Don’t Let Race be a Factor in Your Life Decisions

Written by Nathaniel Cole

There are many people here in the U.S. that have these misconceptions in their mind that they can’t go somewhere or do something because it’s “off limits” because of the color of their skin. As someone who has lived in the American ghetto most of his life, is African American, and has had to frequently go to the “sticks” to visit his girlfriend, I’m glad that I was introduced to that environment and lifestyle. Here are two misconceptions and why we need to stop letting our personal beliefs effect the way we see people.


  1. Misconception: Everyone in the suburbs/rural areas are racist.

In my 4 1/2 years of visiting rural areas and suburbs, I have never dealt with racism there. Whether walking down the road with my ex or just visiting one of their local businesses or restaurants. Are there racist people there? Well, of course. There are racist people in every type of area in this country and that should be obvious. Granted, sometimes you will see some of the residents showcase confederate flags there, but those are for people who just have “southern pride” or a symbol of the “redneck life” but that isn’t something to worry about. However, I will never understand how someone who does not even live in the southern states takes pride in displaying that flag.

In my experience everyone in rural areas are very friendly and usually make good house guests, generally better guests than city folk. This misconception is another reason you do not see minorities going to these areas and buying/renting property or even joining any of the “clubs ” in the area.


2. Misconception: If you go to the city you will get “shot”

If people were shot and killed everyday in the cities there would be no population. Even people in Chicago manage to survive. I have heard how people from the suburbs and rural areas think about the city. I even know that people who spent their whole life in a rural area and graduated from high school and decided to attend a city college do not step foot outside of the dorms or campus for the first month because they are scared of getting hurt or specifically “shot.” Just because everything is closer to each other (houses,stores,etc) does not mean you will get shot. I get it, it is a whole new world and experience and most likely you do not know anyone who can tell you about real city life.

The main difference is there is more diversity and everything is closer together. But no one is going to commit a random act of violence upon you the minute you visit here.

3. Most of us divide ourselves from others who do not believe what we believe.

This is by far the main problem in this country. Have you ever heard the old joke “A Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, and an Atheist all walk in to a coffee shop….and they talk, laugh, and drink coffee together and become good friends? It’s not a joke. It’s what happens when you’re not an asshole.

We need to stop letting race, religion, and political philosophies divide us. I’m a black, moderate Libertarian and my best friend is a white Liberal Democrat and we never let those differences stop us from having a great time.

In conclusion, let’s stop looking at each other as problems and start looking at each other as human beings. We need to live in each other’s worlds and see exactly what we’re missing.

I cannot tell you all the good experiences I’ve had because I did not let my race stop me from going places and experiencing new things in the country. I truly feel bad for anyone who has lived and died not knowing anything else but their surroundings.

So please, let us all come together and stop all this fighting.