discussed that cannot be spun to suit the biases of the expected viewership or executive politics of the organization. Here at Liberty Viral, we like to let the facts do the talking.

The abundance and diversity of the claims made against the Clinton family could, at this point, be only one of two things: completely contrived conspiracies, or at least partially accurate, but either way they remain essentially untouched by major media outlets. Either for political reasons or for the fear of being made out to support conspiracies, even conservative outlets like Fox rarely engage the “Clinton body count” narrative.

Over the last month, two more names have been added to the, frankly infuriatingly long, list of suspicious deaths in the proximity of Hillary, Bill, and their foundation.

Klaus Eberwein

Klaus was found dead in his Miami home with a gunshot to the head, in what authorities have called a suicide. Eberwein is a Haitian national who was slated to appear in court this last Tuesday to officially expose the depth of the Clinton foundation’s malpractice in his home country. His testimony to the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission was expected to indite the Clinton Foundation of misappropriating charitable donations to earthquake relief funds.

Eberwein is quoted calling the Clinton’s criminals, thieves, and lairs. Apparently, however, it seems the irreproachable nature of the Clintons drove Klaus to suicide just before he could have the audacity to accuse them of misdeeds.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith was a 90 year old republican opposition researcher. That is, before he committed suicide by complex asphyxiation.

Smith was in the business of digging up dirt on the Clintons and he did so at the whim of the Republican Party. He was one of the most high profile people following the common public suspicion that Hillary had deleted or destroyed more incriminating emails than she disclosed or gave to law enforcement. Smith had been in contact with multiple hacking groups that claimed to have the missing emails.

Mr. Smith was found in his hotel room earlier this month with a bag over his head and a tube attached feeding in helium. He left a suicide note which stated there was “no foul play whatsoever” involved in his death.


Of the, now 53, members of our “Clinton Body Count” the tally is now up to 14 suicides, including a decapitation. Strangely, even though according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention there are 25 attempts for every successful suicide, you never seem to find a Clinton enemy fail to kill themselves. Apparently the innocence and radiance of the Clintons cause extreme suicidal diligence in their detractors.

The rest of the deaths, by the numbers, include 4 natural deaths, 16 murders, 1 so far undetermined, and 18 accidents- most of which involve aircraft malfunctions. A feet considering the odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 11,000,000. A majority of these deaths are not deeply investigated by authorities and many are made uninvestigatable by deaths of alleged witnesses also included in our count. Major media outlets seem to address each name on our list dismissively within the year of their death in one manner or another.

Those are the facts. Any inferences you make from this point on are your own. However, If you would like to do any supplementary reading on this subject, Liberty Viral has been following the inconsistent Clinton plot-line for some time now. We remain dedicated to truth and factual reporting while leaving the formulation of opinion to our readership, we simply will not brush over politically sensitive topics.

All that being said, let it also be known that the anonymous author of this article has no serious thoughts or plans for suicide 😉

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