EXCITING! New Australian Senator’s First Speech: “I am proudly what some call… a LIBERTARIAN!”

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New Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm gave his first speech to the senate this morning. In it, he proudly calls himself a libertarian, quoting John Locke and declaring that the only role for government is to protect life, liberty, or property.

Calling himself a “classical liberal,” Leyonhjelm says the he doesn’t know enough to tell others how to live their lives. He says he never liked being told what to do and he assumes others feel the same. He cites the draft for the Vietnam war as a powerful wake up call to his beliefs against big government and says that the jackboot of government doesn’t improve things.

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  • Senor Bacon

    I want to start a Kickstarter to get enough money to fly to Australia, kidnap Mr. Leyonhjelm, and bring him to the U.S.

    • Nathanael Ginn

      I’m down. What will be the handouts? Most money contributed gets to be in his cabinet when he runs?

      • Senor Bacon

        Not a bad idea. The only job requirement is to know how to leave people alone.

  • Dominicus

    There are so many quotable lines in there but I love, “Its not the government’s role to save people from their feelings.”

  • LeighLeigh

    I thought I was a conservative until hearing this speech….the only social thing I care about is abortion, so I guess I am a pro life Libertarian.

    • X3Charlie

      Similar thing happened to me, seems to happen to a lot of people across the spectrum.

    • Matt Clarke

      Keep coming down the rabbit hole, Leigh.
      At the bottom is voluntaryism/Anarcho-capitalism. Thanks to the State, abortion’s a cheap way to discard a worthless liability. Without the State, it would be an expensive way to destroy a valuable asset.
      (There’s nothing inherently bad about selling babies, transactions move goods to the party that values them the most)

  • Layla Godey

    Way To Go, Australia!!! I got excited listening to this!!!

    • Layla Godey

      Btw, he has a fb page…