Leadership, Strategy, and Headaches: Does The Libertarian Party Have Cancer?

Written by Squiggly Line Guy
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I’ve heard people say certain Libertarian groups are cancer. This is certainly a charged statement, but it may not be accurate. I’m not sure there is single tumor growing within the Libertarian Party poisoning the body. A better comparison may be that the Libertarian Party has AIDS. It destroys its own body from within.

To Chairman Sarwark’s credit, he’s done a good job attempting to maintain neutrality in a diverse and tribal party. There are parts of the Libertarian Party’s platform that are meant to be neutral amidst that diversity. Well, that’s now for sale to the highest bidders for the 2018 Convention theme. There are a few eyebrow raising themes you can vote on with money.

Build Bridges, not Walls
Free Lives Matter
Pro Choice on Everything

It is foolish to parody other groups’ slogans or catchphrases in the case with the first two. It risks alienation and invites animosity. Debate the ideas behind them all you want, but waving banners of parody is often perceived as belittlement. Alienating achieves alienation. You won’t have the opportunity to debate those ideas anymore if nobody wants to talk to you.

As for Pro Choice on Everything, despite how some have tried to spin it, is absolutely a nod of the head to one side of the abortion debate. The Libertarian Party platform on abortion is simply to remove Government from the equation, as it is a split topic within the party. While generally all Libertarians believe the government shouldn’t have a role in abortion, there are many who don’t want to be pigeonholed in with the apathetic pro choice crowd. But if you have a few dollars to spare, the national convention will override their own principles if you pay them to. Pro Choice on Everything, except for Bake the Damn Cake. How soon they forget.

We argue our principles intensely within a room, but the people outside looking in only see the party of Selling Heroin to 5 Year Olds, Kids Can Consent at Puberty, Drunk Driving is Cool AF, Bake the Damn Cake, Hillary Clinton Cheerleading, and CSPAN Chippendales. It’s as if we purposefully publicize that most unsavory opinions in the party and wonder why people don’t want to come Liberty with us.

The Libertarian Party, the Party of Principle chose populism over principle in the last Presidential election, and I don’t see that changing. Especially so with the amount of traction Pro Choice on Everything has in the vote total. One tribe of Libertarians is more than happy to ignore what the platform says if it means they can use the party to trounce another tribe of Libertarians. Libertarians war with other Libertarians. It happens often. It is often ugly. Some may ask, “well why don’t you try to fix it?”

Because there will never be Kumbaya in the party. There will never be unity among the tribes. There are too many fundamental differences. The LP National is breaking neutrality and inflaming them anyway. It’s not going to get better. There are things broken beyond repair in the party. There are people horrid beyond reason in the party.

A prime example of a horrid culture within the party is the Audacious Caucus. It is a notorious group of Anarchists, mostly Michigan based, some of whom are too radical for the Radical Caucus. The following is a tweet from Tiffany Hayden the Director at Large for the Libertarian Party of Michigan. She associates with many members of the Audacious Caucus. She quotes a tweet of mine to her followers, where she states that I believe it is okay for men to be falsely accused of harassment.

You might be scratching your head a little. I don’t blame you. It’s not just that I don’t even write for The Libertarian Republic, but that there is nothing in what she quoted that would reasonably lead one to believe her accusation. You would think she would have quoted something more relevant to her claim, but that wasn’t an option for her unfortunately because I had made no such statement. Tiffany has since deleted this Tweet, but I don’t think anybody should be surprised that I took a screenshot before it was removed. The rest of tweets featured in this article have not been deleted, but I have screenshots of those too. I as well archived the rest of the featured tweets to archive.is in case other tweets magically disappear after this is published.

So what was the context of her richly ironic false accusation against this man? There are actually two different contexts that are important here. The first is the context of Tiffany’s complaint. The second is the context of what was actually happening when she jumped in. Tiffany’s complaint, leading to her above false accusation wasn’t even relevant to the topic at hand. But it is important to explain both to draw that distinguishment out of fairness.

Tiffany’s complaint is in regard to this previous story I wrote about her friend Danny Javier who outed an LP Coordinator’s past in pornography. She was also a school teacher who lost her job over it being made public. Tiffany states a false allegation was told that she herself was a victim of sexual harassment by Danny. Tiffany states this never happened. My article however made no such mention of an instance. This was not a detail I was aware of at the time of writing the article, but regardless, was not actually relevant to Danny’s actions on social media highlighted in the article. It does not change the action/consequence dynamic of what he did, as this particular accusation was after the fact.

I can actually sympathize with Tiffany on that point, even though it wasn’t relevant to either my story, nor the conversation being had at the time. It’s not fun to be made a subject in a false accusation (ahem). In fact, I did agree with her prior to her tweeting out to the contrary.

So now, you might be wondering who Jeff is. Who is Jeff and what am I asking for him to stop? Well this conveniently brings us to the second point of context. The actual context of the conversation that Tiffany jumped into, attempting to deflect and steer away from. Actual sexual harassment in progress. Not a false allegation, but real and demonstrable sexual harassment. It’s so unbelievably tacky that you’re probably rubbing your forehead after that facepalm was just a little swifter than you intended.

It’s not a one time thing either. It’s been on and off for weeks. My tweet that Tiffany quoted is probably starting to make sense to you in context now.

Jeff Wood is a member of the Audacious Caucus, as well as The Sex Caucus, an odd circus sex deviant group which explores gag reflex triggering fetishes such as necrophilia, bestiality, and adult sex with minors (age of consent). Jeff has claimed that he does not necessarily enjoy these behaviors, but believes in your right to watch or engage in them. But he sure does love to advertise it. Usually I’m not that gung ho about promoting behavior I don’t condone. But to each their own, right? Right?

Another quirky thing happened as well. A different account sprung up with the handle @IntellectFraud. This account at this moment in time only has a single follower. Jeff Wood. This account is also only following a single account. The Audacious Caucus. This account has been used only since March 10th of 2017, and only to reinforce Jeff’s harassing attacks. Jeff vehemently denied that this was his own sock account. It might not be, but based on behavior there is very strong cause to doubt Jeff’s denial. It appears much more likely that he is using a sock account to RT himself, and talk to himself while he sexually harasses people on the internet. But to each their own, right? Right? I think we’re seeing an emerging pattern consistent with the above circus sex.

Jeff Wood is also odd in the fact that he believes police officers should be killed just for wearing their badge. While many of us Libertarians are rightfully against excessive police force, and by nature are skeptical of authority, we generally tend to understand that the act of being a police officer does not constitute an aggression worthy of deadly force. Jeff does not understand this, and the man is in a Libertarian leadership role. He has sincerely stated that the act of wearing a badge is worthy of death.

After much back and forth of Tiffany trying to deflect the conversation from Jeff’s actual sexual harassment, she got upset that the conversation wasn’t changing gears away from Jeff’s behavior. So she tweeted out to her followers that I think men should be falsely accused of harassment; a claim that was not only false, but one that is so obnoxiously belligerent that it shouldn’t be deemed rational anyway. But a claim she made hoping her followers would keep me busy.

I then told her that she was having a meltdown. She quoted that tweet as well, turning it into a purported attack on her being female. Rather than realizing her glaring hypocrisy, she cried Muh Patriarchy like a Berkeley gender studies undergrad. Where was Muh Patriarchy when Jeff was calling a female a washed up whore? I had to also remind her that meltdowns are gender fluid. Tiger Blood, anyone?

Jeff Wood and Tiffany Hayden are both members of the Libertarian Party of Michigan holding leadership positions. I find that more than concerning. Rumor has it they’re also both aspiring to run for Governor of Michigan under the Libertarian banner. Therein lies the problem with the Libertarian Party. Who our ambassadors are. At best, Jeff is a cyberstalking sexual harasser who believes all cops should die. At worst, Jeff is a cyberstalking sexual harasser who believes all cops should die while watching dead adolescent/animal porn and talking to himself on the internet. Who knows where the truth lies there.

Tiffany is much easier to peg. She is a hypocrite. She knowingly made a false accusation against me while simultaneously condemning false accusations. It’s like Lieception. A false accusation within a false accusation. She also did this to someone who she’s aware writes for a Libertarian publication (even if she can’t remember which one). That’s a level of stupid that should be nowhere near Libertarian Party leadership.

If the Libertarian Party did have a cancer problem, the Audacious Caucus would be the closest thing to it. Still, I like the AIDS comparison better. But then again, AIDS and Cancer aren’t mutually exclusive ailments. Perhaps the Libertarian Party has both.

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  • Shane Trejo

    Last I checked, the audacious caucus wasn’t responsible for the horrendous Johnson/Weld abortion of a Presidential ticket last year. I think you may have misidentified the cancer within the LP.