Did Taylor Swift Vote for Donald Trump?

Written by Mark Gage

The pop princess tends to keep out of the political arena, but that still didn’t stop rumors from spreading like wildfire whether or not Taylor Swift voted for one particular candidate.

Fans have questioned Taylor Swift’s silence during the 2016 election fiasco, and she posted a photo of herself to Twitter encouraging others to go out and vote, the tweets from Twitter users speculating that she’s voting for Donald Trump due to her silence of officially announcing who exactly she’s supporting started to circulate.



Despite the speculations circulating her alleged support for the Business Magnate, she has made no official endorsement of anyone publicly, but that still didn’t stop people from questioning who she voted for.

Some believe that her shoulderless sweater in her photo at the polls on Twitter was a silent homage to Hillary Clinton, thus hinting that Swift endorsed her.

Swift’s silence on politics isn’t surprising, considering that she herself stated she doesn’t wish to discuss politics “because it might influence other people. And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for,” back in 2012. On “The Late Show With David Letterman,” Swift also stated, “I feel like at 22, it’s my right to vote, but it’s not my right to tell other people what to do.”

Until she comes out publicly to tell the world who she supports, the wishes of fans urging her to publicly come out against Trump or swoon over Hillary is just in their Wildest Dreams.