You Don’t Have To Like Marijuana To Vote Libertarian

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By: Liberty Laura

You don’t have to like marijuana to vote Libertarian.

You don’t have to like gay marriage to vote Libertarian.

You don’t have to like Mexicans to vote Libertarian.

You don’t even have to like men to vote Libertarian.

In fact, you can hate any or all of the above and still vote Libertarian with a clean conscience! The Libertarian Party is sort of like those scrunchy t-shirts that were super popular during the 90’s– it’s a one-size-fits-all sort of party.

Man, I still love those shirts.

And that’s because libertarians don’t operate as a collective, they operate as individuals.

The Republican Party acknowledges that criminals don’t follow laws, so why would we disarm or attempt to regulate lawful citizens under the banner that it “will decrease gun violence,” when we know this just isn’t true.

The Libertarian Party also acknowledges that criminals don’t follow laws, so why would we take away medicine or a recreational drug from lawful citizens? Of course crime related to drugs should be illegal, but just like guns, it is not the weed that “makes a person a loser” or breaks into cars, robs houses, etc… it’s the person.

But just like anyone who protects gun rights, we don’t want to force people to own guns.

Fighting to protect a right is not congruent with wishing to force the exercise of that right onto people. There’s no freedom in that.

Just like some people (see: Baptists, Mormons, Muslims and Robert Downey Jr.) choose not to drink alcohol… a substance can be legal, but not necessarily consumed. It’s as simple as “no thank you.”

You can even teach your children that marijuana is not okay. And just like whatever else you don’t support…pre-marital sex, drinking alcohol, or being mean to people, you allow their moral code to direct their actions without the force of law.

Now, I’m not suggesting marijuana is immoral. In fact, as a young woman, I feel safer around men I don’t know who are under the influence of marijuana than alcohol.

But I digress.

The point is, you can hate marijuana (or literally anything else for that matter) but still vote Libertarian because you believe in people’s ability to choose how to live.

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