Donald Trump Jr Admits Campaign Collusion, World Implodes

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In a late-morning tweet on Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr., son of the President of the United States, tweeted what may be his father’s demise. He released screengrabs of emails that admit the Trump campaign conspired to work with the Russian government to help win the election last year. Of course, the emails were released begrudgingly, as the New York Times was close to breaking the story themselves.

The emails prove two things: the Trump campaign knew what they were doing was illegal. The current administration is unashamedly lying to the American people about RussiaGate. Just days ago, they were saying the meetings were solely about US-Russia adoption policy. That lie has been busted.

As far is misconduct, the emails are vague in nature, but do show an admission that it was understood their actions were nefarious and had to remain a secret.

This is obviously damning for the White House.

The President has yet to respond from overseas. However, the world is going apeshit over this revelation. At the time of this writing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 120 points in the 20 minutes following the release. Politicos are chomping at the bit. Also, twitter is hilarious.

In other news, millions of Trump supporters are plucking out their eyeballs and shoving them into their ears while singing this. Like our social media pages and join us for popcorn as the world burns!

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