Don’t Bring Up This Controversial Statistic About Racial Violence Over Family Dinner

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Hey, we get it. No one wants to argue about politics or religion over a family dinner, that is… unless you hate your family. If that’s the case, and you’re really looking to piss off your whiny, liberal aunt Trelawney, the following bit of information from the Department of Justice should do the trick.

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  • ratmand

    I have to be devil’s advocate here and ask a few questions:

    1: What about factoring in Black on Black crime, or White on White crime? At the very least trying to factor or rule it out through measuring it within the other arguments.

    2: Are the statistics skewed due to racial bias. I agree there is in some cases special treatment, but I also agree that there is also racism still present.

    • Jeff Meyers

      How about looking at the rate rather than raw numbers. it’s like saying “my household income is more than yours”, but neglecting to acknowledge that I have 6 wage earners in my household and you only have 2. In raw numbers, my household make $300,000 and yours makes $120,000….but when you average it out, your individual household members make more.

      • Jesse Back

        One interesting rate is the comparison of almost 7 whites for each black in the general population but 6 white victims of crime by blacks for every black victim of crime by whites. The difference in who is doing violence to whom is staggering.

        • Overand

          If you break this down b the white vs black population (5.7x as many white people as black people), this means that black people are slightly (12%) more likely to be killed by white people than vice versa. Do the math yourself if you’d like – 223.5 million white people, 38.9 black people.

          • J Smith Anderson

            I see what you’re trying to get at but the logic is flawed.
            Look at it this way from raw numbers. If you add up the black/white murders and divide up by percentages based on race this is what I get:

            Blacks (12% pop) committed 83% of the interracial murders.
            Whites (77% pop) committed 16% of the interracial murders.

            I am open-minded on this so correct me if I’m wrong but please use logic and facts not some imbecilic political ranting.

        • Joe Mansell

          You do know whites commit 4 times as much crime

          • bravo 1-6

            You know, whites outnumber blacks by over 5 times, so whites should commit over 5 times the crimes. They don’t. Blacks commit more crime per capita then any other group. Especially when it comes to violent crime.

    • StopPoliticsAsUsual

      Point 1, respectfully, what do those two things have to do with the point Little was making?

      Point 2, respectfully, what do you mean by “racial bias”? A crime is a crime regardless of skin color.

      • Guest

        1A: You partially did what my point was trying to inspire, good job! The reason for the sarcasm is that I obviously gave a hint that I may not agree with the “blacks=victims” side by saying “playing devil’s advocate.” Yet, you responded to me as if I was, and added no thought to the debate to which my questions were obviously trying to inspire.

        1B: It may have nothing to do with it. Or (for example) it may enhance the argument if say White vs. White crime is lower on average that Black on Black, or about even (percentage wise). Or it may raise a question that may lead to a new angle of thinking if the reverse was true.

        2: Reporting is always entirely peceptual. Was the reporting and judgement racially biased or not? That was my question to throw out for consideration.

        • StopPoliticsAsUsual

          Muddling through the UCR is a daunting task, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone that’s not a statistics nut, but white on white violence per capita and figuring for the differences in population make up by %, whites simply commit dramatically less violent crimes. When it comes to murder though, white’s commit 83% of murders against whites, which is just about accurate when you figure that black Americans make up roughly 12% of our population (I think). The undeniable facts are that for being such a low % of overall population, that there is a grossly disproportionate amount of violent crime that is committed by black Americans against people of all walks of life.

          White collar crimes are entirely different, and not considered here as that’s a clearly white predominated issue.

          • ratmand

            You just replied to my comment twice. Word for word it is almost entirely identical from “2A” onward.

          • StopPoliticsAsUsual

            I know I replied twice….and I was simply adding context to my first response, but I’m lost as to what you mean that is it word for word identical from 2A onward. Anyway, I don’t think we disagree, so no reason to bat this ball around any further.

          • ratmand

            It seemed that you were replying to reply. I was pointing it out in case it was missed, I was in my blunt snarky way trying to be helpful.

      • ratmand

        1A: Nevermind my original “1A” comment, it was a bit too snarky.

        1B: It may have nothing to do with it. Or (for example) it may enhance the argument if say White vs. White crime is lower on average that Black on Black, or about even (percentage wise). Or it may raise a question that may lead to a new angle of thinking if the reverse was true.

        2: Reporting is always entirely peceptual. Was the reporting and judgement racially biased or not? That was my question to throw out for consideration.

        • StopPoliticsAsUsual

          In fairness, it was clearly racially biased, and I’m always suspicious of statistics because my academic background taught me how easy it is to skew data to your agenda, which Little may have done, but because he kept it so simple, I’m inclined to think that is just raw numbers.

          That said, I value any opposing opinion and even more so value opinions that challenge the prevailing ideology of a site, even if those things challenge my own, in fact, especially if they challenge my own.

          I suspect though, that these stats are just raw data that hasn’t been manipulated unless the source (Uniform Crime Report) data has been skewed. Sadly, the vast majority of crimes, primarily violent crime, is committed by a certain racial makeup while that makeup is only a small fraction of the overall population.

          In that, there is the problem, and I believe the justice system is unfairly biased against black Americans, but biases aren’t usually formulated from deep seated racist beliefs in the modern world, but rather the never ending revolving door that many black Americans see as inevitable when it comes to incarceration.

          • ratmand

            I thought so too.

            I’m a libertarian, although to a point I agree with what this guy is saying it’s just too raw to be factual or credible. He was obviously biased.

            I think the problem might be; held over ideas about blacks from whites, attitudes against whites for what the previous generations did even though most didn’t grow up in that era, and perhaps a feeling of entitlement instead of empowerment by some (keyword “SOME”) of minority races due to the shift in perception of power since Civil Rights.

            I have a belief that when a powerless group achieves power some lash back pent up anger against the class in power just because no they can with reduced consequences banking on the perception of pity.

            For example, a minority of disenfranchised minorites riot. A minority of whites jumps at the opportunity to say “Blacks are criminals, assholes ect…”.

            We as humans tend to do an action that someone did first (forgot what it was called). So you have the majority of each race fighting each other based upon what the minority from each did (kinda like congress).

            Hate seems to be something we follow blindly, and it’s up to cooler heads to knock the radical minority (numerically not racially) down a few notches

          • John

            Blacks are 13% of the population and Whites are 67%,

            When you look at those numbers, that says alot about the crime. Considering blacks make up over 65% of the crime in the country, does that not scream ridiculous hate crime behavior by them? If not then you are not a libertarian, but a politically correct liberal.

          • ratmand

            All it says is the reporting reports blacks commit crimes at a ridiculously higher rate than whites.

            The report of the crime doesn’t neccessarily mean it occurred. It could be an assumption, raciall motivated, outright lie, ect.

            What I would find more convincing is if it were conviction rates, but even then I may allow for some skewing.

            I think some from both sides can be racist, can’t deny that since I’ve been a target of that (Word of Wisdom: Never allude a Guatemalan is Mexican even by mistake….they will make it a personal vendetta against you and your family).

            I mean if you want to deal in absolutes, such as my questioning the validity of facts as suporting a side go right ahead. Only Sith deal in absolutes.

            I just want to make sure that facts are solid before I support them, and I don’t thin these are.

            I’m going to school for a sociology degree, and I have been exposed to the multiple ways data can be misrepresented, interpreted, reported, ect. Just because it is said, even by the FBI, doesn’t mean that the report accurately reflects reality.

          • crazyottojr

            The Statistics are from the DOJ for the year 2010. Eric Holder was the AG. If you honestly think his racist DOJ cook the books on the numbers to favor Whites you are somewhat naive.

          • ratmand

            Not at all. Please re-read what I said with this in mind;

            The books don’t have to be cooked if the facts being reported are already skewed.

            And saying that the DOJ was less racist because a black AG was in charge, is even more naive.

          • crazyottojr

            I am sorry you didn’t understand my comment. The DOJ is more racist under Holder. That is towards Whites. That said I doubt anything you say is valid since it is obvious that you are a troll. Your arguments are feckless.

          • ratmand

            I think you are purposfully being vague as a trap so that if I see your point incorrectly, so that you can rationalize to yourself that I am somehow stupid.

            Honestly I think you are more concerned with bolstering your ego rather than having an actual debate.

            I am sorry you feel that I am a troll. I am just trying to debate.

          • And I think you’re beating around the bush to question a statistic that is both as official and obvious as statistics can get, just because it doesn’t fit your world view (like the racist angle as if it would even matter for the vailidity of this stat). You claim to be unbiased undecided when it’s clear from your first post what’s your real attitude. What’s the drama for?

            The final line is that BLACK PERSON IN USA IN 2013 WAS 25 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO COMMIT A CRIME THAN A WHITE PERSON. It’s a very simple math. You talk a lot about potential skewing of stats when in fact you’re the one very actively trying to do it here. How ironic. When you have proof that official data is wrong, let me know. Until then, it’s safe to assume that government data on a touchy subject (which, if anything, would make the data go against whites than the other way around) is right and the dude is wrong.

          • ratmand

            If you take it at face value without thought nor question, then sure. I believe that the Nazi’s enjoyed that mindset.

          • You didn’t bring any thoughts nor questions. You just said it is not true because it is a statistic. Bringing Nazis into discussion only shows how desperate you are for arguments that are just not there.

          • ratmand

            Why bring thoughts to the thoughtless? Why ask more questions when you are bitching because of the last one I asked?

            I brought in history, psychology, and sociology.

            Desperate? Um more like waste of time. I can’t and won’t argue with someone whom takes a fact at face value (that more than likely aligns with his world view and is too afraid to question it) then expects me to do most of the work in proving my side when you barely do anything for your own.

            When I see more work, intelligence, and politeness (I do admit, my Hitler comment was snarky…but I was only reflecting what you gave me back at you) then we will talk. If you argue to win, you already lost.

            Good day.

          • Lol so now you’re a yoda master kindly considering taking back a spoilt apprentice? Nice ego-trip to compensate for lack of proper education on the subject. Don’t forget that you also brought in genocide.

            In the meantime, many further official and unofficial statistics on the subject are only few clicks away. Please educate yourself, your highness.

          • ratmand

            Woah dude, put the brakes on….when did you become my apprentice? I don’t have enough patience for that load of dysfunction you are communicating.

            I brought in the sociopsychology of the Nazi party, not genocide. Jesus, pay attention.

            I asked to consider, not accept, that the data could be wrong. You took it as a personal and snarky vendetta against me for whatever reason.

            You accuse me of not bringing in facts when your first post this evening was all about me and how I was wrong, not the facts backing up why. It has all been a strawman argument from you the entire time.

            Then you had the audacity to tell me to prove it, it was a thought experiment genius. Newsflash: You can consider things outside of your experience and also without accepting them. Just because I come from a point you don’t agree with DOESN’T give you permission to be an ass to me then bitch when I react back the same way.

            Honestly fuck you dude, get help.

          • “Woah dude, put the brakes on (…) rant rant rant (…) fuck you dude, get help.” 😀

            Please just do some research, it’s not like you’re gonna convince anyone of anything here. You’re wasting time talking to me, spend it educating yourself. Let the facts speak for themselves.

          • ratmand

            I not convincing anyone of anything except how you are coming off (rather shitty).

            And I’m glad we are on the same page, it is a waste.

          • Then stop being butt-hurt all the time and get to work.

          • ratmand

            Not at all, I’m frustrated…but not butthurt. I think you are placing how you feel upon me. I think you have issues and that you use anger to hide it because Instead of debating you have used this forum to dump that anger from those issues you are too afraid to face for yourself. You keep trying to have the last word and dominate the conversation telling me you have a fear of losing control. This is just a release to you, nothing more (including intelligence). I am sorry you are that much in pain. As such, you may have the last word I’m giving it to you because I’m done with this.

          • Thomas

            Question…..why did the DOJ decide not bto prosecute the new black panther for vvoter intimidation for carrying night sticks outside the pole in Philadelphia,

          • rb1725

            Hey Ratmand, I’d rather be a NAZI than an liberal idiot like you.

          • roger

            Well said Chris.

          • Dominick Matthews

            I for one would like to see the psych evaluations used to create the stats used to sway a likelihood so strongly to one side.

          • Twanna Kush

            its funny a hell watching a black guy refuse to accept the damning evidence against black people… which is called history books and newspaper and crime stats… black people are 500-1000 years behind whites in terms of civilization they were like “untouched” people or at best conquered and enslaved by arabs… white people ended slavery and fight worldwide to abolish it including in Africa where it exists to this day… we released the slaves with no plan… they immediately began murdering each other and had higher death rates than under slavery… this never ended… it was made worse by the war on drugs… blacks have never had a civilization or an advanced culture of their own… African American civilization is a border line matriarchal savage tribalism advancing towards modern civilization… and all the crime violence and savagery is a result of matriarchal tribal savagery being dependent on modern white America for every aspect of their life food clothing shelter… and excuses.

          • roger

            Black people are racist in general. Its the culture and influence, but mainly the media that boosts this type of behavior. (I am not white)

          • oldabatt

            What color are you, beige? Yellow? Red? Pink?

          • roger

            So all these people are lying, when they report black on white crime? oic

          • ratmand

            I am listing the weaknesses of this report. I don’t doubt that these statistics could be true, but without more evidence to back it up I can’t make a conclusion since in my education in sociology there are plenty of factors that I could write a book about that could factor into this.

          • jay

            All do respect, what more evidence do you need? Go outside, spend a day in any black community. See if you make it out the first one alive or at least without being jumped, attacked, robbed and having shit screamed at you that clearly states that THEY’RE ATTACKING YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE WHITE!!!! Christ almighty!!! Every time a black person gets shot and killed, often while trying to rob or attack someone, everyone automatically assumes it’s some evil racist conspiracy. Yet when white people are attacked daily, everywhere, in their own neighborhoods and even their own homes, and had every racially motivated hate speech shouted at them while being violently attacked and often killed, every ones like, “I dunno… Are you sure it was racism?” I don’t know how so many people can be so deeply in denial, that even when the truth literally smashes them in the face, they continue to be skeptical and smug. And yes I am angry but no I’m not taking it out on you because I want you to understand as a human being. I’m a whiteboy who grew up in the ghetto’s of NY, being the only one of my kind, and I mean the only white person in my neighborhood. And yes I still have black friends and date black girls. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I would try to sneak in past my mom when I got jumped and these gentle and innocent black kids tried to kill me and made it clear it was because I was white. Some piece of shit nigger tried to kidnap my mom at gunpoint in our building in Brooklyn and would have raped and killed her if some brave people didn’t jump on this guy. Why don’t you check the stats of black male against white female rape? I’m telling you this because there is simply no way you could understand from a bunch of statistics. Take it from any white person who’s lived in any major cities. I’m really trying not to bash you with adhom attacks on you’re character, because I don’t find it constructive, but you hippie’s, who I know wouldn’t last a day in my neighborhood are always incredibly judgemental and skeptical when we try to tell you whats happening. It’s almost always denied, every white person who even dares to speak about being a victim of racism, is called a racist, shamed, shouted down and simultaneously told that it doesn’t happen to them, but that it happens because they’re white and they deserve it. And mostly everyone, even white people agree, nod their heads and applaud this. People like you are making sure that people like me will be isolated and defenseless. Have you ever had to fight a mob of people on you’re own? Thats what happens, we’re on our own and they gang up on us, they have every law, civil rights group and polatitions protecting them, we have other white people working to destroy us. Self hating liberals who are cowardly, castrated weaklings, terrified of the black bully so they try to show how cool they are by hating and ruining other white peoples lives. Oh an education in sociology. Take you’re face out of these bullshit books, take your rose colored glasses off and spend a day in the real world and see what we have to suffer. I dare you.

          • ratmand

            You don’t know my story, don’t assume so much about me. Because you could be wrong. I’m a fucking libertarian to the core, I share some beliefs on reverse racial bias as I was the target of it as well. Not to your level, but still apparent.

            I was only expressing doubt since generally it was taught to me that interpretation of statistics can be skewed to favor a viewpoint. It seemed lacking to me since it seemed one sided, bias in the way it was presented, and offered no counter argument.

            If you take my questioning personally, you are missing my point.

            Expressing doubt can work to make the point it is offering stronger by testing if it can stand up to scrutiny. If you have a problem with it, it is yours and yours alone. Skeptism is healthy and very much required, it brought you here to tell your story for one.

          • jason oliver

            You have balls. Ive dealt with the same kinda shit and agree with you a 100%

          • Canuck4antimuslimworld

            …more accurately, A “Disingenuous, Liberal White Douchebag”

          • oldabatt

            Hey ASSHOLE! You need two tqps to the back of your head to think clearly. And I’m not referring to taps by one’s finger.

          • roger

            Yes, well said. Black people are predominantly more violent and hateful according to the stats. The only reason I think that black people get “away” with it in the media, is because the president is black.

            They are the most racist, God hating bunch (media, not all black people), so it only stands to reason that there thinking is warped. Truth is unfortunately suppressed

          • jason oliver

            Stats don’t lie Blacks are only 13% of the population and look at their crime rates. Fact: they are more violent and hateful

          • John

            Blacks are 13% of the population and Whites are 67%, Take another look at those numbers again and see what is disturbing about them.

          • StopPoliticsAsUsual

            I take no issue with the numbers as I believe them to be accurate when adjusting for population disparity.

            That Little has a racial bias in his video is real none the same. Don’t confuse that with racist, or racism, simply a racial bias in his reporting of those statistics over other statistics of the population as a whole.

          • MsTweetie

            His name is Bill WITTLE, not Little! I’m sorry, I would have let it slide but after the third time it’s no longer a typo.

          • StopPoliticsAsUsual

            Touche’ and thanks for the correction.

        • It’s Complicated

          In response to 2 how is it biased? Do you mean what is actually reported or the way in which it is reported?

      • Annanakia

        That’s true in some instances where it’s easy to determine who attacked who. In others instances it’s difficult to determine who the attacker is and who the victim is. And that’s where the racial bias in perception can occur. I have no doubt that if there’s a question about who attacked who and it could go either way, it’ll be blamed on the Black person.

        • StopPoliticsAsUsual

          That’s a valid perception in that scenario, and yes, I’m sure blacks would be prejudged. The problem is that the scenario you’re offering is really far fetched, as how often is it unclear who the victim is, unless it’s a fight, then there are no victims, unless someone was struck without other physical provocation?

    • Steven Perez

      Racism still exists in this country but it is no longer systemic. If I were black (I am Hispanic but can pass for black or mixed race) and I understood the real threats to my life every time I walked out my door the possibility of being killed by a white person because of my race would be in the neighborhood of being struck by lightning. These myths and the hysteria that comes with them need to be quelled before they cause a real problem.

      • guest

        Great point with respect to the probability of violence being perpetrated on an individual of color by a white person but the “real problem from the myths and hysteria” you allude to has been occurring for decades and getting worse with each passing year. Past news reports of black on white attacks are increasingly being replaced with blacks murdering whites stories.

      • Dutch Schultz

        Democrats are still pushing for segregation. Notice the race baiting and lies in the media vs reality Black on white crime is ignored, race baiting and victimhood provoked in black people. They want multiple things, like brainwashing black people into seeing 2nd amendment as racist. Pay attention to the dog whistle, they want to bring back law enforced segregation. Eugenics program, or planned parenthood, they still have the same goal.

      • crazyottojr

        Racism exist throughout the entire World community and among all races. You are right the myth of systemic racism is silly.

    • Lawrence Kennard

      Actually, I was just looking at that, and it seems that about 94% of murders are black on black and 83% are white on white. The FBI statistics are easy to look up. There is alos a higher percentage of black on white murders vs. white on black.
      I’m just combating the “black lives matter” race baters. We don’t use race in our house my wife is a woman of color, but I am not. If you ask my 7 year old daughter her color, she’d tell you she’s beige.

    • Timon Hallas

      Low IQ

      1/2 Black population has a sub 85 IQ

      Inmate studies show time and time again, violent crime is tied to IQ much more than race.

      In other words, Whites convicted of violent crime overwhelmingly have sub 90 IQs. (The ave IQ for a European/White is 100)

      Rarely, even controlled for population size, will a Jew commit a violent crime. Why? 115 average IQ.

      Violent crime is stupid and short sighted.

  • kevin777

    More whites murder other whites than blacks murdering whites.

    • StopPoliticsAsUsual

      In raw numbers, yes, of course, but you have to consider it as proportion of the population. Saying that whites kill whites more often that blacks kill whites, and expecting for that to stand on its own as some kind of indicator of anything, is half cocked because the size of the white population as opposed to the black population. The question of importance is arrived by breaking down the numbers to account for the dramatic difference in each populations size. When this is done, black on black violent crime, and black on white violent crime is exceptionally higher than white on white violent crime per capita. And per capita, blacks commit far more violent crime than whites.

      • SomeDamnGuy

        I’m sure that has nothing to do with poverty, or racial stigmas that exist in the current job market. Must just be bad people.

        • George Post

          Native Americans are more poor yet. Yet their rate of crime on white Americans is nowhere near that mark. So perhaps it *does* have nothing to do with poverty or racial stigmas that exist in the current job market, where you cannot discriminate against anyone on the basis of race legally, and have to have a certain amount of black employees.

          • SomeDamnGuy

            That’s what i was implying. Maybe more emoticons next time to emphasize the sarcasm.

          • Nakor Z

            Why? The statistics clearly show a huge disparity. If it was a poor indicator, you wouldn’t see any difference when accounting for racial differences. But that’s not what we see.

        • Canuck4antimuslimworld

          Not poverty, not racial stigma not the lack of opportunity nor the lack of education, play a role
          or cause the inherent violent behavior of Blacks.

          If it did, why is it you cannot find a single nation on earth today, (where Blacks are the majority population) that is thriving and prosperous and/or peaceful.

          Without “White Tax Subsidy” blacks the world over live in abject squalor, poverty and starvation.
          They have the very highest rates of human rights violations and human suffering, the highest rates of violent crimes, rape, robbery and murder. Blacks take, use, assimilate, consume and destroy everything, everywhere they go. Please prove me wrong with examples.

          Albert Schweitzer spent his entire Life giving FREE Healthcare to Blacks in remote villages of Africa.

          With decades of observation of Blacks, Albert Schweitzer concluded; “Blacks lack the mental, intellectual and emotional maturity to live in a civilized society. White men need take heed, and never fraternize with Blacks as equals. You MUST maintain the “Master – Subservient” roles, or they WILL destroy you. They WILL destroy your work”. Sound familiar?

          Besides it wasn’t the “White People” in America that brought Blacks to the USA for reasons of slavery.

          Most of the merchant vessels involved in the slave trade, were owned by Jews. They (Jews) literally bragged about having the entire slave trade all sewn up. Talmudic Judaism not only promotes slavery of “Goyim”, it writes in detail, their God given right to enslave Goyim, and goes on to describe how their families shall therefore inherit the goyim slaves from their fathers.

          History refers to that “100% Jew owned/dominated slave trade” as the “Triangular Trade”. Please do research this FACT for yourselves before jumping on me with accusations of that dreadful label of “Anti-Semite”

          It is getting harder and harder to research the Triangular Trade. Because both YouTube and Google actively engage in the removal of any links that show the true nature of the international problem in the criminality of Jews.

          One piece of the puzzle, is the location of the oldest “Sin”-agogue in America, which is located in Rhode Island. Rhode Island became the very epi-center of activity in the Jewish owned American slave trade. Most of the slaves arrived there, and were sold by the thousands, almost 100% exclusively by Jews.

          This whole “Race Baiting” thing, is simply a “Divide and Conquer” strategy played out on the American public by the very Jewish cabals that brought the blacks here to begin with.

          Therefore, we need to stop fighting with the Blacks, and focus on trying (and succeeding) to expel the Jews from America, just like they have been (expelled) from 109 other nations to date, …for exactly the same reasons we MUST expel them today.

          The real enemy within, aren’t blacks nor the whites.

    • Anthony Lombardi

      Yes and more blacks kill.blacks than whites kill.blacks. So where is the race issue then?

      • Nakor Z

        All that this would prove is that blacks are more violent by default, rather than necessarily violent towards whites through racial motivations.

    • crazyottojr

      And more Blacks murder Blacks (95%) than Whites murder Blacks (less than 5%) . Whites account for 83% of same race killings (Blacks about 12%).

  • joe Schmuckatelli

    This isnt percentages this is actual cases.

  • Kay Mann

    is it true that blacks make up less that 15% of the population but commit 70% of the crime? I’m asking so don’t get all riled up. I don’t know where to get the actual statistics, but that was the figure that I recall reading not long ago. and if it’s true, that would explain why blacks are arrested more often than whites or other races.

    • Rob W

      You’re so full of shite you attract flies with your breath.

      • Anthony Lombardi

        Prove it. Prove the person was wrong. Hmm?

        • Rob W

          Nope. Not gonna waste my time on the likes of you.

  • John

    I’m figuring that most white on black crime are small crimes that hate crime laws make out to be bigger than what they actually are.

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  • Mike

    and remember they make up only 13% of the population

  • Mason

    i think what needs to happen is that if you kill a black person you should get $1,000 so we can clean up the streets here this is a white country not a black country

  • Toof

    what about Asians? They are experts when it comes to using nun chucks.. But when its bright out they are deemed harmless due to there lack of vision..

  • Samz

    the 62,000 black victims are less than a percent of the black population. The 320,000 white victims are also less than a percent of the white population. This makes sense. But based on 45mil black to 200 mil white populations, black people are 5 times more likely to interact with white people while white people are 5 times less likely to interact with black people. it takes black people a 5/1 chance to effect 1 percent of white people while it only takes white people a 1/5 chance of effecting 1 percent of black people.

  • Overand

    Assuming the numbers above are accurate, it’s worth considering the demographics of the US. There are 5.7x as many white people as black people. Math below, but this means that a black person is about 12% more likely to be killed by a white person than a white person is to be killed by a black person.

    With population factored in, a slightly higher percentage of black population is killed per year than the white population. White: 223.5 million, so 0.143% of white people are killed per year by black people. Black: 38.9 million, so 0.161% of black people are killed per year by white people.

  • Montely Wilson

    I have seen time, and time again in southern California, where someone white will start some chit, and the black person gets arrested for defending themselves. These statistics mean nothing. Don’t have to worry about bias. It’s built into the system.

  • Susana Cordero-Collins

    I could not find those statistics in the Bureau of Justice website but I e-mailed them asking if they even had such a thing, I’ll be calling in the morning and will keep this site posted 🙂

  • jackgoldman1 .

    Democrats have wiped out the black family with welfare. 25% of black kids on welfare in 1964, currently 73% of black kids on welfare, with no Dad at home. Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray all from broken homes. Democrats have wiped out the black family with welfare. Dads are the problems. Dad’s are the solution. It takes a good dad to raise a child, not a village. Villages suck at raising good children. It takes real love.

  • Carrick

    Because Whites correspond to 77.7% of the US population whereas blacks correspond to just 13.2%, looking at the total number of crimes is misleading. If you look at the per capita numbers, based on your numbers, what you find is 320000/(320e6 * 0.777) = 0.001287 attacks on whites by blacks, per capita and 63000/(320e6 * 0.132) = 0.00149148 attacks on blacks by whites, per capita.

    Also, why didn’t you list black on black and white on white crime numbers? The standard saying is that intraracial crime is more prevalent than interracial crime. It’d have been interesting to see if this number is borne out here.

    • tVz208g3O7

      You did your math totally backwards. Since whites are 77.7% of the population, the PER CAPITA white-on-black crime is: 63000/(320e6 * 0.777) NOT 320000/(320e6 * 0.777). And the per capita black-on-white crime is 320000/(320e6*0.132). This yields the numbers 0.000253 and 0.00757 for whites and blacks respectively, making black-on-white crime ~30 times more frequent per capita.

  • John Spurlock

    Even statistics cannot change ratmand’s mind. Liberalism has that effect. It takes maturity and the will to listen to understand the truth.

  • S. Nitka

    Not a correct comparison. Blacks are only 12% of US population, so multiply the number by 8 to get the true comparison — W/B = 430,000 weighted by population. Therefore, worse.

  • S.O.S.

    It’s George Bush’s fault!

  • Cujet

    Please remove the Hispanics from the White tally and present this again.

  • itoldyouso7

    Black lives matter only when their NOT committing crimes! Now I know why I had teeth knocked out when I was 16 by a nice African American male 42 years ago. He looked just like Eric Holder with that huge afro on top of his head.

  • Steve Smith

    Poverty and crime go hand in hand. If you want to reduce crime you need to put people to work.