Democrat Congressional Candidate Says 9/11 Was “Deserved” And “One Of The Greatest Events In Human History”

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By: Laura Meyers

A former Manhattan prosecutor and defense attorney, Scott Fenstermaker, is getting blasted after telling Human of New York that 9/11 “was one of the greatest events in human history.”

“I’ve had people threaten to kill me. I’ve had people threaten to rape my children. But I’ll keep saying it,” Fenstermaker said in the shocking profile. He invited people to “call me a monster.”

New York Daily News reports:

Fenstermaker insisted he has a lot of support for his stance and said 2,300 people have signed his candidacy petition. His critics — as far as he’s concerned — can go to hell.

“You tell those people down there in the courthouse if they’re upset, pull their heads out of their asses!”

Fenstermaker worked in the DA’s office from 1992 to 1996, according to an office spokeswoman.

In his time as a defense lawyer, he represented Al Qaeda terrorists Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, who bombed two U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998, and another defendant charged as a 9/11 participant.


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  • MAA Oregon

    Would he be willing to write a letter to all the families of the people murdered that day and say this? Doubtful.

  • Jack Vincennes

    Stupid Libtard. It was the British and French who carved up the post WW1 ME into the countries that now exist. ps, The Democrat Party is the anti America Party.

  • Old Zeke

    The only people scheming and manipulating are the politicians, which he wants to be. Any leftist that wants to point blame, don’t look at the American people. We’re the ones you rob in order to rule the world. Remember?